Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • “For little ones mental health is social-emotional health” While that may be true in a “statistically significant” population of infants/toddlers I am far from convinced that the secure parent child relationship will turn out to be the most influential factor effecting our children’s mental health.
    One must admit that psychiatry is in an infancy of its own. History will likely look back at our current practices as misinformed and at times barbaric.
    I believe a far more likely scenario will be a number of environMENTAL factors, some more sensitive to them than others. I know some lousy parents that have produced some incredible kids without a single early intervention or any “strength” that would appear on some evidence based algorithm

  • Wow Maria, from one grief stricken mother to another I can hear your heart wrenching screams kept neatly below the facade of a composed,, well educated professional. My 21 year old son Ryan was killed in a horrific automobile accident in April 2010. Ryan too,was under a psychiatrists care for ADHD etc . I am probably not as ready to single out psychiatry as the major offenders yet. First off, as you and I both know, any parent that has lost a child and does not suffer from PGD is probably crazy. It is an indescribable pain and loss; there are not enough words or adjectives to define it. It is a solo experience and a long lonely journey for every family member. Exquisitly painful for the mothers that carried these children until that incredible day in the delivery room. That probably sounds selfish to some but I have observed it as well as lived it.
    I am currently out on a medical LOA, 20 months AFTER losing my son. I went back to work 3 weeks after losing Ryan, with the help of antidepressants. I had literally felt like I weighed 3000 pounds every morning when I got out of bed. The antidepressants did help with that but 20 months later I was exhausted, at a cellular level! I could barely put one foot in front of the other. All I wanted to do was sleep, in a dark air conditioned room. So I did, still do on occasion. My short term disability is now up, my long term is “under investigation”. No matter what, even if I am granted long term disability,it will end in 24 months as I am mentally ill. I am a nurse, fortunately no one’s life is in my hands in my current role. I would not have been fit to return to work so quickly and would still not be. The entire healthcare system is broken and corruptted.
    My heart truly aches for you, a broken hearted life sentence. I hope that I can also find a cause to sink my teeth into also.