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  • @oldhead:

    Hey, I was going to wait to post this. I ordered this book for $9 bucks, used, & it’s going to take to the end of this month to get here. I have a lot to say. But I can say some of it now, so…I composed this in WORD & it’s a tome. I made it as fun to read as I can. Researching this stuff makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve had to move through bouts of extreme fear & anger to get ‘er done. So here goes (the Kenda’s Law article made me change my mind about posting now). This took a long time, but it’s, well, timely:

    Part One: (written on February 10, 2021)

    I got a used copy of this author’s book & while I was waiting for it, I bookmarked this article & prepared a metanarrative to something I have been tracking & felt is worth mentioning. You said: “I’ll get just a bit contrarian to say that I’m a little confused by the general level of criticism being directed at this particular author, as in terms of basic assumptions I don’t see anything here significantly more objectionable than in any pro-psychiatry MIA piece.”

    I think the response to this article is more about the larger implications of forced psychiatry as opposed to only pro-psychiatry. If someone gets a referral to Intensive Home Treatment (IHT), forced inpatient hospital treatment MAY or may NOT be the result of “non-compliance.” The “MAY be a result of ‘non-compliance,’ is the part that’s of interest to survivors. Of course. And that’s been pointed out.

    As you said, it is also about “the illusory conceptions of what psychiatry is in the first place,” and by treating “mental illness” in THE HOME, it brings up problems that are beyond the definition of “mental illness” (or lack thereof), and aids to covering up child & domestic abuse. By its very definition. Or lack thereof. But David Heath can circumvent that argument, for a while at least, by saying he does not include this to mean covering up for child abuse as he treats these “patients” out of a home setting. But he didn’t answer Kindred Spirit’s, or Steve’s question. Which Steve asked TWICE now. (also, at the time of this writing there is an article about refuting False Memory Syndrome—a lot of people, including me, have buried trauma memories, & therefore, treatment in the home wouldn’t catch this—but that goes back to the observation KS pointed out: the “diagnosis” itself is the error)

    You said, “It could be that the consensus is shifting about what is considered “progressive” and Dr. Heath didn’t get the memo; however I also think some of this is based on illusory conceptions of what psychiatry is in the first pace.” Yes, he either 1) didn’t get the memo, or 2) he DID get it. And doesn’t agree with it. This is in the sample pages of the book if you want to read further online without getting the book:

    Home Treatment for Acute Mental Disorders: An Alternative to Hospitalization

    From the foreword, by Anita S. Everett of Johns Hopkins University:

    “While 20 years ago there was a considerable debate regarding the cause of many mental disorders, we now know that many of the most seriously disabling illnesses have a clear biologic and genetic basis. We have new medications that offer significant advances in terms of long-term tolerability and physical safety compared with medications that were available 25 years ago. We have an array of services that are supported by science and are designed to provide support and to promote independence and self-reliance in community settings.”

    In regards to pro-psychiatry pieces on MIA, this one seems particularly retrograde. The book & the excerpted paragraphs are from 2004, to be fair. And here is the opening paragraph of the foreword.

    “There’s no place like home…” Dorothy chants as she clicks together the red ruby slippers and hopes for magic transportation back to her home. In this 1939 movie classic based on Frank L. Baum’s novel, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy desperately seeks the peace, comfort and safety of the Midwestern farm home from which she came. The story begins as the young Dorothy character becomes frustrated with the conventions of the farm and seeks adventure through running away. Not unlike the course of an UNSTABLE MENTAL ILLNESS as it unravels, she encounters many unconventional thrills, risks, and perils along the way. In Oz she makes new friends, many are actually existing companions from Kansas, but existing in distorted ways.” (emphasis added)

    O.K., you get the drift. Was it a coincidence that the character being compared to the “mentally ill” person-in-question was a child? Or that The Wizard of Oz is a children’s book? So why did I spend money on this book? I needed it to make an argument about how the government is closing loopholes in states that do NOT have mandatory outpatient commitment laws. And I’m going to use Maryland, mostly, as an example. Here is Maryland’s Inpatient Commitment Law:

    *Maryland does not have an outpatient commitment law.

    INPATIENT COMMITMENT MD. CODE ANN., HEALTH-GEN. § 10-632(e)(2). The hearing officer shall [o]rder the release of the individual from the facility unless the record demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that at the time of the hearing each of the following elements exist as to the individual whose involuntary admission is sought:

    (i) The individual has a mental disorder;
    (ii) The individual needs in-patient care or treatment;
    (iii) (iii) The individual presents a danger to the life or safety of the individual or of others;
    (iv) (iv) The individual is unable or unwilling to be voluntarily admitted to the facility;
    (v) (v) There is no available less restrictive form of intervention that is consistent with the welfare and safety of the individual; AND
    (vi) (vi) If the individual is 65 years old or older and is to be admitted to a State facility, the individual has been evaluated by a geriatric evaluation team and no less restrictive form of care or treatment was determined by the team to be appropriate.

    Alright, let me take # 4 first. “There is no less restrictive form of intervention.” Well, IHT covers this, & it’s called Mobile Crisis Home Treatment Services in the United States (as well as other acronyms). In addition to MCHT, Maryland (and other states) also have ASSERTIVE Community Treatment, which is the same thing as Assisted Outpatient Treatment (IOT), or close enough. In other words, it’s a shell game. And a shell game that the reformists cannot follow because they are not looking at the spider web of monies in service of FORCED TREATMENT. All of these overlapping programs, including hospitalization, converge to catch any & all would-be “non-compliant” victims. (survivor, as a term, must needs be past tense)

    Monies are coming in from everywhere, not just from the 21 century Cures Act, but later, in Crime Prevention monies, which can & will be used for “mental health” funding. This includes the development & use of pre-crime & predictive programming software. From David Heath: “The easiest way to conceptualize how MCHT fits into a mental health system is to think of it as simply an alternative to admission. It TARGETS any patient who is destined for admission. “(emphasis added). I know you understand how I feel about the word “Target.” Additionally, Maryland has a spider web application process for any group who wants to apply for ASSERTIVE Community Treatment (similar to MCHT, but entraps & infringes on the civil liberties of a slightly different type of victim), here:

    (also, let me add at this point, that there is a strong Consumer presence in Maryland, & those reformists who rely on their paycheck are certainly aware of the $ trail. Some of the consumer groups are cross-listed in those already awarded money. This will not surprise an abolitionist, but a reformist who is NOT getting a paycheck from these sources may or may not need to have that pointed out to them)

    With talk of defunding the police & reallocating the monies to “mental health,” and with the *doubling* of graduate applications for social work and counseling during the pandemic, I think you can see where this is heading. All MCHT & ACT treatment programs use therapists, social workers, psychologists (in addition to psychiatrists), &, in some cases, “peer counselors.” After graduation, these people will have debt & need jobs.

    While we are talking shell games, the appeal for *some* to have home treatment over hospital “treatment” obscures the real reason for the funding of these programs. This is something that a reformer would miss—distracted by the appeal for *some* in what looks like a reform or improvement in “treatment”—“there’s no place like home” to be poisoned & shocked.


    These are the true intentions of the funders, more so than the “practitioners.” But the practitioners have to play along. In the online pages, you can read “A senior psychiatrist in Britain, very involved with MCHT, implied crisis had become a buzz word: ‘we have to use the word crisis, in order to get the funding.’”


    Which brings me to bullet point # 3: “The individual presents a danger to the life or safety of the individual or of others; “ In the book, Heath delineates two levels of intervention: urgent & emergency. I’ll spare you the headache of having to read this & go straight to the point: “However many psychiatric emergencies can arise in situations where stress may play only a minor role as a precipitant or perhaps none at all. Others include STOPPING MEDICATION, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, AND DISTURBED BRAIN BIOLOGY.” (emphasis added)


    So, although we all know that the 21 c. Cures Act rolled back the need to have “presents a danger to the life or safety of the individual or others,” it still was up to each state how they were going to achieve this. In Maryland, it’s with the help of the Consumer/Reform-minded community programs, in Pennsylvania it took a different turn. In House Bill 1233, the bill loosens the standards for IOC to include “noncompliance” to taking “medication.” So, strictly a legal stance. It also loosens the “individual presents a danger or safety of the individual or of others,” definition to include the person’s “state-of-mind” anytime up to 48 MONTHS PRIOR to that determination. So THAT’S NEW. In the article below from Public Source:

    “Why aren’t counties using it?
    Just because no counties are implementing the new law doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Counties choose whether to opt out or implement the policy on an annual basis, with the next deadline in January.
    “It’s not off the table,” Eisenhauer said.
    “According to Eisenhauer, the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services was charged with providing the forms and instructions on how to implement the new law.
    “Eisenhauer also expressed concerns over the law’s four-year look back period, which he called “exceedingly long.”
    “Whatever was going on in your mental health history four years ago should not necessarily be relevant to your mental health today,” Eisenhauer said.”

    The bill passed in 2018.

    NAMI was one of the most outspoken critics AGAINST the bill, since it provided no funding. And some of the counties within Pennsylvania are not enforcing the law for that reason. So, states with the largest reform/consumer presences can actually be more restrictive to survivors!!! As Consumer groups have watchdog groups to thwart forced treatment. Unless it comes to their own paycheck. Or, in other words, follow the money.


    And one last observation about the state of Wyoming, Title 25, for IOT. I think the language is interesting here, because it outright restricts travel & nanny-state’s your social circle. It’s built right into the law, as opposed to being an obnoxious part of home treatment.

    “ Conditional outpatient treatment may require periodic reporting, continuation of medication and submission to testing and restriction of travel, consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs, associations with other persons or other reasonable conditions …. the rest is here:

    For such a libertarian state, I guess the freedoms do not extend to the “mentally ill.” And there’s another odd observation about their commitment laws. It has a different definition of “resident,” than what I’ve come across. Or maybe it is in other laws, and I haven’t checked. To be committed, you only have to be living in the state for 90 days & you can be locked up (!). I assume that’s to “deal with” 1) transients or 2) people who want to have their residences in other states with less restrictive IOT laws if a family member lives or works in Wyoming (although, there aren’t any bordering states with more lax laws). The only saving grace about this state is that it rarely uses its laws. Although it built a big, new shiny hospital, so maybe that’s going to change! They need some warm bodies to put in it after all, because, you know, people need JOBS!

    “(xv) “Resident” means a United States citizen who has been a resident of and domiciled in Wyoming for not less than ninety (90) days and who has not claimed residency elsewhere for the purpose of obtaining medical or psychiatric services during that ninety (90) day period immediately preceding the date when services under this act were sought or imposed. . . you can read the rest, here:

    I’m going to wrap it up now. Sorry for the tome. But this will lead nicely into what I have to say next.

  • A Stepping Stone. The use of the word “Mad.”

    I overheard a “peer counselor” telling a healer that she was allowed to talk about spirituality, but not coming off drugs. Do you see?

    They’ll “let us” explore our spirituality, as long as they can “have their mental illness.”

    Also, vision quests were never meant to be safe. It was considered to be a dangerous journey which you might not come back from. Look at the Sioux Sun Dance Ceremony. It’s brutal.

    Medicine men were kidnapped by other tribes, sometimes. And if they failed to heal someone important in the tribe, they were killed. Sounds pretty trauma based to me. Again, I am a practitioner of 34 years, not a scholar. There are many, many traditions & I view the term “Mad” as a theft of them.

    But by all means, let’s explore that Inner Space! But keep the MHS’s hands off of it. I think that’s going to be a bigger fight than people realize.

    And why Anti Psychiatry & other topics need to be addressed separately. Again, free will choice fan here! People can do what they want. Call themselves what they want.

    I’m just saying, please don’t underestimate their financial stake in our spirituality as proxy for “mental illness.”

    We think of it as the other way around.

    They don’t.

  • @Linda Comac:

    Beautiful comment Linda! Now I have to go back & read the article! : O

    There are many semi ex-pats to MIA (although, if I keep commenting, I’m not sure
    what I’m going to call myself)–that scroll through the survivor comments because we
    love our survivor family. Then we have to go back & read the articles : )

    People I’ve never met &, many times, never even seen their
    picture. But I love them. I really, really do love them. Isn’t it bizarre how the human
    spirit finds a way through lockdowns & then, laterally, through an impersonal Hi Tech forum?

    I have my bad days about the human natural. But I have also been fortunate to come across the
    most sterling examples of human beings it is possible to meet on The Stone (Earth).

    Hope you are doing well!

  • @Jenny Miller:

    “Many Americans born in this country also are raised in families and cultures where having spiritual experiences is entirely accepted and approved.”

    YES! The Celts had their language, imagery, & ritual/ceremonies beaten out of them by the Romans, absolutely. I am more of a practitioner than a scholar of this universal phenomenon.

    I subscribe to Metaphysics & I’ll bring it up if it’s relevant to AP, or if I can be funny. I was with a group of heavy hitters on a 3 day retreat that kicked our collective asses. Three days with a deep trance channeler who channeled “The Big One,” or Prime Creator (Goddess & God).

    After a grueling three days where we were more or less successful in healing some trauma codes,

    I said, “lets do a spoof channel & ask P.C.” –since S/He is politically correct, as you would imagine–JOKE!

    “where the socks disappear in the dryer?” !!!!!

