Saturday, November 28, 2020

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  • I hear voices – it is definitely not a passive experience. Nor is “hearing voices” passive language: it is simply descriptive of a wide range of experiences that many of us have in our lives. And believe me saying publicly “I hear voies ” is far, far from a passive act: requiring a deal of courage and confidence and is an asserting self over dogma and oppression. It is perhaps a shame that some amongst us find it necessary we all agree a single terminology: I don’t understand what tdrives some to have that need in themselves. Some of us think that there are seven billion unique expriences of being human alive right now and that this offers a richness of understanding that a single precisely worded tightly controlled definition ruber stamped by some self appointed committee cannot. Would that not be same operational dynamic that’s gotten us into this unholy mess in the first place? To have one group insisting their understanding is the “right one” and all others must adopt? We already know what that world looks like and I for one want a different one. One of the key strengths of “hearing voices” as an approach approach is that people are free to make their own understanding of their voices, yet whatever that is, the approach can still work. It is neither a fix nor a therapy. Whatever the cause of the voices I hear – and there are many voices and likely at least a few causes, what I’ve learned to change is the way I treat them and so in turn the way they are with me… in other words what’s changed is my relationship with them. Where they actually come from makes no significant difference in that. You could, should you choose, make a semantic argument that I learned to shift from hearing my voices to listening to them, from trying to ignore and fight them to working with them and getting them to work with me in a way I can work with so I can figure out and interpret their meaning. You could, if you like make a argument that that is shifting from “passive” to “active” stance and if you want to then go ahead: your choice. I wouldn’t want to tell you how to describe your experience, I’d be grateful if you’d offer equal respect and allow me and others who hear voices to do the same and simply choose our own language to describe our own experience. Kevin