Saturday, April 4, 2020

Comments by John

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  • Hi, I am from Australia and I logged onto the web tonight for the sole purpose of finding out whether The Dark Knight Rises Killer was on prescription drugs or not. I don’t care what any guru has to say about these drugs anymore they are dangerous and there needs to be more regulation placed on them as they are life destroyers and killers. I suffered a physical injury and went from painkillers to antideps onto anti-psychotics in the end as I was losing the plot along with anything resembling my personality.

    They caused me physical harm and a whole range of problems from crashing cars to spending my life savings like there was no end to it. After a few years of this subscribed torture and reaching a point where I was feeling like I was going spontaneously combust. I took myself off the lot as the answer to regaining something like a normal life didn’t actually lie in being a human petri dish for the doctors who in the defence of many were just trying to help lol but in dealing with what was going on in my life on life’s terms and free of personality and reality altering drugs.

    I now have ongoing problems with my liver as a result of being on the meds and my once couldn’t get fat metabolism will never ever be the same again. On the upside the space between my ears is back on track apart from the fact I feel like I have been to war as the experience was just so damaging in so many ways. I would have put what little of my life savings is left on the fact that this bloke was taking some sort of medication, not illicit drugs but medication.

    I would like to know how many people not only kill others or themselves as a result of this family of drugs but how many lives are ruined as a result in total. How many end up in jail who would have otherwise never done so, how many end up in psych wards who otherwise never done so, how many families break up that otherwise never would have done so and so on and so on? The drug companies are seemingly free of any responsibility from any damage caused by their drugs which are destroying so many lives in so many ways its not funny.

    What percentage of people in the psych places are there now who until they went on their drugs weren’t candidates to do so? It has gotten out of hand and other than to blame the bugger taking the meds as prescribed by the professional whom they have trusted in when it all goes pear shaped. Surely the amount of people on this family of drugs is in itself an indication that the people are being misdiagnosed at an alarming rate and that something in the process needs to be addressed.

    I would hate to see numbers lost in a field that is short of people now and whom society desperately needs more of but I think that MDs and mental health professionals need to made much more accountable. Legislation whereby which the subscribing professional is required to actually pay for people losing their jobs, families, savings, lives, sanity, damaging otherwise healthy organs and everything else that consuming these drugs results in because the laws that both of our countries are currently operating under aren’t actually doing the job of protecting the people.

    If legislation was passed and that was the case then less and less of these drugs would be administered as easily as they are and news headlines like the subject of this article would be in rapid decline.

    Thank you and hooroo – John