    Can you imagine? You have your chance to talk to Goddess, God, the flaming skull on the stick, Heavenly Father, the Most High, Allah, or Artificial Intelligence (if thats what whips your winnie)…

    (ooo, censor Steve, censor Steve–I know I am pushing it : )

    …there’s a heavy seriousness….you’ve been waiting all your life….and you ask:

    “where do the socks disappear to in the dryer?”

    In which Heavenly Father (you know, the guy with the beard on the throne) bellows:

    “THAT’S your question???? You DIP SHIT!!!!!….

    …er, I mean, my son, my SON, I give you one question, ONE question, to ask me anything about the mysteries of the universe…”

    SO: I’ll just let that sink in because the next things not so funny.

    We never got around to doing our spoof channel, because two of the six of us are MK Ultras (one American, me, & one Polish, my friend Grzegorz)–& we have the global intelligence apparatus on our heels at ALL TIMES! (see essay below).

    Also, at this point, thank you, thank you, thank you AGAIN! for your article–it was brilliant.

    (snowyowl is a reference to Native American medicine & not really an altogether flattering one at that–although I realize I am speaking to someone from the Bay Area–so you prob. already know this & are snoring now –what? who me? *I* don’t snore!

    & one of my mentors in Native American medicine told me never to tell anyone 1) what your totem animal is–even though there is an ostensible 7 layer salad to the totem or 2) what’s in your medicine bag. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe Vesper knows???

    Owl medicine can be “bringing death to your door,” but it varies from tribe to tribe. Dunno. I lived in Montana for 10 years & we have 12 tribes there. Just sorting out what happened between and/to those tribes was enough for me & I don’t feel like I even scratched the surface. I had affinity with the Blackfeet; they never trusted Lewis & Clark–NEVER! Go Blackfeet.

    Why do I bring this up?

    Because All Roads Lead to AP (Anti Psychiatry), which I said to Oldhead, & he is prob. scratching his head, ’cause I told him I was going into retirement.

    But I had to come out of retirement to tell me socks in the dryer joke. A joke which I made up to cheer me up for this kamikaze run I call my life.

    Another observation on the word “Mad.” If you are taking it *apart* from AP discourse (which I would encourage, again, see essay below, which will spell out why I encourage that),

    do you and/or Vesper see the word “MAD” as kinda being stuck in a vision quest forever? Like, NEVER getting out of it? Or calling YOURSELF the vision quest, instead of the hero or warrior?

    I see you both as the heroes. Or warriors (Native American medicine) But that’s just my take.

    Here’s the essay. It’s long, but worth the read.
    ‘See ya!

    One of the original links:

  • Oldhead:

    On the new MNN comment:
    “While I can only take reading the site in little bits so far, my impression is that this “new MNN” will also embrace the peer industry wholeheartedly, which is the antithesis of anti-psychiatry.”

    MIND MELD CITY. (this continues to freak me out, because I was on that site today too)

    The newest article on the MIA factory belt (at the time of this midnight write) is called “The Politics of Emotion in Psychotherapy,” & talks about a therapist doing zoom meetings who says:

    “She also reports that applications to counseling and psychotherapy master’s programs have doubled. In her experience, clients are coming to her because they struggle with the anxiety of feeling trapped and isolated during the lockdown.”


    Namely, these young therapists-to-be will have a large body of new “MAD” clients just in time for granulation. (yes, granulation, it’s not a typo)

    And the article is about intersectional therapy too, which is all the rage. But as you’ve explained to many of us, repeatedly: intersectionalISM is inside out. It’s the exploits of Authoritarian Corporatism that creates the oppression of human groups in the first place.

    And in terms of OUR oppression, we don’t even have words yet. Or we wouldn’t, if it weren’t for you.

    (and if it weren’t for some of the other AP Titans, those alive, & those who are no longer with us)

    I am amazed that every five years or so, I have to stop everything I am interested in & want to study, to go back & find out what new argument I need for permission to exist. Or what the IOT laws are if I want to move.

    I’M SICK OF IT!!!!

  • Hi Sam!

    “Hmm, so we don’t need psychiatry? And good luck to neurology. Problem is, shrinks are not bright enough to become neurologists, UNLESS it, like much of medicine is existing on language.
    Many “neurologists” like many medical doctors, send people to shrinks.”

    The medical field (excepting dissenters) wants to get brains to experiment on–that’s it! And that’s all it is! No matter what discipline they can use to get their hands on the gray stuff.

    (I just though of a Proctology joke; oh how Psychiatry brings it out in me!)

    Which is why we are all considered mass murderers. Gets around that pesky “informed consent” & paper trail thing-ey maging-ey.


    P.S. Do you really think they are going to stop since they did not find the gene bio-markers for “mental illness?” That was a rhetorical question. You & I both know the answer to that.

    Peter Simons’s work has to get to scholars in other fields & to the general population. Just because the Shriekiatrists are at an empirical road block in finding the markers isn’t going to stop them. They are going to cultivate more disinformation and stall as long as they can.

    It doesn’t mean that AP activists have to follow a scientific argument that is a Semantic contradiction–“the MIND isn’t an organ, so it can’t have health, or illness,”

    but activists & dissenters are going to have to convince the general public, scholars in other fields, & the judges ruling over Involuntary Outpatient Treatment that the Mind is not organ, ergo, can’t have health…

    using any argument we can.

    Setting up a road block won’t stop them from trying to get their hands on our brains. WE HAVE TO CONVINCE EVERYBODY ELSE!

    And especially useful are those writers who can translate difficult jargon into readable language.

    I also think Peter Simon’s work could be used to train a whole new phalanx of expert witnesses for testimony to go UP AGAINST THE JUDGE. (forced treatment) Since we are having so much trouble finding a good pool of Shriekiatrists to do it!

    Not medical doctors, per se, but researchers & writers with the credentials that the judge will take seriously (I know, I know, it sucks!)

    (BTW. Peter Breggin does offer expert witness testimony on his website, but I’m not sure how many AP activists could afford that–even zoomed in, let alone a lawyer–again: another area we need to work on. To convince professionals to give witness testimony pro bono. I think I’d be good at that. Have I found my calling?)

    Jim Gottstein has an expert witness testimony packet available for the survivor/victim to give to their public defenders if they cannot afford a lawyer–and that’s plenty of people. If not almost all victims of Psychiatry.

    The problem is that the public defender does not usually have time to make the most out of the information–so it doesn’t work.
    The public defender might have all of but 15 to 20 minutes to prepare defense. That would be like going on this site & “getting it” in 15 to 20 minutes!!!


    But . . .

    Gottstein also encourages lawyers to work for free who have the expertise & time to prepare their cases. Yay!

    We’ve road blocked them, empirically, in every direction.

    Now we just need to overturn the narrative/s faster than them. We’ve got to get faster at this. And each one of us is doing our part. Including supporting each other on this site & in other ways.

    In other words: how you doin? how you been?

  • To, JH

    Wow, thank you for your thoughtful response & all of the time you take to respond to each one of us! I am going to post on this article from time to time, since it will resurrect it in the comments section & people who haven’t seen it yet can see it.

    I’ll give you some time before I do that, because I know you take each comment seriously & like to provide a thoughtful answer. And you’ve got other stuff to do.

    Spoiler Alert: I am going to follow up with the Big Tech theme, and I am going “IN” on the topic, most surgically.

    See ‘ya (fairly) soon. Breather space : )

  • @Philip Hickey:

    It would be interesting to see a collection of Anti Psychiatry essays from, say, you & Peter Breggin, Seth Farber, and also from the legal mind perspective of Jim Gottstein, formed into a book & marketed to the general public.

    With all your vast spare time! That was a joke : )

    If it were marketed to the public, it could be devoid of jargon & simply tell how difficult it’s been for dissenting professionals to go against guild & industry interests. I specifically remember Peter Breggin describing children with wires coming out of their heads, while walking down the halls of laboratories, & telling his colleagues who were not even aware of it.

    (of course, survivors have tons of stories too. my point being, it did not seem to do much good having Peter Breggin tell his stories. not at all. and that should frighten everyone)

    All of Peter Breggin’s work (and others, of course!) to stop lobotomies: just to see articles like James Hall’s new piece on TMS. I also think it would be interesting to hear from the dissenters, each, personally, how they “too became a dissent.” ~Thomas Dolby ; )

    I realize that kind of writing is more difficult than writing for the professions, but the general public is so absolutely clueless to what is going on, it’s frightening. They are not STUPID, they simply do not have access to the truth. And the general public is being wielded like the angry townspeople with burning torches against the survivors in their castles like the perceived Frankenstein.

    Not only that, I am afraid it is only going to get worse with: the new domestic terrorist laws coming in, cited to be an infringement against civil liberties on par with The Patriot Act, & the disinformation of journalists like Glenn Greenwald who conflates violence with the “mentally unwell.” That was in his article that just came out on Substack yesterday.

    I like Glenn, but he can do better. And he needs to. The article was otherwise brilliant.

    I also think it is frightening that Kamala Harris wants to reclassify “mental illnesses” as neurological disorders. If Joe Biden does not finish his term for any reason, this bodes disaster.

    Thank you for responding to survivors. I am an AP activist newbie, and also a Targeted Individual. Not so new at the Targeted Individual Part.

    Here’s an interesting essay by Seth Farber about the Targeted Individual Program that you may or may not have seen when I was handing it out like Halloween candy last spring. Since I am a relative newbie (I have been posting on here since 2015, but took a 5 year break to research other topics), I now need to catch up on your body of work on MIA. I am looking forward to it!

    Here’s the essay:

    One of the original links:

  • @Steve McCrea:

    I would like to share the stage with you! Or maybe come up with some material together. Although I think that’s what we’re doing now.

    You are a brilliant & funny man.

    SCIENCE says it’s so, so it must be so, Simon says.

    And what SCI*mon says, Simon knows, says SCIENCE!

  • To James:

    I read the last article first & the first article last, plus the comments. And I must say, I am even more impressed by your new article than I was before. You stomached the ad hominem attacks (that weren’t removed by site moderators), & used that as the basis to answer questions from your detractors, next article!

    Amazing! That takes a mastery I look up to. I cannot imagine how angry you must have been to be protecting yourself, your loved ones, & your friends in your support system while getting attacked in such a disrespectful way. Of course, I am not saying all of the criticisms were disrespectful, but the ones that *were* remain in my mind.

    As I’m sure, they remain in yours.

    Until now, hopefully!

    I especially loved how you tracked down “patients” who had beneficial results, but when you compared it with a checklist of symptoms another truth began to form. I also noticed the dates of your responses. Still talking to the amazing MIA survivors all the way up to late December 2020! Just before this article came out.

    I thank you. That’s rare on this site. I wish it weren’t so, because survivors need each other, emotionally & intellectually like never before.

    If you haven’t already read Jenny Miller’s blog that’s up on the front page right now on this site, I recommend it highly. I’ll put in the link, but it’s on the front page. It’s about the History of Anti-Psychiatry.

    There ‘s a lot of haggling of terms about what Anti-Psychiatry IS and ISN’T. These conversations are important to recover the lost legal rights of survivors & the terminology of such. As well as to cut off $ sources that go into “studying” those of us that do not consent to being “studied.”

    ((I will have to bring up the Intelligence Apparatus as well as Big Tech at this juncture again. Unfortunately))

    That isn’t to say there aren’t wonderful people in some of these fields. It is a critique of the fields themselves, in some cases, & some of the most moral of the degree-holding specialists have become dissenters. I argue we need professional dissenters, to: 1) give expert witness testimony in court cases, to combat the “Black Robe Effect,” and to 2) dissuade young professionals from going into psychiatry, especially & 3) never, NEVER speak of the NEEDS of the profession before, or in place of, the RIGHTS of survivors.

    (Also, impressive on this site is Peter Simons–a science writer & researcher. I’m sure you know him, or know of him. And although I agree with AP activists that we do not need to argue, scientifically, against an argument that semantically contradicts itself: namely “mental illness” cannot exist because the MIND is not an organ, & therefore, cannot have health, or illness…

    I believe we are engaging in something well, WELL, beyond a David & Goliath fight & we need to keep up with the lies-posing-as science at least until we get our rights back. Survivors are second class citizens due to Involuntary Outpatient Treatment in all but five states, I believe. So, until then….dunno. And I am open to arguments both ways)

    And let’s not forget Jim Gottstein, a lawyer who posts on this site, & even encourages lawyers to work for survivors pro bono!!! Impressive!

    In your article, the explanation of how TMS is an evolution of ECT was fascinating. I look forward to seeing what cool comments are engendered by your brilliant essay.

    Will the comments section last until your next article? Bets anyone?

    The History of Madness Network News and the Early Anti-Psychiatry …

  • @Steve McCrea:

    We are working you tonight!

    You said, “I usually distinguish between science (an activity) and Science (a demigod). They are not even close to the same!”

    Now we only have to unscramble the two from the minds of 7+ billion people on the planet!!!

    Piece of cake!

    O.K., maybe it’s not that many people. I’m using my dark humor to cheer me up tonight. And I love making fun of Scientism.

  • An example of common sense as a fallacy:

    How about an optical illusion? I’m not sure that’s a great example. And spoiler alert: I am a fan of common sense; I don’t think it’s that common.

