Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia since 1999 and on psychiatric medication since 1999. I think it was because I masturbated since then, that caused it…now I have stopped masturbating my symptoms will slowly decrease. My main part is that I don’t get sleep at night. And I’m being forced injections. I have mainly been on Clopixol medication. I havent had a relapse since 2009. Once the police came and took me back to hospital. As I was refusing to go back to hospital with a nurse. Also, an ambulance took me back to hospital too. Its like you have to get fully discharged from there ways. Once they kept reducing the medication and then I was on low dose of clopixol tablets and I stopped taking them so then they put me back on injections. two months ago they increased my injection as I told them I wasn’t getting regular good sleep at night. Even wen I have a bad day like not sleep for 1-2 days, my father tells the male nurse. My injection is once every two weeks. Hopefully once I stop masturbating, the symptoms will decrease and then I will get off the medication by reducing it regularly.