Saturday, April 4, 2020

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  • An enjoyable post and comments, especially Steve above.

    It is at least a bit questionable how much we solved our genetic code. The complex process from DNA to RNA to protein to body/behavior is still very much an ongoing research project. There are many things that we can continue to flush out as regards our baseline genes and how that structures who we are. It is still an important area of continued exploration, even if certain parts of the project are ill-conceived.

    That of course is not vindication of most lines of thought of behavioral genetics today, especially as regards complex behaviors. And it does not mean that the far easier and more robust changes to our lives will not come from changes in our social and environmental world. The inability to ask the appropriate questions about social changes is a broader issue than just the gene question. Our failure to ask appropriate social questions falls inline with a more widespread social conservatism, one that is only partially bolstered by such genetic claims (as opposed to our post-60’s, post-Socialist present political atmosphere, for example).