    But states of matter? existence? CAN and DO exist in paradox. And at this point I’m going to need a physicist to bail me out.

    Because if matter can exist in paradox: a particle & a wave, then it follows that an observation or conclusion reached using common sense can be true & false simultaneously.

    (Versus: I was collecting articles about psychosurgery lately & an Ivy League trained psychiatrist said that burning lesions into the brain was like using a curling iron to retrieve a file on a floppy disc–if that gives you any idea of the decade we are talking about. Yet, he burned away; he burned the victim’s brain.

    Common sense would tell *anyone,* a layperson or an Ivy League trained professional that maybe burning lesions into healthy tissue is a bad idea. But he did it anyway. And even after these “professionals” DID get data that it was harming victims, they still continued to do it. Scientism.)

    Like I said: I am a fan of common sense. But there are states of matter that exist in paradox.

  • @truth793810:

    “Science is often scientism in reality but common sense is also full of fallacies.”

    Beautiful thinking! Are you a mathematician?

    Do you think common sense is full of fallacies because some states of matter (not sure of the right term here) exist in paradox?

    NOT a mathematician, here!

    But I always found math to be exquisite & beautiful. I am a poet, & mathematics created a discipline for the pre-verbal for me.
    Well, not while *composing* poetry, but at some point after studying math.

    People who were much “better at it” than me had no idea what I was talking about: that math was beautiful.

    I got as far as Calculus. But I cannot say I even got as far as that.

    Didn’t do that well that year in high school. Barely passed as a matter of fact due to (mostly) absences.

    Psychiatry was on me coat tails!

  • To Steve:

    “Wuh?? But, Steve: Science is ReeeEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!”

    O.K., I admit it. I am hoping to bring out Stand-up comic, Steve.

    “Good evening, from Comedy Centrifuge! Tonight, folks, we bring you socially distanced Steve!!!! Coming to you from more than six feet away on his electromagnetic stage to offer up witticisms & terse aphorisms

    through cables & quarks & wires oh MY!

    ((HI STEVE!!!))


    Heya, here are some of my personal favorites of the misuse of the term “Science.”

    in other words, replacing the word & concept “data,” or the words “teacher, professor, or researcher” with the term science. Transmuting the term science from an abstraction into a conscious entity. ((Would this be animism??? What thinks thoust???))

    Here goes some of personal favorites: “Science is Real.” Have you seen this on lawn signs? They are all over my extended neighborhood.

    “Science has proven.”

    “THE science.” As in, it goes against “THE science.” S/he is ignoring “THE science.”

    Or s/he is engaging a “War Against “Science.”

    Or how about: “Science teaches us.”

    And, then, “Science Says.” (Simon says???? O.K., there’s some riff possibilities on THAT one)

    Instead of priests, we now have scientists (or, in some cases, not all, scienceTISM-ists)—

    (I know there are a lot of great scientists out there, & trust me, they are getting persecuted too!!!!!! Many are Targeted Individuals)

    Instead of the Inquisition we have AI code, Facebook diagnostics & pre-crime, and instead of being burned at the stake, we have a slow-drip eugenics (neurotoxins), or the slower burn of ECT & TMI.

    (Just a word about coders, because I have some friends who are coders. And as I cannot code my way out of a paper bag, I speak for them with much trepidation. There is no reason empaths cannot code & put their best blockchain foot forward. It just isn’t happening yet. Or it isn’t the reigning paradigm, I should say)

    I believe a thought experiment is the most mathematically rarefied & beautiful expression of science there is. Again, I will have to ask my coder friends if they agree—as they are binary, & I am more 12-based.


    What I DO know is that on the current fascist Psychiatry stage, if you DARE engage in a thought experiment without an M.D. or a P(enne) H. D., you will be followed by a phalanx army with trays of neurotoxins.

    For those of us interested in Metaphysics. Oh, it’s bad. To be fair, if you are an M.D./Ph.D. researcher who comes to the conclusion that the Priesthood does not care for,

    you will also be looking at targeting, jail time. Even possibly death. Ask any of the scientists who refused to work for the Department of Defense, or became whistleblowers!!!

    At any rate: I would love your opinion if the misuse of the term science as an abstraction is Animism. Or is the closest approximation of what is going on here.

    I just think it’s funny if it is. I cannot think of a more bitter dart to Scientism than to compare it to an indigenous religion! (In metaphysical circles, we would consider it a compliment)

    I’m going to quickly print the online def. on Animism for quick reference. You know more about this than me, which is why I defer to your opinion. This is kind of a fun thought experiment, huh? Or I hope you think so.

    Here goes, it’s long, but bear with me. I think it’s a good idea to get a working definition going forward. It’s a wiki one, so that doesn’t mean it’s the best one.

    ~from Snowy (as oldhead likes to call me):

    Animism (from Latin: anima, ‘breath, spirit, life’)[1][2] is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.[3][4][5][6]

    Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and perhaps even words—as animated and alive. Animism is used in the anthropology of religion as a term for the belief system of many indigenous peoples,[7] especially in contrast to the relatively more recent development of organised religions.[8]

    Although each culture has its own different mythologies and rituals, animism is said to describe the most common, foundational thread of indigenous peoples’ “spiritual” or “supernatural” perspectives.

    The animistic perspective is so widely held and inherent to most indigenous peoples that they often do not even have a word in their languages that corresponds to “animism” (or even “religion”);[9] the term is an anthropological construct.

    Largely due to such ethnolinguistic and cultural discrepancies, opinion has differed on whether animism refers to an ancestral mode of experience common to indigenous peoples around the world, or to a full-fledged religion in its own right.

    The currently accepted definition of animism was only developed in the late 19th century (1871) by Sir Edward Tylor, who formulated it as “one of anthropology’s earliest concepts, if not the first.”[10][11]

    Animism encompasses the beliefs that all material phenomena have agency, that there exists no hard and fast distinction between the spiritual and physical (or material) world and that soul or spirit or sentience exists not only in humans but also in other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers or other entities of the natural environment: water sprites, vegetation deities, tree sprites, etc.

    Animism may further attribute a life force to abstract concepts such as words, true names, or metaphors in mythology. Some members of the non-tribal world also consider themselves animists (such as author Daniel Quinn, sculptor Lawson Oyekan, and many contemporary Pagans).[12]

  • To Sam & James Hall:

    To Sam: Hi! Love your energy & support for fellow survivors! Always, always, always love to see your name!

    To James Hall:

    Thank you for this article. I am collecting articles about psychosurgery & neurosurgery for my husband who is staunchly Anti Psychiatry, but is not as well read as me about it (as I am not as well read as some other Titans on this site). He was unaware that psychosurgery/neurosurgery has continued unabated since the days of lobotomy.

    (Just an aside: in the MIA article Kamala Harris’s ‘Mental Health Plan’ and Why it Still Matters, Kamala Harris is attempting to reclassify “mental illnesses” as neurological disorders! If Joe Biden does not finish his term for *any* reason, think of the YIKES factor there)…/kamala-harris-mental-health-plan-why-it- still-matters/

    My husband is a God (note there is a word meaning excessively fond of one’s wife: uxorious. But none meaning excessively fond of one’s husband???? So I will have to ply him with phrases until I can possibly invent a one word equivalent)

    and has read *everything.*

    O.K., not everything, obviously.

    But most scholars in other fields cannot keep up with the Crimes of Psychiatry. He is an English Professor & keeps up with Science (as opposed to Scientism) & Tech for FUN. His teachers had to find someone to teach him Calculus in the 4th grade!

    I am also collecting books for both of us to read about the Crimes of the Intelligence apparatus, the CIA, FBI, & NSA. The true history of their “dark arts,” as Glenn Greenwald would say.

    It, unfortunately, VERY UNFORTUNATELY

    does all intersect.

    Next: have to go back to your other article & tackle the (whoa!) 160 comments on it. Saw your eating well, love of exercise, & outdoors descriptor. Love it! Something else we have in common. I have been studying & practicing energy work in one form or another for 34 years. Great to “meet” you : )

  • oldhead:


    And as far as you (and others) educating the rest of us about AP, you are a hero, as far as I’m concerned. You’ve changed my life. I cannot even fathom how exhausting it must have been (and is) for you to unravel the endless lies, epistemological knots, & revisionist history of both Psychiatry & the consumer movement. I’ve seen you debate online for years. I could always check in in the comments section if I needed clarity on a topic I did not fully understand.

    Check in between reading books on other subjects.

    Because remember: all roads lead to AP. ; )

    The amount of money, time, staff, technology, public relations, law, media-power, & political power (have I forgotten anything?) “the other side” has … it’s beyond a David & Goliath fight.

    I don’t know any literary or mythical trope that hopes to cover it. IT HAS GOT TO STOP!


    (I was especially sorry to hear about the legal choke hold Psychiatry got on survivors. The image of the APA fighting to overturn a ban on ECT &, also, government officials intervening to reintroduce lobotomies to CHILDREN & prisoners….

    made my blood boil….

    (thank you again, OH. You have worked so tirelessly. You don’t need adulation, publication, or fame to keep you going. Just the need to kick some Psychiatry ASS!)

  • @Gardeningwithcats:

    Thank you for posting! It does feel alone sometimes. I think things are going to change. Why?
    I don’t know why. I know it’s not going to happen as fast as we want it to. But it’s going to happen
    sooner than we expect.

    I think it’s going to be one of those ideas that, when it’s the right time, will catch like wildfire. Right now, psychiatry seems to have pervaded the world–it does seem hopeless at times. I don’t mean to compare this with COVID-19, except to say, the world basically changed *overnight.*

    I think it’s going to be a change like that…slow moving at first…the lies of psychiatry exposed, but then it will gain momentum…and the people who are posting on this site will be the majority….

    I also think the ones that are going to fight us the hardest are the brainwashed survivors who are not ready to face that they have been betrayed. Some will never admit it. But, slowly, over time, as people realize that they have been lied to, their lives destroyed for *nothing,* and they become the critical mass, Psychiatry will not be able to contain us any longer.

    I like the name “Gardening with Cats.” How many cats do you have? My post name refers to Native American medicine. The snowy owl is what came to me in a meditation. That particular owl can see straight through to the “other side” of the soul: all dark & light. Nothing can be hidden from that owl, specifically that one. Perfect for Psychiatry, which tries to hide. The owl came *to me,* it wasn’t the other way around.

    According to my mentor in Native American medicine, a soul has 7 layers of totem animals. What are your cats like?

  • @Steve McCrea:

    Thank you, Steve. You handled that so respectfully & artfully! Linda Comac is such a lovely person & your high opinion of her was in every word. I couldn’t have even begun to say that.

    Maybe I should just stick to my weirdo posts. : )

    Thank you for your presence on this site : ) It means the world to me!

  • Rachel777:
    “I keep thinking of that movie The Minority Report.
    Psychiatry is our society’s pre crime division.”

    YES! That’s exactly what the pre-crime software is modeled after. Except AI is a lot more efficient than a group of psychics suspended in a goo in an underground lab. (It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie) The software *was* modeled on human experimentation though (and still is).

    You said something about taking some time out to read a book. Not to me. Just generally. I’m reading something entirely unrelated to this right now, a novel. (You are a Jane Austen fan? Cool.)

    But the ideas for some of my posts came from this book (and insights on the experiments done on *me*):

    “Weapons of Math Destruction. How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.” by Cathy O’Neil.

    Cathy O’Neil is a data scientist & mathematician. She became critical of the applications of Big Data after working for a hedge fund & start-ups which could predict peoples’ purchases.

    She gives a lot of examples of the prison population. I extended it to psychiatry, since she is unaware of that debate. *Most* people outside of MIA are unaware of this debate, which is what I am trying to change.

    It requires the patience of a saint. “Heathcliff!!!”

    No, I’m reading something more contemporary, but Wuthering Heights could be up for a re-read. Time to go all dark & Bronte.

    And “Weapons of Math Destruction” would be the read to produce an article on this topic.

  • @Sera

    Great article! Also glad that it detailed some of the strategies, in-motion, WMRLC is doing to address COVID -19 concerns for survivors who are “on the outside,” and would like a template to help people “on the inside.”

    In their own cities, counties or states.

    That way, you can guide survivors on what worked best for your group, and what didn’t.

    Also, loved the spoken Anita D. poem. It would fit great in your Candy Corn/Harvard Guy article–a commenter was describing the inhumanity of the in-patient assessment process, but Anita D had an audience THAT GOT IT!

    ’cause they could see & hear her.

    It’s always fun to mimic the Pscyh Nurses! Anita D did that.

    Notice they always use the word “appropriate?” “Appropriate” is a Psych Nurse word.

    As in, “your behavior is not *appropriate*.” Your not wasing your hair today is not *appropriate*.”

    “But psych nurse, I DID wash my hair. The medications make my hair greasy.”

    Pscyh nurse: “Oh no, I don’t think you can blame your medication!”

    In which the doctor chimed in, “yes, actually the medications CAN DO that.”

    Pscyh nurse looks down & looks ashamed. SCORE!

    I see my next skit! Watch out for me mimicry (!)

    Or we could always go back to making fun of Harvard Guy!!!!!!!! ; )

  • Candy Corn & Harvard Guy

    “Ah, privilege and power. How closely they are linked. In any case, risk assessments fail us in many regards. Not only are they no better than a coin flip overall, but they’ve seen no improvement in accuracy outcomes in over 40 years.”


