Thursday, May 28, 2020

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  • When discovering my eldest daughter had gotten hooked on Ambian and Oxy and not was rx shopping between her different DRs getting a ton of meds, was taking them way beyond the prescribed dosing. We got her into a supposed “addiction specialist ” Psych via her health plan. Can you imagine my horror when after seeing her stumble and pass out, acting totally drugged we discovered this Dr. not only put her on Valium but gave her a rx for 120 pills a month with multiple refills?!! Which of course she had refilled or replaced claiming they were “lost” or stolen. By best approx she was taking at least 60mg or more at a time, at least a 2-3 times a day.
    We had a family intervention, got her to go into residential treatment and she been clean and attending NA for 2 years now….. as for the Dr. there wasn’t anything I could do but I did call and leave him a voice mail saying if he filled one more rx I’d sue the hell out of him.. but could not get anyone in his HMO to accept my formal complaint, no find anyone in the medical community to help me red flag this guy.
    Interestingly enough, we found during rehab this guy had a “rep” as being a candy dish psych.. there ought to be a whistle blower system for reporting these guys.