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  • Dear Ted,
    Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I am interested in anything that helps implement something useful but my experience is that there is still a lot to learn about what people need from their various standpoints. Soteria (initiated by a psychiatrist, albeit a lovely one whom I had the honour of meeting years ago.) is one model but, it would not work for everyone.

    All the best !

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  • Dear Norman,
    Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I am still learning about education provided to residents in their rotations. This is especially pertinent as the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada is moving towards “competency based” education . So education will be in flux for the next few years. It is taking me awhile to understand the way in which the education unfolds and its relationship to other areas of medicine. There is also quite divisive politics between the, ‘teach more pharma’ and ‘teach more therapy’ psychiatrists. It is all very complex and like many professional designations there are many things ‘at play’ that influences what these students become – much is driven by their privilege which is something that is relevant way before they even enter med school.

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