    Thank you for summing up the undercurrents in the comments section!! That is, summing up the conversations, “longitudinally!” See? We can speak Harvard guy ‘round here too!

    The research that tries to tabulate possible harm to oneself or another goes into aggregate data (in many cases unknowingly) for software development. It’s called predictive programming.

    Pre-crime software.

    This software is highly coveted, makes big bucks & returns for its “investors” & is sold to police departments, intelligence communities, & their respective Department of Justice cronies….


    You said, “Tools that are no better than coin flips aren’t really tools at all.”

    What this software bundling DOES NOT tabulate (because it makes no $$$$$$$$$$)

    Is that someone who is more likely to harm oneself or another, is also LESS LIKELY TO DO SO!!!!!!

    You said, “However, in a world where we’re always going to lose some people, we would do best to actually evaluate where the biggest losses are likely to fall, and precisely what happens to those who stick around.”

    The hardest battles. The most obstacles.

    The house of superlative HARDESTS & MOSTESTS are also less likely to do harm in this world!!!! The software cannot tabulate & never WILL be able to tabulate: free-will choice, human dignity, compassion, community, nor self-mastery.

    EVEN SICKER! If you have been flagged for “pre-crime,” enormous pressure is put on you to harm yourself or another to complete the closed confirmation bias loop.

    If you hurt yourself or another, then the software is ACCURATE, THE RETURN ON THE INVESTMENT IS SEALED! Because we cannot disappoint our investors. . .

    And one last word about “SCIENCE.”

    Harvard guy said:
    “science had produced no meaningful advances in suicide prediction.”

    Has anyone heard some of these choicers?

    “Science says.” “Science teaches us.” “Science doesn’t care what you believe.”


    Merry Solstice & Solar Eclipse, Sera!

    Thank you for summing up all of my frustrations, concerns, & rage that the bundled software COULD NOT and NEVER WILL be able to do.

  • @Sam Ruck

    I also think of buried trauma as someone threw a rubric cube on my lap in my developmental days

    & at some point where I would have, let’s just say, gotten up from a chair, walked into another room, & turned on a light to get something out of the refrigerator…I instead, metaphorically,

    had to solve the hopelessly scrambled cube EACH TIME before I

    got up from the chair (solved the puzzle)

    walked into another room (solved the puzzle)

    turned on the light (solved the puzzle)

    and gotten something out of the refrigerator (solved the puzzle)

    the more quickly & fluidly I have learned how to solve the puzzle each time over the years, the more efficiently the task gets done.

    This varies from person to person with buried trauma. In the end, it CAN, be an enhancement (my enemies are formidable) & I use it to VERBALLY & EMOTIONALLY protect myself & my loved ones

    (as I have been selected for “pre-crime,” as I’m sure you can imagine–the men & women who experimented on me are sure I have or will commit a crime BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE SO..and since they think they are superior to me in every way, then there is no way I could walk through life with more grace & aptitude THAN THEY HAVE!!!!!! )

    and my LOVED ONES HAVE BEEN ENHANCED FROM ME TOO! As, in many ways, they had to go through just as difficult a task to keep me alive in this life!

    But you are right. The loved one just gets mentioned as an afterthought, if at all..

    Hey, what about talking with Open Dialogue, you & madmother 13, & coming back to Steve with some ideas????

  • @Sam Plover

    Hey, Sam. I am collecting links, like this one, this footage, & trying to organize & file them, off-line.

    The AP wolf pack thing…

    that might be one way to feel like we are doing something, a little bit each day, it helps (me) with the rage.

    Even if I just copy ONE link, onto ONE file for this idea I have. Even on a bad day I can do that.

    Or make just make one person smile. If I can make one person smile: SCORE!!!!

    I am full of ideas at this point. One could say I am even, “full of it.”

    Any takers????????????????

  • @Sam Plover

    “The horrible truth to this IS, one cannot risk this. Every youth should see what can happen if you are in the wrong hands.”

    I once had this idea of AP wolf packs. We go onto other sites & post this kind of footage. But be ready to back it up with calm arguments (it’s going to be hard to not get truly pissed off) at the NAMI mommies.

    That is, to say, not to change NAMI’s position, and not to POST on NAMI sites… they are entrenched,

    to sway the lurkers on some of these Main Stream Media sites who do not know the issue, the history of Anti-Psychiatry, the eugenics roots of Psychiatry & the current eugenics programs of the Deep State.

    Get ahead of the Deep State, for once, & go after the “swing votes,” as it were.

  • @Sam Ruck

    “I know I could offer more to this movement to end the dehumanization that so many of you have experienced.”

    I know you can too. As an Anti Psychiatry activist, I have thought a lot about how our movement is going to keep people from 1) not only going into the MHS system, 2) but how to avoid being tracked, or flagged for “pre-crime.”

    One of the diagnosis I have been given is “DID,” & although I don’t go in for labels, (I just got books off the internet, watched a LOT of YouTube videos, & figured out how it works within myself–they said therapy is a MUST!!!–and I just laughed myself hysterical on THAT one!),

    the *most* important part of all of this is keeping yourself & anyone you love out of the system.

    Frank Blankenship once said that he thought DID came out of the mystery plays, or maybe later, Shakespeare. He said, some Shriek-iatrist or Shriek-ologist saw a play with a monologue in it, liked it, AND STARTED A WHOLE INDUSTRY OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE’S SUFFERING!

    The MHS really hates how this has taken off on YouTube–they cannot make any $ from people helping each other on the internet for free! Because they care about each other!


    I believe that some of the people I like to watch best on YouTube have fragments within their psyche to protect themselves from their therapists. AND THEY SHOULD! And they should also watch out for the Deep State actors that would like to flag them for “pre-crime,” track them & force them onto drugs or therapy.

    Shriek-iatrists hate the DID diagnosis because there is no drug development. But you already know all of that.

    The place where family members, survivors, & AP activists intersect is the need to find underground avenues to protect each other from getting flagged for “Pre-crime.” It’s a daunting challenge!

    AP activists get accused of being purists (not by you), but hammering out the legalistic implications of what AP is and IS NOT, is critical, because we have to choke off the funding streams for these eugenics programs.

    Sam, we have a lot to learn from you. Because we love our survivor family. And we are going to have to find ways to help each other just like you help your wife. Thank you for posting on here! I appreciate you being here.

    This is currently what I am trying to spread awareness about. It will affect everyone on this site. 16 mins. by Whistleblower Robert Duncan. Voice of God Technology.

  • @Steve McCrea:

    “I love this – when we use proper mathematical analysis, the findings are “no longer valid.” Meaning they were NEVER VALID in the first place! Isn’t the real conclusion, “The findings were fraudulent, as the researchers used inappropriate methods to draw the conclusion they wanted to find?” Why not call a spade a spade?”

    Robert Whittaker used the term “cherry picking” in “Psychiatry Under the Influence.” And it WAS, but in a larger framework, it was FRAUD. Softening the blow for those of ill-intent…well, they are not going to notice or care about his careful language. And the general public needs to hear it shouted from the rooftops: THIS IS FRAUD.

    If you can get someone to take the time to read the book at all!

    I once thought of this dystopia (for writers & publishers) that would also be a UTOPIA, sort of (for lovers of books).

    In a post-publication world, people would be paid to *read* books (NOT TO WRITE REVIEWS, JUST READ THEM!) They would get paid per book & have to take comprehension tests. But they would just get tiny amounts to read them & the writers would not get any $ at all & the publishers just a little bit more.

    This would be to get the publishers’ works in the collective unconscious so they could just cover cost for printing or online marketing & distribution…working the algorithms in cyberspace, etc.

    It would be *sort of* a utopia for the book readers, ‘cept it would be more like War Craft or gaming where the players have to play 20 hours a day just to make enough $ to survive, keep the lights on & the fridge, sort of, stocked..

    .I have even heard of people taking constipating drugs (indie film underground factoid here) so they do not have to take the time to #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate to say this aloud, cause every time I come up with a new dystopia, IT HAPPENS!! It’s Old Skool MK Ultra, actually…

    But you could do a serious comedy skit about the taking of constipating drugs to get through the critiques of Big Pharma & the Guilds……….

    Hardy har har har………..I am not a fan of scatological humor in general,

    but I will make an exception for Big Pharm & Psychiatry!

    Ah, I started the next comic riff, INDEED!

  • “The general public & families do not get it and/or DO NOT CARE to hear it.”

    ‘Cepting the VERY BRAVE family members that are here. Sam Ruck & madmother13 & others I
    have not had the privilege of meeting yet.

    If you are feeling OTHERED here, I CARE ABOUT THAT A LOT! I wish I had had family like you guys,
    and I won’t hesitate to say it over & over again.

  • @Sam

    I watched it. Thank you for posting. Notice the comments underneath that call for involuntary commitment?
    As if this couldn’t have happened in a State Psychiatric facility. The general public & families do not get it and/or DO NOT CARE to hear it.

    Her death is a tragedy. I don’t think that breaking in to a facility is the answer to get this kind of footage for a journalistic expose. The footage is already out there. Just because we can document it in the state hospital vs. a prison? IDK. “Mentally Ill” is the same as serial killer to a large group of the general public. Even if we did get the footage…

  • @boans

    “I get it that you guys find my truth hard to believe. But there are people within the system who think they have a God given right to kill anyone with a valid complaint, and conceal that as medicine. Before you slander me with ‘nutjob’, you might just want to check what i’m saying.”

    I believe you. I MORE than believe you. I know this is happening to you & MORE. In the TI community, New Zealand & Australia have it worse than the other 5 eyes countries–HANDS DOWN! & we’ve got footage of that.

    We think it’s because of the isolation of the two regions & their respective governments can get away with (EVEN) more than in the US. Which is a frightening thought.

    This will give you an idea of what we are up against IN ADDITION to everything you & I are posting on here. 16 minutes: The Voice of God Technology

  • To the AP Activists: this video is a MUST WATCH!

    I picked a shortie this time. 16 minutas.

    It explains the eugenics program *which FRAMES* psychiatry eugenics. The outer layer, as it were.

    The Targeted Individual (technological trafficking) program was put into effect by the FBI, as the FBI was afraid it was going to become obsolete after 9/11. Indeed, the police force in general can do everything the FBI can do now, with the surveillance equipment they can purchase or just find a “back door” into the NSA metadata collection.

    So the FBI came up with the TI Program in order to guard turf. To not become obsolete.

    With predictive programming & pre-crime analysis (which gets coopted from the researchers on this site & others, unawares), the pre-crime data goes into the targeting. Although there is no proof that “mental illness” is a predictor for violent crime, there are two other factors besides substance abuse that go into this pre-crime analysis: being a victim of a crime oneself AND NOT BEING THERAPIZED.


    (in other words, if you are the* victim* of a crime, YOU ARE SELECTED FOR PRE-CRIME) I KID YOU NOT!

    This is why the reform narrative gets coupled with eugenics, unwittingly or no.

    This short 16 minute video will explain how a LOT of this works. I will write a much more detailed post later, during the summer.

    Here is the breakdown: the Targeted Individual Program from the FBI, neuro-monitoring from the CIA & NSA, misappropriated funds for space research is the NSA.


    From whistleblower Robert Duncan (MIT, Harvard) who worked on the Voice of God Technology:

  • @Rosalee D

    Thanks for watching the Rai Jo video all the way through to the end! I am tracking # of views, on that one & on the Ella Free/John Hall interview.

    (for other AP activists. watching this video is a must. you will have to type in the YouTube search field: Rai Jo “Technological Trafficking & Slavery 21st Century” as the link has been disconnected)

    Of course, I don’t have endless time, staff, $, resources & connections to outpace my abusers, and they run ahead of me, watch the same such videos, & *sometimes* will disconnect the video links on here. A Deep State cyber-attack, attacking MIA.

    It’s been going on for a long time on MIA. The forum section was destroyed so AP (and even reform) activists cannot organize. & why oldhead is running ragged all over the place. He spent 5 years doing this while I had to find out what the hell was going on. I didn’t even know I was an MK Ultra or T.I.

    This next video is blessedly brief. The TI program runs out of the FBI, the NSA surveillance neuromonitoring runs out of the CIA & the NSA & the misappropriated space research money is funneled through the NSA. That’s the specific breakdown.

    16 minutes to explain how A LOT of this works, by Robert Duncan of MIT & Harvard. (Also a MUST for all AP activists…that’s why I found a shortie)

    Search domain

  • @oldhead:

    boans & I are talking about this post when he was having health problems:

    “I’m hoping my partner is released from hospital really soon. They have managed to stop the bleeding. I don’t want the cat chewing bits off me if I end up dead in here for days lol. I’ve gven it heaps of kibbles but it has this strange look on its face, like it’s sizing up my leg for a nibble.”

    You probably don’t remember because you posted that long message to help boans out. Info you got from your friend who had similar issues. oldhead, you are a sweetie! I know you are busy, & that’s why I was so impressed you took out so much time to help boans.

    Is your cat having health problems? : (

  • @Rosalee D

    “It is heavy duty stuff, but nothing surprises me anymore.”

