Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Aah, Philip – as much as I want to understand your view, you sadly stay on the side of the dark-ages closed-minded, perhaps because you haven’t lived with actual ADHD symptoms that have been ruled out as ANYTHING else.

    I am proud to be raising worldwide awareness for this “difference,” and

    a) I am not on meds for it

    b) I have had everything else ruled out, and

    c) Many in prisons have ADHD/ADD symptoms. We must see ALL sides to this….not just be anti-psychiatry. It saves lives (though it hurts some as well).

    You are part of the minority here, thank God. Yes – we must educate people on over-medicating and diagnosing, but many are also under-diagnosed! ADHD is INCREDIBLY real, in a small percentage of society. Let’s learn to accept that, like autism, schizophrenia, depression and other issues.

    Dark-ages “Scientology” black and white thinking hurts ALL of us. Let’s wake up, folks. I see ALL sides, but I am not so ignorant to suppose mental health issues don’t exist….that is insane in itself.

    I digress. Back to raising awareness I go.

    – Jeff