Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • I see the movement as creating space. Space for those who want to take medications and those who don’t. Safe spaces for people who want to move through extreme states on their own terms. Sometimes it feels like imposing organization on space means restricting that space in a way in a way that keeps it from being what we intended. It also means letting people in who may want to abuse that space. Control over our own vision slips away, but if we come back to the idea of space we find at least part of the answer. While we may have control over nothing else we can seek to gain it over ourselves. We can create space in our own minds- in our own sphere of influence. Give ourselves freedom to let go of an old vision or project that has gone a direction we can no longer support to find a new one we can. If we have an idea like that of space that can remain central regardless this may be easier to do

  • The psychiatrization of all unwanted emotions and behaviors has been a huge boon to the industry. Not having to bear any responsibility for ones own moral failings and mistakes is certainly enticing. I know it was for me. No matter how badly we screw up we can always say “It’s not me, it’s my illness”. This is an opioid stronger than anything Big Pharma could dream of.

    I have to wonder, however, how good of an idea it is just to dump on people that: “Guess what? It really is you, not some non-existent illness. You just suck! Oh, and you’re not a very good parent either.” I question the effectiveness of this approach to help people see the light and instigate social change.

    This also ignores the damage that psychotropic drugs, trauma and lack of emotional skill building has done to people’s ability to control their own emotions and behaviors. You raise a child on Ritalin and Zoloft never allowing them to feel no less deal with their own emotions, they’re going to be pretty messed up, and it’s not necessarily their fault. They’re going to have serious difficulty with parenting to boot.

    While I appreciate the author’s message here, and it certainly makes sense to all of us in the choir, I think our message to the uninitiated needs to be somewhat more nuanced.