Sunday, July 3, 2022

Comments by ICD-10 F99

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  • I think it is important to point out that there seem to be very distinct groups of people who “want to kill themselves”. For you, the desire to end your life seems to come from “outside of yourself”, you’re talking about a “total invasion of intense suicidal feelings”, where there’s “no morality and no choice”, it being a “physiological act”, feelings that you can’t keep yourself from acting on. You acknowledge that you need somebody who believes that your life is meaningful.

    In contrast to this, there are people who, weighing pros against cons, come to the conclusion that suicide is the right choice for them. They can choose to continue living through their pain, but they may not want to. They are aware that it hurts others, but they point out that expecting a person to live for you, however great that person’s pain, is highly unethical. And they believe that suicide is a human right. Some of them legally fight for this right, or the right to assisted suicide.

    Cases like yours provide psychiatry an excuse to pathologize all suicide, infringing on the rights of those who made a rational choice.

  • “What I found most concerning under psychiatric services in the UK was that I was told explicitly by clinicians “It is your choice” or “it is your decision” to end my life.”

    Do help those who want your help, but consider that some insist they have a right to suicide, and some of them even legally fight for the right to assisted suicide and the right to legally obtain pentobarbital sodium for the specific purpose of carrying out their suicide. This is one of the reasons for the growing number of jurisdictions that legalize assisted suicide or euthanasia. What life choices these people make is none of your or my business.