Friday, July 10, 2020

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  • Frank
    Do not believe any one is claiming that fixing the broken and shattered mental health system in American will address all violence in America much less the world. Then to try and carry a narrative that the mental health system in America is not broken when there is more than supporting evidence to say otherwise is non-sense on your part. Then again we fully support the rights of others to believe in little green man from outer space, unicorns, fairies and big foot.
    For those claiming jails and prisons are better or equal to a mental health facility well the last two times we were in the rubber room Hilton did not remember having to put up with attacks by Surenos, Barrio Azteca, or other such gangs. Did not have to worry if we drop the soap. There is more than enough evidence to support death rates among the mentally ill in prisons and jails is much higher than mental facilities. Some on this point surely needs to get a reality check.
    We never claimed drug therapy was a great opinion and do believe it should be the last opinion. Never claimed that changes are not needed in the mental health industry.
    Some posted they a have never seen us on MIA. Well the post here are why those with opposing view or why mostly only one narrative is carried here. We get it all mental health industry bad and only your solution is the best to address mental health issue. Maybe you should reexamine your own tone deafness also on the issue. Maybe both sides did to get together and bring the best ideas to the table to address the care of the mentally ill instead of us and them that never helps no one.

  • Dr. Burstoe
    No apologizes needed but thanks for your kindness.We are one of the lucky one .We have a long time partner who takes care if us,helps with understand and love. We are lucky we have found a therapist that does not focus on their bottom line and truly cares about us in trying to guide us to a better life. We have been through the mental health system from those who saw us as a dollar sign to those who did nothing more than drug us and lock us away. Yes we surely are one of the lucky one in that we are allow to no longer hide the system and are encourage to stop keeping the secrets which does as great a harm as the original trauma in the long haul. Our partner and therapist support in letting all the fragments within our system to just to be.. Our partner takes the littles out into the world and have no shame in them being kids in public with their dolls, toys, blanky or binky if it is what make them feel safe it’s just fine. Our females are allowed to be little girls and have the closeness of another female with our partners. We have found a way to have a level of healing that is no standard for the mental health industry for those with DID and is fully supported by our therapist. Yes Ma’am we are one of the lucky ones.

  • barrab
    When we say we we speak for our system, Dissociative identity Disorder and it was not created by any one in the mental health field but sever torture, abuse, neglect and gang rape as a child. Yep sure way to guaranty to screw up one for life. An no one, none have the answers for this disorder and at best very poor insight with any experts on either side. Yep DID there is, nothing cool, glamorous or neat about it.. It’s sucks day in and day out and sorry no matter how smart one thinks they are you can’t think your way out of it. So give us a broken if we make the choice to question both side hard in their support to how they believe the mentally ill should be treated, How about just a little compassion what a concept! Then again this side seems to be as tone deaf as the others side on the issue and wish to speak in absolutes and they know what is best for the mentally ill. Not even!

  • madmom are you claiming your daughter has no, zero mental health issues? And some are claiming let those who are severally mental ill just run crazy and wild and every one just except it that in such cases society should have no protection. Sorry we do not buy into such non-sense, Sure it wrong that your daughter is being charge into perpetuity Hey we get it but we say let the government eat it because they are the biggest stumbling block for the mentally ill. Sure the mental health system is absolutely broken and shattered in America no arguments. No it not right some state being allowed to put leans against the sick. Hey and we said it no one treatment fits all. Here is the big problem with a lot of consumer of the mental health industry that you expect these people to fix you or yours like magic. At best they are a guide to help one fix themselves. If your mental ill and think wrongly there is nothing wrong with you and do not want to make the effort to heal than no type of treatment will suffice. madmon clearly your daughter had mental health issue before the state step in and you had zero success in fix her problem seems let her do as she wishes did not work well for you either.

  • Yes ma’am we do know who you are and have read some of your positions on mental health. We are on neither side on this issue .We feel both sides suck on how they would deal or deal with mental illness. Having our self been institutionalized for up to a nearly a year at times we have experienced the mental Health industry and it’s many levels of care and treatment. Yes We believe all the enlightened ones on both side of the issues are still in the dark and dark ages to how to care and to the treatment of those with mental illness. We are lucky in that we have found a therapist that doesn’t push medication as the only solution and believes medication is the last opinion, listen to us as a human being, allows us to help and have a say in our treatment plan, care, treatment goals and heavily pushes for family participation in all aspects of planning, treatment and care of the mentally ill patient. Our family set in on most therapy session. Never had that happen before! Also we are low income and our therapist boss set up a special program for the mental ill like us so we could have care and does not get support from any one but themselves for this program. So yes we are pretty well versed on Mental Health and the Mental Health industry. One last thing for those claiming a mental health facility is as bad as jail or prison for a person with mental illness we can tell you we would take a mental health facility any day.

  • B
    I agree those with mental illness need to be housed and feed but to claim it cures mental illness is total pabulum and non-sense. For many their mental illness came long before ever being homeless or hungry. Yep have been read mad in America for some time so clearly we know nothing about what is being advocated.

  • You can gloss it over all you want this lady is promoting her book. That being said do not disagree that the mental health industry for the majority believe in better mental health through chemistry which is proving to not be working so well. In the end you cannot throw the baby out with the bath water. How ever one wishes to define mental illness, short of saying it’s all fake, there need to be a understand that there are element, interest who just wish with the wave of their hand for mental illness to be gone and nothing be done to prevention, care or treatment. If you want to see how that is working come to the State of Texas which has the worse mental health care in the U.S.. It has gotten near medieval in the care and treatment of the mentally ill. Our prison and jails have became dungeons for the warehousing of the mentally ill. Our jails and prisons have became a never ending revolving door at the cost of three to four times of a traditional mental health facility which study after study has proven it only makes it worse for those with mental illness. In my state because of what some advocate here our communities are filled with the hungry, desperate, homeless mentally ill. If this is what you guys advocate than your heartless with zero compassion you would at least treat an animal better by euthanizing them. Hey at least take the mental ill to the local square and shot them in the back of the head which would be more compassionate than what we see happening to a lot of the mentally ill where we live in that they would not have to deal with the extreme suffering and degradation the way they do. One again agree there needs to be changes to the mental health industry with the understanding like shoes one sizes does not fit all to the care, therapy and treatment of the mentally ill.

  • Dr. Burstow
    First off not trying to be mean but we always take issues with academics out selling books. No do not believe Psychiatry is sinking because of changing attitudes as much as it is becoming more and more out of reach for a lot of people because of outrages cost for treatment. This alone is causing a lot of animosity among those needing mental health care and treatment so many people with mental health issues are just giving many sectors of the field two big double middle fingers.
    We do not disagree that drug therapy use is out of control for the profession but hey it’s quick buck for some in the field that spend three minutes with a patient and write a script for medication, many times which is as much a problem as the mental illness, and charge outrages sums in doing so.
    We believe that what many are missing on Mad in America is that they are helping interest, political, social, business, health insurance industry that want to claim mental illness is not real at all, in any shape or form, and believe people claiming any mental illness are just freeloaders, lazy and weak minded. These interest cherry pick what many like you post here Dr. Burstow to support cuts for care, funding for those in desperate need of mental health care.
    In closing nothing wrong with wanting to improve the care and treatment of the mentally ill by the mental health industry, society or governments but please be careful in not helping to cut our throats, the mental ill, as you do it who are struggling day in and day out to gain care and treatment for our mental illness in our communities around the world.