Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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  • Excellent reporting. Murphy stinks and is openly on the side of big pharma interests. The story about your parents is infuriating. Similar to my experience with my parents and thier doctors. My brother is in prison and his health is declining due to his mismanaged diabetes, callous prison staff. He needs to be in a prison that can handle his needs.

  • Hi. I have a diagnosis. I have about a dozen other mental diagnoses, too. It’s fraud. Sheer crap. The doctors are the ones perpetuating the progressive degenerating brain disease crap. All the while saying the old “hope for recovery” canard. Then they say “take responsibility and learn accountability.” But then go make you a disabled dependent. Then say “I don’t coerce people.” And then they go coerce people. Mindless pencil pushing bureaucrats. Anyway I sent a comp!aint to the med board and Carl Elliott messaged me say get another doctor. But I really hate them, dude.

  • Why are we required to get a diagnosis for the purpose of billing insurance in the US? Why can states not get non-coercive soteria houses going? Why is the University of Minnesota hiding it’s new drug studies by running them through a private irb? Why do politicians keep looking for a certain group to scapegoat as a distraction from real issues?

  • Every psychiatrist I’ve had is super cantankerous and bristles if I so much as correct them on a biographical fact about myself, but then believes every damn thing my weird parents says on the phone, fax, behind closed doors. Maddening! There are approximately eighty-sixfold reasons why someone would be in your clinic, it is so easy to, after five seconds of conversation, insert chemical A into neuron B and get out of my damn office. Problem solved.

  • Great piece! Kids can’t be kids nowadays. My 8 year old cousin in law was just put on stimulants for a time because of what his mother calls “behavioral problems”…. She says these things right in front of him, too. And then after they leave everyone’s like “did you see how he *acted*?” No… No I didn’t. I saw a wierd mother who just got divorced and remarried, give the poor fucking child a break!! When I was his age (’95), my mom made me open wide and lift my tongue to make sure I took my antidepressants. What is with these people? Thanks for letting me ventilate myself. Bye.