    My childhood friend who works in D.C. at Univision says this to me all the time. The station has a view of the White House, the only major news network that has an *actual* view of the White House. During the inauguration/s he has to stay at the station for days at a time, since the building is barricaded–no one can get in or out– & snipers are posted on all building tops.

    And then there was the protests & riots & the barricade. He was right there.

    He always says he wishes he could go back to a time when
    things shocked him. I don’t. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like for the rest of people that did not heed our warnings?

    Hope you are feeling better too!!!!

  • @oldhead

    I copied the above message twice & cannot delete it (the empty box, I mean)

    So I have to put something else in here. I did go back over every message in the article from four years ago. I remember Richard had a post that took him three hours!

    It was freakin’ terrifying to come on this site not knowing the Anti-Psychiatry/Reform debate when I first got here. I will never forget it.

    So, since I have to put something else in “the box”: the comment section sometimes seems like Snow Piercer cars ’round here.

    “One Tail!” “One Tail!” “One Tail!”

  • @oldhead
    “FYI I don’t want anyone to misconstrue me as denying that white privilege is real, my concerns are more what people do with that understanding, and how it should be used as a component in creating change.”

    You are intellectually airtight. It’s not a compliment (well, O.K., it is); it’s a statement of fact.

    You once said when people aren’t clear, they haven’t thought something through. I will always remember that. When composing draft after draft after draft of a piece of writing, that should seem obvious. But it isn’t somehow.

  • amnesia:

    I am planning a break from MIA & still plan on it, but I caught both this post & Rosalee’s recent post on the George Floyd blog & I cannot leave until I say something about both of them.

    O.O. said sorry is an insult after all you’ve been through.

    oldhead said, “wow. no words.”

    `cause all of us on here know that we have to say something, even though there is nothing to say….

    “There seems to be no purpose in life–other than revenge.”

    That’s how I feel too. Channeled rage (even though the criminals that stalk me think I am going to harm myself or others–they are wrong) is how I streamline my story.

    I wish we could set up a memorial for your husband on this site. I don’t know what that would look like. I know it’s not enough. NOTHING is enough & it never will be.


    How are you doing today????

  • WOW!!!

    the link didn’t go through.

    Your taxpayer $ at work.

    This is my tech handler making it increasingly difficult for us (AS IF IT’S NOT ALREADY CLOSE TO IMPOSSIBLE) to trade information. That’s how it works.


    That’s how it works.

    As I explained before: all four of my handlers post on this site & commit cyber-sabotage on this site. IT HAS GOT TO STOP!

    ..there could also be a dubious loophole in YouTube posting

    and by dubious, I mean criminally complicit

    standards in blocking this vital information from getting out…

    in addition, if you post something a video from a browser that doesn’t allow censorship, it will not load on MIA–this turned out to be a different post than I intended)

    (browsers that do not allow censorship are the only ones where the critical information we need to get out can be found, easily, without shadow-banning…YouTube uses the argument that the offensive hate speech videos should be shadow-banned, de-platformed, de-monitized IN ORDER TO THROW THE BABY OUT OF THE BATHWATER…


    That’s how it works.

    I tried again, & it didn’t load.

    Let me try something else. ANYTHING ELSE, at this point.

    I would have MUCH preferred to have Rai on here, as it fits in EXACTLY with the theme of this blog. She talks about black slavery, SPECIFICALLY, & she is African/Caribbean.

    Search domain

  • @Rosalee D
    “It can get intimidating in the comments section and after my psych ordeal (cancer docs colluding with a psychiatrist to get 4 psych labels put onto my electronic records permanently so they could tyrannically force UNEEDED cancer treatments on me) my tolerance for stress/conflict is lower these days.”

    THIS IS AWFUL!!!! I am so, so sorry!

    It is true. We are expected (or expect of ourselves) to continue to fight & organize while we are tired, battered, abused, gang-stalked, harassed, exhausted, blasted with DEWS, distracted, targeted, technologically trafficked

    (YES, you are being technologically trafficked, but I am sure you have already figured that out–WHAT THESE CRIMINALS ARE DOING TO YOU IS AN ATROCITY!!!)

    : (

    I cannot just glide by this post. What is happening to you is a CRIME!

    How are doing right now? In the present moment? If that doesn’t seem too invasive?

    I am still trying to balance my warrior side/with my nurturing side…I’ve got a long way to go, I know.

    : )

    I will post Rai Jo’s video on technological trafficking on here again. Rai is a Caribbean/African woman in the TI community & one she is one of my heroes. Rai says that black slavery of the last 400 years is the template for 21 c. technological trafficking.

    The video is long, but it will change your life. (I seriously need to find shorter videos & I will do that, soon as I take the “break” I keep promising myself, still, I could not let this post slide by me…)

    Once you click onto the link, you will have to click once, horizontally & to the right, on the top row, UPLOADS column.




    The title of the video is: “Technological Trafficking & Slavery 21st Century”

    Hope you are feeling better today… : (

  • @Morgan
    Thanks for your post!
    Do you talk to your family about this anymore, or
    is it too painful/not worth it at this point? Are
    any of your friends helpful, or is it easier to not
    bring it up with them too? It’s a weird & lonely bind (for
    me). Is that how it feels to you?

    Sorry for the endless
    questions. : ) It’s never easy to know what to say
    to someone in pain, or if it’s best to not say anything.

    I always stick my neck out in case someone wants to talk, so…
    does writing about this help?

  • Hey Steve!

    I am hoping this will be my last series of posts on here for a short time. Going to take a rest for a month before I move sideways or back into the TI community–my handlers are doing a lot of damage with psychiatry disinfo. in that community.

    And then, it’s back onto here. I have some specific topics I want to cover. But, firstly, I need a break (and I won’t make it five years this time, PROMISE!)

    From my last post on another page about the Targeted Individual Program. (or technological trafficking, as Rai Jo correctly pointed out)

    “When I am not being poisoned, gang-stalked, hit with DEW’s (they think so little of my intellect, yet they are trying to form a brain tumor with the neuro-weapons), harassed, insulted, shocked, (all my friends, but one, and my biological family have turned against me using the “mental illness” smear), (my neighbors do psyops on me, have listening devices pointed at my house, follow me in the neighborhood, have trained their dogs to attack me), and when I am not being run off the road……

    On the next post, I will post my hard evidence on here. The listening devices pointed DIRECTLY AT THE WINDOWS OF MY HOUSE, and other abuses.”

    As Promised, I will post the pictures I have below. I’m not sure if the link is going to work, but if NOT, I will find another way…

    *The tech listening devices are state-of-the-art listening devices circa 1988 (or sooner), meaning they are *not* state of the art. They have gone down in price to about $300 so that my neighbors can afford it—they have three (at least). What you can’t see in the picture, but what I could see with the naked eye, was the attached cylinder to the end of the beam…it would have made for better evidence, but I am new at collecting evidence.

    (when you speak in your house, the sound vibrations hit the window & are decoded on the other side of the window by the laser, sound vibrations into audible & understandable language translated on the other side, don’t ask me to explain the physics of it)

    I believe there may be (possibly) three other neighbors doing this to my house…I am not sure.

    *The directed energy weapon post isn’t a good picture, and my neighbors are more careful that I do not get better pictures now that I have hard evidence. They leased a screen sized one off of the dark web, aided by one of my handlers (who posts on MIA, btw, all four of my handlers post on MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I will just let that sink in for a minute…

    I cannot even imagine what damage a screen-sized weapon is doing to me & my husband. It is not up right now, but my neighbors are going to make me pay for THIS post.


    *The picture of the EMF, microwave damage, is hard evidence proof that a TI staying with me got from an app. on his smart phone.

    He was being hit so hard in the chest, he couldn’t walk & laid on the floor for hours, this went on for days & days & days. He tested it on me & I WAS RECEIVING EVEN MORE EMF DAMAGE than he was!!!

    I have to meditate for 2 hours a day to block it & manage the pain.

    *And finally, the message “Sold AT” on the license plate pulled up in the OTHER neighbor’s driveway means I have been “Sold” to another handler in cyberspace. As a technologically trafficked victim.

    This is a trafficking program…if you remember the articles on psychiatric drugs embedded with sensor chips, well then you can imagine the amount of money tech companies make off of selling us to tech companies, military subcontractors, Big Pharma, medical guilds & hospitals, organ harvesting & human trafficking criminal cartels.

    It is a trafficking program. And the money these criminals make off of us in the multi-multi-billions of dollars, if not more. Not just for psychiatry, but also cancer “research,” autism “research,” Alzheimer’s “research.”

    Not to develop cures, but to make new drugs for Big Pharma.

    O.K., I can’t get it to load. I will try again, offline, first.


    And once you are a targeted, or technologically trafficked individual. This short & Excellent 5 minute video will explain how we are tracked, gang-stalked, harassed & subject to Street Theater (an East German Stasi technique)

    within the existing AI/tech infrastructure:

    (many on this site may be included in this technologically trafficked program, in fact, I would be surprised if it were otherwise. I am now looking for shorter videos since it is very difficult to connect with my fellow AP survivor/activists)

  • @ Sera:

    “I’m glad this is leading to another important conversation, though also embarrassed that I wrote “right” instead of “write” so I just need to name that before my self-critical self explodes. :p”

    I’M THE ONE THAT SHOULD BE APOLOGIZING!!! You are the one running around & trying to answer all of these questions with two kids in tow. The ONLY writer here that responds to EVERYONE!!! (not dissing anyone else, just sayin’)

    I re-copied that part without thinking cause I have been in a freakin’ meltdown here!!! I am so, so sorry…

    What’s going on in the TI community has been hard to handle!!!!!!
    (Steve helped me out, THANK GOD!)


  • To Richard D. Lewis & Sera:

    Richard D. Lewis said:
    “I see you as a gifted and very consequential writer on the internet, around the issue of psychiatric oppression and other important political struggles.”

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! We do appreciate you, Sera!

    Without the forum pages (I do remember the viral attack), it is impossible for those of us to write under pseudonyms and effectively carry on threads of important conversations–much less follow each other’s links or organize.

    Cite hopping with references in reel time.

    And MIA MUST survive so the general public can have access to the compendium of articles on toxic psychiatry.

    I just want to say it again. We do appreciate you!

  • Sera & O.O.

    “I do worry about the name piece you mentioned (re: oldhead). I worry – on a site that intentionally includes so many people who’ve been harmed by systems – that there isn’t more room for pseudonyms. It necessitates a certain level of privilege to right under one’s own full name.”


  • As a clarification, I said:

    “All four of my handlers have collectively given me the following diagnoses: psychopath, malignant narcissist, autism, bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, & schizoaffective disorder.

    They have carved up my life, body, & brain as a long-distance betting game in which the winner takes all. Gets to stay out of prison, keep their job & gets rewarded. And they have been doing this to me my entire life.”

    Meaning my four handlers have debated amongst themselves which diagnosis I have. They are trying to negotiate with me to STAY IN THE COUNTRY & get therapy for whichever pet diagnosis each one has. The winner takes all & most importantly: DOESN’T GO TO JAIL.

    I am not taking the offer.

    The disclosures about technological trafficking are set to be released WHEN I LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

    When I am not being poisoned, gang-stalked, hit with DEW’s (they think so little of my intellect, yet they are trying to form a brain tumor with the neuro-weapons), harassed, insulted, shocked, (all my friends, but one, and my biological family have turned against me using the “mental illness” smear), (my neighbors do psyops on me, have listening devices pointed at my house, follow me in the neighborhood, have trained their dogs to attack me), and when I am not being run off the road……

    maybe I will get back to packing….

    I took time off to warn fellow survivors…I believe it was time well-spent.

    On the next post, I will post my hard evidence on here. The listening devices pointed DIRECTLY AT THE WINDOWS OF MY HOUSE, and other abuses.

    Until then:

    Here is the beautiful & brilliant Rai Jo to explain Technological Trafficking, or the Targeted Individual Program:

  • @Marcello Maviglia



    (and yes, I know it is the jargon….)

    I am the consummate diplomat, so firstly 1) I appreciate you addressing some of the Anti Psychiatry commenters on this page, 2) I appreciate that your co-administrator translated Peter Breggin’s book (I KNOW how much work that is), & Peter Breggin *single-handedly* put a stop to the *first wave* of lobotomies, which you & everyone else on this site already knows and 3) I appreciate that you look for non-neurotoxin approaches *first,*

    although I might add that thyroid disorders, as well as blood sugar imbalance & gut bacterial balance CANNOT be distinguished between “Pscyco-social” factors.

    The problem is that those who went to medical school DO NOT respect the life experience & accumulated knowledge of those with lived experience.

    Btw, my husband was a Rhodes scholarship finalist & says I am harder to figure out than Yale Graduate school. I do have a B.A., but I am also an alma-mater of the street, Seattle, Portland, & San Francisco (on the street in 1986 when the Green River killer was doing his utmost to reduce the female population of the first two cities)….


    I am hoping you will become a dissident psychiatrist in the tradition of Seth Farber…but, UNTIL THEN, you cannot hope to address societal injustice without DISTINGUISHING your SUBCONSCIOUS DRIVE for the preservation of your job & social standing.

