Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • Thank you for your comments, the tapering procedures were looked into – they can be found in the supplement. We highlight it as a limitation that we don’t know what the exact tapering procedure is per patient it would be very valuable to have this! And we need more research into it.

    We also highlight in the discussion that there can be a difference between withdrawal syndrome and relapse, we argue for better reporting to assess the difference. If withdrawal syndrome would be mistaken for relapse the rates might even be lower among the discontinuation group.

    We do not advocate for either approach, our main message is that patients now have more choices.

  • The therapy is indeed an accompaniment, and we have seen strong effects for it. With only 8 weeks it is relatively short in our view. We acknowledge that safe withdrawal is a slow and methodological process. Also we acknowledge that withdrawal can be very impactful and we see big differences in studies in the duration and way of withdrawal between patients. This is ofcourse very important to study further.