Sunday, September 19, 2021

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  • There is so much research on the topic it is just crazy. The scientists from McMaster University wanted to test how the gut microbiome affected stressed mice. The results have been published in nature communications in regards with gut and depression I highly recommend everyone read the researched paper. The problem with us today is that we get prescribed antibiotics for every tiny little thing and thus the need of probiotics to increase the good bacteria in the gut. As the great saying goes its all in the GUT. Recently, Eric Bakker from New Zealand did an amazing video/lecture in regards with probiotics and I think everyone should be educated and taught the difference between the two, the goods and bads of each. For those of you interested in watching his video just go to youtube search eric bakker probiotics vs antibiotics or check this link

    @Jonathan Keyes

    I have done tons and tons of research and I have found out that most strains are useless the really beneficial one is DDS-1 strain by Dr. Shahani, its numerous patents and has been studied for years.