    Steve came to this conclusion & left the MHS for this reason…

    (sorry, Steve, in trying to speak for you here–I know you left for a lot of reasons, but being able to disconnect the SUBCONSCIOUS need for your bread-&-butter survival lets you moderate on this site with the much needed emotional & intellectual beveling…)

    All four of my handlers have collectively given me the following diagnoses: psychopath, malignant narcissist, autism, bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, & schizoaffective disorder.

    I am *not* talking about you now…I am talking about the rogue criminal element *within* governments, including yours, that want to give me a diagnosis IN ORDER TO ESCAPE GOING TO JAIL….

    They have carved up my life, body, & brain as a long-distance betting game in which the winner takes all. Gets to stay out of prison, keep their job & gets rewarded. And they have been doing this to me my entire life.


    Again, I am *not* talking about you.

    But these evil men & women have been directly & indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent lives, in the US and abroad…


    MK Ultra & Targeted Individual activism IS connected to Anti-Psychiatry activism because the players within the RECOVERY/REFORM are being co-opted…those with the most integrity are unaware of this…and those who DO NOT have integrity are going along willingly to save their own skins. Pathetic & sad.

    I do believe you are among the former….I believe you are very well-intentioned…and it is going to take a lot for you to catch up with what is REALLY going on behind the scenes…

    And since I am handing this essay out like Halloween candy, & in the spirit of co-morbidity…. I will post the link to the Seth Farber essay AGAIN…

    since it seems to be forever-Halloween around here

  • @Rosalee D

    Again, sorry for handing this out like halloween candy.

    “Trick or Treat!” But here is the Seth Farber essay at the bottom of this post, for those who haven’t seen it yet, or read it….yet.

    MIA has the right to use any software it wants. But as survivors, we need to be aware of what we are up against while we try to organize off-site.

    They have the right to use it. And we have the right to get our own site. I’m sure the reformists will be glad to see us go (!)

    Hardy har har har….

    But I hope MIA finds a way to hang on, since it is training ground for the next Seth Farber, the next Peter Breggin, the next Thomas Szasz (RIP), the next Bonnie Barstow (RIP), & the next Loren Mosher (RIP)…

    …but survivors don’t have time to debate, get advanced degrees, counter useless research…we have to set up underground Soteria-like escape hatches….

    ….still MIA is a great training ground for dissident professionals of all stripes….I hope it manages to hang on, but it will be tough….

    Here is the Seth Farber essay AGAIN. Professionals can argue with THE GREAT Seth Farber…Seth, where are you? WE NEED YOU!

  • @Rosalee D
    “Yes, I totally agree.
    Psychiatry has nothing to offer but defamatory labels, toxic drugs and ECT, and should be dismantled.”
    “But people do wind up in distress and there needs to be something else in place to help.”
    “to set up a new type of system similar to Soteria House that would provide compassion, understanding and various supports that would be a win-win.”

    I’ve thought about this a lot too. I keep the neurotoxins in my purse at all times, since as a TI, there have been break-ins in my house. I am concerned that my handlers, and/or the perps, will steal the drugs to force me back into psychiatry. They have tried it before.

    Break-ins are standard for *all* TIs, along with poisoning your food & water supply. Again, standard. I’m not applying for the Gold Medal in the suffering olympics for the TI community.

    I don’t use the pills. But I also do not want to have to go to any doctor to *get anything.* So, I keep my prescription holistic bio-identical hormones with me at all times too. Even getting a simple blood test could be a disaster for a TI.

    Anti-psychiatry is a David & Goliath fight. Like everything else, we have to figure out how to do all of it, with no help, with the constant distractions of endless debate & useless research (there is AI software on THIS SITE in order to do that, distract us, YES),

    and we’re also going to have to figure out how to help people who are going through whatever-we-used-to-call-“psychoses.”

    We have to do it all, and we can’t rely on Shriekology. Since whatever-we-used-to-call-“psychoses is really just an overloading of the nervous system in this extreme psyops zoo we all live in.

    I DO KNOW, that SLEEP gives the nervous system a break. It’s certain that other things can work besides the tranquilizers, neurotoxins. Especially if the person feels safe enough to sleep before they go for two or three days trying to outrun the eugenicists in our midst…

    This is a problem. One I have thought about for a long time. I know we can’t depend on the Deep State. I don’t really know what we can do….

    Although there are some *survivors* who are working to help people get their rights back & don’t have time to debate the legalist implications of Anti-Psychiatry, (or at least not yet), so maybe that’s the way to go? Something like
    Soteria, underground. …

    That’s probably what’s being discussed, & we are up against AI “selectors” at the same time. The Deep State’s goal to kill us off before we can effectively organize. It’s that bad.

  • @Sylvain

    I was once friends with a chess master & his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area. He told fascinating stories about the bizarre chess subculture, but my favorite story of his was about Judit Polgár. At tournaments, she would prop up a teddy bear on the chess board when she played against a grown man! I think she was about 5 when she did this (?)

    “Pscye Your Mind!” It freaked the men out…way beyond a poker face….

    My friend even played chess on his wedding day with a good friend; he sat above the reception on a balcony, his in-laws shaking their heads & rolling their eyes.

    Anyway, the chess subculture is a truly strange subculture. Sorry to be off topic, but I sense another Judit Polgár fan???

  • @Sam Plover & O.O.

    I am tired THREE! Great to have met you guys on here.

    And O.O. you are the next Jack Kerouac. And I will be here
    to remind you of that every step of the way!!!

    (and Sam I haven’t gotten to know you yet, but

    “Do they mean a phone call to bring a pie? Or a “wellness check”?”

    the next Samuel Johnson, perchance??? Better known as DR. JOHNSON, the all-time greatest critic in English Lit. . .Dr. Johnson, I presume?

    he had a wicked, albeit dry, sense of humor….

    and I also like the Samuel to Samuel simpatico…

    I’ll take that phone call & pie….better yet, I would like to stay ahead of having to do such, or, for that matter, getting a “wellness check”…..)


    Keep working on your book…while you work on it & edit it, imagine yourself in your cabin in the woods…the psychiatrists won’t be able to find you….they have dumbed themselves into a corner & can no longer use a compass….literally AND metaphorically…

  • Firstly: my apologies to anyone in referencing the U.S. riots since I am not following the story.

    (although I plan to change that)

    There is no way I got it right.

    So, sorry in advance, as I am composing this in WORD & haven’t looked on the comments section yet.

    My only job in coming back to MIA is to advance the Targeted Individual Meta-Narrative, and protect psych survivors while doing it, and then it’s BLOOP (!), back down the rabbit hole for me.

    “Mustn’t be Late!” “Mustn’t be Late!”

    @I. e. cox


    “My group drafted a piece of legislation making delivering ECT a criminal offense. But when California got locked down, we could not realistically follow through on it. We will try again.”

    I have now read all of your comments on this site, although not in context to the blogs and articles where you posted, and you certainly have a lot to offer this site!

    Thanks for drafting legislation making ECT a criminal offense! How much has been opened back up where you are living? Are you able to move this legislation through now?

    I think that you, Lauren, Leah, Sera (and others) are probably (definitely!) sometimes too exhausted to debate semantics on this site, and we need to be doing everything we can to rescue prisoners in the MHS.


    And I also hope for the preservation of MIA, as MIA is training ground for the next Bonnie Burstow (RIP), the next Seth Farber, the next Thomas Szasz (RIP), and the next Peter Breggin, and others.

    It is also the only meaningful place that the Anti-Psychiatry debate can move forward in a site’s comment section, as far as I know. I have heard a lot of discussions about Anti-Psychiatry activists getting our own site, but MIA will always be a great training ground for dissident professionals of all stripes

    (they can argue with each other while survivors continue to outrun cocktail carts of neurotoxins & organize off-line underground safe harbors for each other)

    Treatment Advocacy Center, as well as any of the other proponents of involuntary commitment, should not have ANY excuse to round up ANYONE into involuntary commitment, in regards to “pre-crime.”

    That is why I referenced the story.

    IOT proponents can use the “pre-crime” argument to say those with a diagnosis are more likely to do anything from a violent crime, to not knowing whether or not to wear a mask, to not have the sense to make a phone call, to not have the RIGHT to debate alternative media coverage IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY AT ALL.

    It’s as if, soon as you say, “9/11,” neighbors give you the stink eye, helicopters swoop down on you, and the police are crashing into your door . . . tap-knee-jerk…..9/11-haldol….

    And also, the way it’s phrased, need a tutorial on how to wash their hands.

    I disagree.

    (and I know you do too, I read your posts–all of them, you are an electrical engineer with knowledge of Islamic culture and your parents are social workers : )

    But we have to be careful giving them ANY technological loopholes, as these two bullet points are very legalistic. And vague on purpose.

    So I will leave you with that. Can’t jump back down the rabbit hole just yet, but I am eagerly counting the months, and days….

    “Mustn’t be Late!” “Mustn’t be Late!”

    (I am going to post a link that I was going to copy right in this spot in another open comment box. I am getting flagged as “spam” since I compose in word & copy into here–it’s only been a problem today!–so it’s going to have to be in another post, I don’t want to risk it!)

  • @oldhead and Steve:

    I have a confession. Over the years, I have been known to scroll down in the comments section to see what you both had to say on a controversial subject. This, for the sake of time-management, as I have had to keep up with what is going on in cyberspace and other platforms.

    And there are other great minds on here too, but I remember you two both very clearly, and oldhead, we worked together. . . I always found you to be tough (and by that I mean you have high standards–you take no verbal prisoners on the Anti-Psychiatry debate because we are all pressed for time to release OUR prisoners),

    but you are also fair, and kind….

    In the world of “conspiracy theory,” and I am now going to substitute the phrase alternative media, conjecture is oftentimes the only avenue to debate a controversial topic. The journalists I gravitate towards have transcended the Left/Right paradigm and will alert their subscribers when they are presenting facts/versus conjecture.

    Someone has to die to get us the facts.

    At best, they may be rotting in prison like Julian Assange or Chelsea Manning (Chelsea was thrown back in jail as she refused to testify against Julian Assange in a Grand Jury), and Ed Snowden is in exile in Russia.

    I keep my childhood friend current on what is going on & sometimes he will be skeptical of some claim or another, maybe expecting me to be defensive, but no (!), instead I say, “skepticism is healthy.” In the metaphysical community, we use the word “discernment.” I think that’s a better word, but let’s not get into that now.

    And then I broke it down for him because I have been doing this for a VERY long time while I try and outrun my detractors, who trail after me with a cocktail of neurotoxins . . .

    The breakdown. Or how to approach a controversial alt. media topic:
    (and the two of you know this already, but I think you will enjoy my breakdown & may be able to add some insights to this list. I was absolutely impressed with your arguments that Donald Trump should not be diagnosed because NO ONE should be diagnosed, and if you like him, or if you don’t like him, then VOTE for him. Or DON’T)

    Go into any claim with the dialectic: it’s either true/or it isn’t true.


    If the claim is true (or partially true), then when further claims can you make from it?

    If the claim is untrue, then what further claims can you make from THAT?

    From there you can cast two sets of interpolations and extrapolations branching out in either direction.

    For fun, you can even take it further. If it’s not true/or if it’s partially true…who has to gain from lying or telling a partial truth???

    (at this point I will add that the Intelligence Communities, or Alphabet Agencies will and DO insert psyops or false leads into the meta-narrative in order to obfuscate, discredit, or mislead both the journalist & the story)

    If it IS true (I am talking about whistleblower disclosures in ALL fields, including research done by journalists on MIA), how will the Deep State fight back, and on which front/s?
    (Yes, I use the term Deep State as much as I am MORE than comfortable with the term Anti-Psychiatry)



    It can be a lot worse than embarrassing…

    This is fun (for me, NERD!), but WHO HAS TIME???? Well, that is just the point isn’t it? And why one commenter on here alerted everyone else that Donald Trump is just a distraction. Exactly. And Trump is not the only distraction, because if you mention him even in the context of a distraction, the conversation immediately goes to TRUMP…

    and away from the conversation…a straw man argument? A fallacy of relevance?

    Help me out Steve!!!!

    and hope you are both doing well.

  • @I e Cox

    Thank you so much for responding!

    “The problem with all this is that there is, technically, some credibility to what they are saying the situation is (the first bullet point). However, at this time “treatment” is just a special form of being locked up or having your neck crushed until you stop breathing. The people in meetings are being “logical.” The people on the ground are being reactive. Unthinking reaction doesn’t save lives; it kills people, or at least their souls.”

    I completely agree. And I KNOW for a FACT that you know this story better than I do since I do not follow MSM. My husband is my clipping service & filled me in on the tragic details. There is another problem as well. Again, I do not know the details of this story as well as you, but wasn’t the man using a counterfeit $20??? And since he has been murdered, we don’t even know if HE knew that the bill was counterfeit.

    So he may have been STARVING.

    And I highly doubt those in “meetings” are starving now. That gives a new definition to what is “reactive?” Is it O.K. to be reactive if you are starving? Again, this completely blows my argument if he were buying cigs. or alchohol. And in any case, we both agree that nothing justifies the reaction of the police. Murder.

