Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • Well said john ~ when the people who should be caring for you are the ones hurting you, when the people who should be explaining get defensive, when professionals add insult to injury by distancing themselves from your disorientation and life experiences, you’re very likely to develop a low distress tolerance. Add (perhaps related) learning needs and a ‘social’ prejudice or two to the victims life and you’ve possibly got a person incapable of explaining why they’re in such a state…at least to a professional who cant / wont relate to any / all of that…and bingo, instead of someone suffering ptsd and the consequences of social exclusion you’ve got someone labelled as schizophrenic. No wonder the most vulnerable are (and too often remain) at risk of incarceration, ‘medication’, and suicide!

  • I think some people have a hard time discussing these things because they cant figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg / the abused or the abuser ~ they dont know that there are conditions which sometimes make people behave without compassion even if they are usually sensitive, and the present system does little to make the public aware of that …partly because it has a hard time accepting that itself (still being a tad inclined to think of abusers as inherently ‘evil’), and partly because it knows that the public would then expect more from doctors and therapists (and many other professionals, too). 
It is simply easier to stick a plaster / label on a client, give them ‘pain relief’ / mind numbing drugs, and leave the real caring to people like yourself …which sometimes works, because you know that without such care young sensitive but scarred kids can become adults with debilitating ptsd (and maybe even psychosis), whose only real issue is one of confusion…with regards a world that hurts and condemns and explains nothing. 
Too much ‘specializing’ / not enough sharing, if you ask me.

  • I believe that [just as feminists helped expose the sexism, & writers like Alexander Thomas M.D. helped expose the racism in psychiatry] people will expose all the isms which have prevented the founders and teachers of psychology from truly understanding clients ~ even with good intentions, they often alienate clients by treating them as “other” if not ‘inferior’ ~ they are oblivious to tjeir own transference issues because their training does little to address issues of eg classism and fear of death, etc.
I think the very foundations of the field of psychiatry need replacing and the training of therapists should include in depth studies of social issues ~ unfortunately that would not please those who like ‘society’ the way it is, hence its unlikely to happen soon, at least not without some major turmoil which will no doubt leave some clients and therapists in a state of panic…or worse.
However, as a client not benefitting from the present diagnostic / treatment system, i’m happy to challenge those people …even if that does ‘prove’ that i am ‘the problem’.