Monday, March 27, 2023

Comments by Rosie

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  • Your experience is enormously significant. I am quite glad to hear you will be working in the field with such insight. I had a similar experience that went on 21 years. I could not find a practitioner at all to help me, so almost did not survive. It took five years and three attempts to get off Prozac. Still suffer symptoms and we are discovering that the effects can be long lasting. ( Your statement about how to get professionals ( and the lay public in my opinion) to unlearn the myths is going to be the hardest part. Physicians no longer bother to read outside of their field of specialty and remain ignorant. Where do we start? I want to help. I was a psychiatric nurse and saw unbelievable things. Thank you for your essay your sharing your story.

  • Thank you and thank you again. I suffered intractable chronic pain with my rheumatoid for years without taking anything and it contributed to by diagnosis of depression, Acute and untreated ;pain is just plain cruel and no way to live. Now, at 64, I have a low dose of morphine, the only thing I can take because I do not have the enzymes for other drugs (CYP2d6), I feel like a different person. Antidepressants should never be given for pain. I should never have been on those drugs to begin with because of the enzyme deficits. I am functionally pretty normal, suffer no side effects and my dose is low. Would never consider abusing it. I do not get high on it and am simply grateful someone took me serious. Of course, I had to go to Mexico to get treated. They always told me I was just depressed. Anyone can be depressed when they hurt all of the time. Now that the pain is gone, and I am getting really happy, I know that is not true. Intractable pain causes depression because one cannot function that way. What a different life I could have had. Thank you