    “On “conspiracy theory”: This phrase has been around for over 100 years, but went in to much heaver use (per Google’s N-Gram Viewer) during the 1960s, particularly as it was applied to people who questioned the findings of the Warren Report on who shot JFK. I was nine years old when that happened”

    YES!! This is the time period the alternative journalists I most respect cite that the term became perjorative. I said that the intelligence communities invented the term, or at least put a perjorative spin on it. “Intelligence communities” or the alphabet agencies…leave it to me to have my mind in the gutter…

    As a side note, (and you probabaly have a LOT to add to this as well), the Alphabet Agencies like to add psyops, or false topics, into the meta-narrative in order to misdirect, discredit, & obfuscate the argument. They believe they are (Oh) so important and (OH) so necessary and (Oh) exciting…as per James Bond exciting…

    Again! Thanks so much for your comments!

  • I also think that the subconscious drive to preserve their job & expect the rest of us to have that as our top priority is a problem. A BIG one. I have read books on dissociation, because if you have buried trauma, the fact that that is going to cause a problem is common sense.

    But in the books I did read, they stated than seeing a therapist was *mandatory.*. Oops, no it is not. I can see right through that.

  • @boans

    “I’m hoping my partner is released from hospital really soon. They have managed to stop the bleeding. I don’t want the cat chewing bits off me if I end up dead in here for days lol. I’ve gven it heaps of kibbles but it has this strange look on its face, like it’s sizing up my leg for a nibble.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I may be a Lightworker, but I’ve got a WICKED sense of humor. I also drop the ‘F’ bomb on many an occasion & watch my fellow Lightworker’s lips twist in a lemony disapproval, well not all of them, some of them are as tough as me.

    Sometimes the F word is what’s needed to do the trick. ‘Specially when you say it real loud & forceful like, so the consonal K’ goes up the F’s (gasp!)


    oh yeah, Hannibal Lector was a psychiatrist….”he was a garden variety Manic-Depressive…his therapy was going nowhere….”

    Hey, Hannibal Lector was at least genuine!

    Kitty, NO, don’t DO IT!

    (and yes, you and your partner are in my prayers starting when I read about your health problems…and just so I leave this on a funny note. I am CONVINCED that Prime Creator has a wicked sense of humor & speaks through the comedians, like Robin Williams. Robin Williams could do a mean skit on Hannibal Lector Kitty!)

  • Thanks for scouting out sites of Slippery Scientism, Legislative Lechery & Slimy Psychiatry.

    (not the lawyer’s lawsuit on ECT, but legislative lechery of the following on TACs website)

    By the way, when the lawyer produced evidence that ECT is harmful, because there is plenty, what did his detractors say to THAT???

    I found this on The Treatment Advocacy Website (TAC). First hold your nose & flush!

    This is in relation to COVID- 19 & survivors. You are not going believe the obfuscation & circular thinking in THIS ONE! Well, actually you probably won’t be too surprised….

    I pulled out two bullet points that disturbed me. Especially the second one, which I put in caps. I do not have the hactivism skills to have put the underlines in this post though…smiles, as you probably won’t be able to see my crude emoticon wink with ‘da underlines….Shazam!

    “Treatment Advocacy Center
    Behavioral Healthcare Recommendations During COVID

    • For some individuals with severe mental illness, The COVID-19 pandemic may exacerbate symptoms such as paranoia or persecutory delusions about government control. The symptoms of severe mental illness may also impact some individuals’ ability to act appropriately in the current climate – for example, auditory hallucinations that lead some to avoid communicating by telephone, or disorganized thoughts that prevent some from following public directives on personal hygiene or social distancing.


    This chilled me to the core. Both of them.

    I have read all three of Leah Harris’ articles now relating to COVID -19 & involuntary commitment, and I know that the second bullet statement from the TAC website is referring to whether or not to force commit someone in light of the pandemic, and the danger it would put the prisoner (patient) in,

    but it could also be interpreted as locking people up who are “too intellectually impaired” to know how to wash their hands, wear masks, or to dare contemplate the wild notion of government malfeasance or corruption in any way. On the topic of the coronavirus, or any other topic.

    Conspiracy Theory.

    (And I KNOW you already know this, but “conspiracy theory” is a pejorative phrase coined by the intelligence communities–or at least to give it a pejorative spin—in order to disregard arguments they do not like & close the conversation. A conversation which is not allowed by survivors.)

    I think bullet statement number 2 was left purposely vague for rounding people up in future outbreaks. As someone with a diagnosis would be “a danger to self and others,” due to not taking common sense precautions against the virus. Or not being able to decide for themselves what common sense precautions even are. The ‘A’ word. I’m not using it here.

    (in other words, we are too “intellectually disabled” to follow neither the scientific discussions, nor the scientism discussions, nor the pseudo-science discussions about whether or not to wear a mask. Oh, and we need a tutorial on how to wash our hands! Fred Abbe would have a lot to say on this.)


  • Rosalee D:

    That’s a good idea. Have someone go with Boans to the doctor.
    I’m not thinking very clearly now….how could this work?

    (I’m an optimist. I just can’t think…)

    I mean someone to help protect him legally. His partner is also in the hospital. …hmmm…I’m always in this situation myself. I’m not sure why I can’t do better for Boans right now…

  • Sera:

    I am posting this onto your comment since you worked on this.

    Last night, I was scouting around to see if there was any cross reporting of COVID- 19 and The Response Act proposed by Senator John Cornyn, covered by Leah in another article.

    In other words, not The Families First Coronavius Response Act for COVID -19, but the one promulgating the use of LAIs. I held my nose & went onto TACs site and found this.

    I pulled out two bullet points that disturbed me. Especially the second one, which I put in caps.

    “Treatment Advocacy Center

    Behavioral Healthcare Recommendations During COVID

    • For some individuals with severe mental illness, The COVID-19 pandemic may exacerbate symptoms such as paranoia or persecutory delusions about government control. The symptoms of severe mental illness may also impact some individuals’ ability to act appropriately in the current climate – for example, auditory hallucinations that lead some to avoid communicating by telephone, or disorganized thoughts that prevent some from following public directives on personal hygiene or social distancing.


    This chilled me to the core. Both of them.

    I have read all three of Leah’s articles now, and I know that the second bullet statement from the TAC website is referring to whether or not to force commit someone in light of the pandemic, the danger it would put the prisoner in, er, I mean “patient,”

    but it could also be interpreted as locking people up who are “too intellectually impaired” to know how to wash their hands, wear masks, or to dare contemplate the wild notion of government malfeasance or corruption in any way. On the topic of the coronavirus, or another other.

    Conspiracy Theory.

    (And I’m sure you already know this, but “conspiracy theory” is a pejorative phrase coined by the intelligence communities–or at least to give it a pejorative spin—in order to disregard arguments they do not like & close the conversation. A conversation, which is not allowed by pscyh survivors.)

    I think bullet statement number 2 was left purposely vague for rounding people up in future outbreaks. As someone with a diagnosis would be “a danger to self and others,” due to not taking common sense precautions against the virus. Or not being able to decide for themselves what common sense precautions even are. In other words, the ‘A’ word. I’m not using it here.

    (btw: if you burn high quality organic tea tree oil in a diffuser this has anti-viral & immune supporting properties!!! Again, if you already knew that, COOL!)
    How did the second protest march go? I think it said it was scheduled on May 21st. She of the postscipt, postscript, and then some, addendum…

  • @boans:

    “What I can say is that as the days are passing it is becoming increasingly obvious I have had a stroke. My face is paralyzed, I can’t raise my eyebrow, close my eye and have less than half my mouth working.”

    I am so, so sorry. And about your partner’s health problems too. I don’t talk it about it here, but I am a Lightworker. In the Lightworking Community. At this point, with what you have just told me the only thing I can do is pray. And I *will* pray for you & your partner. I have to remember that that is A LOT! And also, all I can do. Since you are in Australia… : (

  • @boans

    “Personally, I think much of it is just the way life is. We search for connections between objects, meanings where there are none.”

    Good point. And that is why we will all have to wait for the disclosures before we can get any justice in the TI community. One reason, but certainly not the *only* reason I came back onto MIA, is that guess which sub-community is going to have to take the hit when the disclosures come out?

    Yes, the psych survivor movement.

    Joe Blount has better videos in terms of hard evidence. Not sure if they are good enough to get him a conviction, but the one you watched is my favorite in terms of

    I also have hard evidence, but my pics are also probably not good enough to get a conviction, either. And I don’t think Joe has ever been in a psych ward, and I have.

    Do you see the problem? AOT for me, but not for
    any TI who has avoided Psychiatry.

    I’m going to hang onto my evidence anyway. I won’t be able to take it to court until Psychiatry is Abolished (I think it’s going to happen sooner than we think, but not as soon as we’d like), but it does convince the circle of friends I still have. The relationships my handlers haven’t destroyed.

    I can count those friends on one hand, but I have more friends than most people do. They just don’t know it yet.

  • boans:

    The Joe Blount link I posted didn’t connect. So I will use another of the same footage. This links to his YouTube page where he documents tampering with his vehicle to get him to crash his car as well.

    (btw: documenting is a great way to explain things to your friends that *do* care for you, & *do* respect you. I have clipped pictures to hardcopies of the Seth Farber essay. AND PEOPLE BELIEVE ME. The pictures are of illegal listening devices my neighbors have installed to beam right into my house. I have *crude* pictures of a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) they propped up in their window to blast me & my husband ON Christmas Day! And if you ever do decide to take it into a court, you have the evidence ready. Expect the Disclosures of the Targeted Individual Program to come out mid 2021. BE READY!

  • oldhead:

    “Why would capitalists deliberately crash their own economy? Something sinister is going on here and we need to get to the bottom of it asap.”

    Yes, we do.

    I am about smack dab in the middle of the country & can come visit you sometime in the next several months (I don’t need to crash on your couch or anything). Since…I am planning on leaving the country in the middle of 2021; I have to be out of the country when the Targeted Individual Disclosures come out. Long story.

    I am also in the middle of posting a really long message to boans (awaiting moderation) if you want to scroll down. I don’t want to take up more space than needed. I have linked any replies to my email, but M.I.A. may still have my old email for those purposes, so I’ll have to get it changed. I.e., the one Steve gave you is accurate.

  • My childhood friend talked me into photo documenting some of the illegal things happening to me as a Targeted Individual. I have a long way to go. It’s not my natural inclination to document abuse–it’s new, but I’ve snapped a shot of a few things going on with the Neighborhood Watch Program. My neighbors think I am a cross between Sybil & Hannibal Lector.

    You are in one of the Five Eyes Countries, Australia, right? One of my favorite TI’s is from New Zealand & says that Australia & New Zealand are even worse for TIs than the United States.

    Any method that works for killing off a TI in one of the five eyes countries, they will share with ALL the other countries with data sharing. Poisoning, running you off the road, trying to get you to commit suicide (we lose hundreds every year), disrupting your social network to try to get you homeless…and, well, they are thinking up new ways as we speak!

    They have to be sneaky about it though. If they are going to poison you, say, someone in a restaurant will get an alert on their app. that there’s a “violently mentally ill” person at booth 8. The intelligence community, then, can transfer any liability from themselves onto the stupid dupe willing to food poison you. Or poison your garden. I caught someone heading over to poison my mint plants in my back yard. I’m not kidding.

    (for the record, my only crimes are 3 speeding tickets and a smattering of broken hearts, here & there, but my handler thinks he will match me to a crime any day, cold case. Because while I was listening to Enya & studying complementary medicine during the 15 years he left me alone, my original handler–I have four handlers– was responsible for the deaths of thousand & thousands of people. One of which, I am sure, was Matt Stevenson, of M.I.A. My original handler has been with me since I was 19, at least. I am 56 tomorrow, and I know his work)

    “Handlers” is really an MK Ultra term, & I’m an MK, but the term for the abusers in the TI movement is perpetrators, or perps. I haven’t done anything with the TI movement in a year–my 4 handlers destroyed what I was trying to do, but I’M BACK!

    Here’s photo documentation of a perp trying to run TI Joe Blount off of the road. It HAS to be subtle. Very, very subtle. They cannot make it obvious. They have to have plausible deniability.

    Here goes:

  • O.O.

    “My grandfather wouldn’t let anyone with a university degree drive the million dollar combine, but the 14 year old neighborhood kid could.”


    Your writing style rocks!

    “Endless regurgitation. Retweets of retweet. Research of research. Years spent learning to think critically are useless without practical skill & the humility needed to get stuck in.”

    I am also getting tired of outrunning the papered & credentialed. A woman young enough to be my daughter called me “intellectually disabled,” because she thought I had a “mental illness.” But SHE went to law school.

    Again. I never told her I was a “survivor.”

    (are we supposed to be putting that in quotes now, too? I am unabashedly Anti-Psychiatry, but I still look to oldhead to help me with the terms; he changed my life)

    I never even brought it up that I was a “survivor.”

    People know you’re an alma mater of the street, the prison system, the public mental health system, and the drug rehab programs with apps. on their smart phone now. Does this mean that *everyone* on this site is on one of the list/s???

    Not sure. Ed where are you? Snow. DEN.

    In my case, one my 4 handlers (MK Ultra word) approached this woman, in the hopes of roping me back into the MHS.

    It’s going to be harder for you, for me, to express ourselves with A.I. Big Brother…


    I just want to say, you have a gift for writing (a psychiatrist once told me I had the delusion I was going to write something important one day)….

    so I thought my opinion of your gift would mean more to you coming from someone like me…someone outrunning the TRILLION-dollar-combine-papered-and-credentialed psychiatry apologists…


  • @registerdforthissite

    Also sometimes just planting a seed can be helpful. One-on-one. For instance, I talk about how much complementary medicine has changed my life, & then, just let it drop.

    At first impulse, it’s the human natural for the other person to disagree, especially if it contradicts a cherished belief. I feel that urge in myself sometimes, but I am getting better at suggesting an alternative and preventing myself from getting drawn into a prolonged debate. I hate polemics.

    It’s harder with this topic since so much is at stake. But, who knows? Maybe the person will remember what was said at a later time. Just because you won’t be there to see it, doesn’t mean there won’t be a transformation at a later time. “Kapos.” Intriguing. Never thought of it that way.

  • I am posting this again for Kate L & psmama, especially. I was very alarmed by your posts, Kate L & psmama. I wish I knew *then* what I know *now* when our Matt was in trouble.

    (and, Sera, this is why I am especially upset about Matt’s suicide, specifically. Matt was a Targeted Individual, I am sure of it). Again, I will link Seth Farber’s essay on Psychiatry, the Deep State, and Targeted Individuals right now–it’s 50 pages & it did take me a long time to read it, but it’s a gem of journalism. It should win awards!!)

    The Deep State has developed apps. through tech subcontractors which include the lists of people with “severe mental illnesses,” “suspected terrorist watch list” (by that I mean activists, I’m not kidding), some get on the list if they offended or want to be stalked by a wealthy, well-connected private individual, some get on the list to cover up corporate theft (the victim was robbed of their intellectual property) & some get on the list if they have had successful workman’s disability & comp. claims against their governments.

    That is not an inclusive list of victims who get on the list/s by any means. Glenn Greenwald (the author who broke the Ed Snowden story) estimates that the number of people on these lists has reached into the millions, globally.

    The information on the apps. is also shared globally, but there is a data sharing especially between the Five Eyes Countries: United States, Canada, U.K., New Zealand & Australia.

    This enables the people on any of the lists to be tracked in real time by triangulating.

    Yes, it is illegal as hell. And, again, it is global. Those of us in the 5 eyes countries (I am in the U.S., for now!) are at a distinct disadvantage since these countries have the most money to put into this A.I. panopticon infrastructure. FUN!

    Law enforcement, real estate, EMT workers, Departments of Justice employees, Community Watch Programs, Neighborhood Watch Programs & others (or subsets within, not ALL employees of such) can & do participate. Psychiatry participation is a given.

    That is why you can have a sheriff or fire department (risk reduction specialist) parked in your driveway. I am not kidding. It is called The Targeted Individual Program. And even within *that* program, the activists like to distinguish themselves from the *real* “mentally ill.”

  • Fiachra, Sera, KateL, psmama, oldhead, & Steve:

    I just read the letters you linked as well, Fiachra.

    The Deep State has developed apps. through tech subcontractors which include the lists of people with “severe mental illnesses,” “suspected terrorist watch list” (by that I mean activists, I’m not kidding), some get on the list if they offended or want to be stalked by a wealthy, well-connected private individual, some get on the list to cover up corporate theft (the victim was robbed of their intellectual property) & some get on the list if they have had successful workman’s disability & comp. claims against their governments.

    That is not an inclusive list of victims who get on the list/s by any means. Glenn Greenwald (the author who broke the Ed Snowden story) estimates that the number of people on these lists has reached into the millions, globally.

    The information on the apps. is also shared globally, but there is a data sharing especially between the Five Eyes Countries: United States, Canada, U.K., New Zealand & Australia.

    This enables the people on any of the lists to be tracked in real time by triangulating.

    Yes, it is illegal as hell. And, again, it is global. Those of us in the 5 eyes countries (I am in the U.S., for now!) are at a distinct disadvantage since these countries have the most money to put into this A.I. panopticon infrastructure. FUN!

    Law enforcement, real estate, EMT workers, Departments of Justice employees, Community Watch Programs, Neighborhood Watch Programs & others (or subsets within, not ALL employees of such) can & do participate. Psychiatry participation is a given.

    That is why you can have a sheriff or fire department (risk reduction specialist) parked in your driveway. I am not kidding. It is called The Targeted Individual Program. And even within *that* program, the activists like to distinguish themselves from the *real* “mentally ill.”

  • Sera & Steve:

    You both would be/and are great at helping survivors with Systemic Stockholm. The love of the captives (survivors) for their captors (in this case the MHS). It is a time to be so gentle. I was not even aware there was a critique to psychiatry out there until I was 50 years old (I am 56 now, in a few days). Certainly, all the many times I freed myself from the grip of the Deep State in my teens, 20s and 30s (that is going on again, but I can handle myself), I needed gentleness.

  • Sera:

    “Had DCF called on me for vague worries that I’d be a danger to my kids because of the experience of seeing visions in the past,”

    WOW! I am not a mother. But the fact that someone called DCF on you makes me so angry I do not have words (what? me with no words?).

    I am often in the odd position of having to explain how this is no longer a Democracy for *some* to the ones trying to take my civil liberties. But, again, I am not a mother. I cannot even imagine.

  • oldhead:

    The essay I linked in my first comment is by Seth Farber & it is one of the most impressive pieces of journalism of 2016. I know you are a Seth Farber fan. So am I.

    I still cannot believe it’s been that long since it came out. It’s 50 pages long & worth every minute of time to read it to the end. It is about the Targeted Individual Program (which got a lot of its operational data from MK Ultra victims, first, second & third generation). The link to psychiatry is overwhelming.

    Yes, I am also a Targeted Individual (or T.I.) In other words, the data they got from me & other victims, well, they used it to turn around & torture me all over again. It started up again about eight years ago & got *really* bad just when I disappeared from this site. The real reason I disappeared.

    While you are reading. And you will love this article, oldhead (posted above). I am going to post another link to Joe Blount’s work. One of my favorite T.I.s. It’s succinct & goes into Cointelpro–another one of the intelligence community programs exposed about the same time as MK Ultra. This is very short & a beautiful piece of work.

    I have been doing Targeted Individual activism on & off for the past four years or so. Unfortunately, many T.I.s do not know the psychiatry hoax debate *at all,* but have had run-ins with psychiatry as they get labeled when they describe to people what is happening to them in the program.

    Joe Blount’s work on Cointelpro:

  • “Over and over again the only thing they can prove is that they hold the power through a hierarchy system,”

    And it fools the public every time.

    Although I *have* been having success talking to people one at a time & actually convincing them of the hoax of psychiatry. Lately, I have been put in this situation a lot. Long story. In other words, I am not the one to bring it up.

    I sum my argument up quickly, in one paragraph, and then I say, “and this conversation BORES me.”

    Activism doesn’t. Explaining the basics does.

  • oldhead:

    It is wonderful to talk to you again! Remember the forum days when it was (mostly) you, me, & Matt banging our heads against the wall trying to find a way to counter Murphy? Just to have it sneaked in under the 21st c. Cures Act? Obama’s last day or second to last day of office? Wow!

    I have been in MK Ultra land (among many, many other strange lands, Curiouser and Curiouser….). Do you, by any chance, have knowledge of The Church Committee of 1975, when the CIA was exposed for doing illegal experiments on the “mentally ill,” homeless, orphans, vets & prisoners?

    The last post I ever wrote on here was also a shout-out to you as well. I said in that post, that that was something you were probably quite knowledgeable about. Along with Daniel Ellsberg (not Ellsworth–thought I had gone through & got all of the misspellings), author of “The Pentagon Papers.”

    I also connected the post back to what is going on now, but it never got posted. About 4 1/2 years ago. Anyway, I’d love to trade emails with you. We can take this conversation “underground,” if you’d like. I’ll email Steve right away.

    Thanks for looking out for Julie & Stephen! I remember you were concerned about Julie’s dog. I remember that so well. Thank you for your kindness…hope to talk to you soon via email.

  • Sera:

    Thank you for the great article! (I have not posted in over four years—I miss you! And Oldhead too. Oldhead, one of the clearest thinkers on MIA—not flattery, EARNED!)

    Even if your empathy is only one way (you are thinking about the suffering of others, and hoping for the same in return), I do believe this is the way to go.

    During the COVID- 19 outbreak, I immediately thought of those confined in psychiatric hospitals & group homes (I was in a group home for five years & in the psych hospitals six times—state, private & county—I am also a 2nd generation MK Ultra, or Monarch Program victim, fun!)

    but I also *immediately* thought about the prison population.

    (Kudos to Leah’s great coverage of COVID- 19 fatalities being ‘roughly double’ within psychiatric confinement vs. the prison population. Some MHS survivors with lived experience now know that psych drugs lower the immune system, and almost all on this site do!)

    I once posted that understanding issues of other communities was the way to go. It was my last post on this site over four and a half years ago, but it didn’t make it onto the board. The empathy will probably go in one direction for now, but it does not surprise me that you are the one to pave the way.

    For the last four and a half years I have been following the careers of the tech whistle blowers, journalistic whistle blowers (going back to Daniel Ellsworth),
    activist thinkers, leaders, & critics of the Deep State in every field I can keep up with.

    The trick to it has been (for me) to stick with it until I can find the relevant threads. They are there. And certainly empathy is the starting point!

    I do realize that our detractors post on here (in increasingly civil tones) to better understand our arguments in order to stay one step ahead of us.

    Yay to free speech and all that.

    However, this plays in their favor versus ours since they are better funded & have better connections than we do. They take advantage of this to run ahead of us and continue to dupe the public who are unaware of the debate.

    In other words, the APA and Big Pharma are completely aware that there is no proof that “mental illness” is a brain disorder, but they are still hoping to find a connection in the genome. Until then, they can dupe the public in thinking that the culprit organ is the brain since it “looks that way” to the observer.

    This is akin to saying the Earth is flat since it looks that way to the naked eye in the middle of the ocean with no land bearings.

    In the article “Muffled by Psychiatry,” I noticed that Steve Mc Crea defined his terms like a 5-star Philospher/General & then marched onto the bio-medical reductionist battlefield to delineate a set of behaviors as “jerkiness,” rather than as a “psychopath.”

    I can no longer use the term psychopath, not even for expediency, because that term, and others like it, have been coopted by the Guild to hog-tie anyone they dislike into forced treatment.

    And that is a slippery slope indeed. (Oldhead linked several of your articles to the above, btw)

    Let me connect the relevance of that article to yours with the quality of empathy, or lack thereof, among our detractors.

    Jerks (as opposed to psychopaths) will use the same arguments launched at them to attack their competitors! And as Oldhead pointed out, it was simply an in-house scramble for money & status. It is a common tactic of JERKS to use that type of circular thinking (although that was a circle within a circle, sigh. Are you getting dizzy yet? That is the goal)

    One psychiatrist uses the historical and well-documented abuses of psychiatry to silence another psychiatrist, or practitioner, and learned how to crystallize their arguments from posts on MIA!!!

    If psychiatry weren’t winning the battle so far, it would be funny: Jeffrey Lieberman standing onstage in a white lab coat to intimidate or impress his audience. A gem to satiric filmmaking!

    So if our detractors have no empathy, always finding new arguments and methods on how & why they have the right to drug us (I am barely staying ahead of AOT, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!, but I digress), we can reverse that to find new ways to be empathetic to other activist groups.

    We can take the time to understand their terminology; we can take the time to understand the current debate/s in their movements. I thought you did a great job in this article. You framed it in terms of how others may be responding to COVID- 19, & hoped for the same consideration in return.

    I have been checking in over the years, and I notice we have lost Matt, Steve Gilbert, Bonnie & Julie. I was devastated. Still am. Steve was kind enough to comfort me on that. We are a great family.

    Miss you. Love you, Sera.
    (btw, organic camu camu powder is the strongest source of plant-based vitamin C on the planet—great for improving the general immune system response on all fronts)

    (also please note Seth Farber’s essay on The Deep State and psychiatry—I first found it on MIA & Steve was helping me with that, thanks Steve! In other words, if you type in “Targeted Individual” in MIA’s search engine, the link to the essay will pop up in the old forum section)

  • DaveC & AA:

    Murphy is being investigated by the F.B.I. Go to the article right below this one. I have been up all night brainstorming on how to help bpdtransformation & oldhead, as we have been doing a *lot* to try & help defeat this Murphy bill. This deplorable bill. I’m going to have to go take a “mental health break” (sorry, Frank) for a few days & have nothing else to do with this for awhile. See ya guys in about a week!

    Yes, MURPHY IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI. Follow the story on the article below. Kudos!

  • Dude:

    Go to the article about Murphy’s ethical & legal infractions just on the homepage.

    I posted this for bpdtransformation. He & I & oldhead have been doing a *lot* on the organizing forum. But I think the FBI investigation is the topic to follow. YES, MURPHY IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI!!!

    So Here goes, from my post on the home page:
    To: bpd
    Hey did you go onto the link that he has posted in this article?????


    It says on page 115, scroll down that:

    “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into whether Rep.
    Murphy’s legislative staff members performed campaign work on government time and has
    interviewed some of his former staffers.
    Rep. Murphy’s FEC filings show that through mid July 2007, he has paid $22,205 in legal fees”


    Like I said, BIG PHARMA would just love to wash their hands from Murphy if this gets out!