Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • I am very sad to read this. As a patient that is being very successfully treated and my very real Bipolar disease managed, I fear a great knee-jerk reaction in this country when the political right seize on yet one more issue that they chose to control for political ends. Death from drug overdose is an epidemic. People dying from drug cocktails is such a shame. However, instead of doing away with a legitimate science, and a form of treatment, educate the public, warn them of the real dangers of the mixture of drugs. The lack of education is as great if not greater problem. Do some people abuse medicine, Yes. Does everyone, absolutely not. We need to find a path that will keep healthy functioning people who use Benzodiazepines from having to suffer again and intensely from the illness that caused them to seek treatment rather than take the ultimate step suicide to alleviate their terrible suffering.

    Which is worse, suicide in order to find a permanent solution to a problem that can be managed, or accidental death by a cocktail of drugs, taken by an under educated patient. People have abused alcohol for centuries, It has destroyed homes and families, it has killed innocent victims over and over again. Neither the right or the left is willing to address this issue in any meaningful way. Do I advocated prohibition? No, it doesn’t work nor is it needed. Personal responsibility is what is lacking. No one is responsible for their own actions any longer. The Dr. addicted me , the tobacco company addicted me, the soda industry made me fat, the fast food industry made my children obese. This is all hogwash. Ultimately the issue is, who is responsible for ME. All things in moderation, will that end abuse? No. Will it stop addiction and possible death? No. Will educating children that there are in fact consequences for their actions? I am not sure, however I do know, that it can be a major first step in changing a culture that has become all too willing to blame others for their fate in life. Education, love, compassion, and the interventions of family and friends can help. There is no magic bullet for drug abuse. Careful examination can help. Maybe if the insurance “racket” was not in control of the profession of medicine it would help. Allow the Dr.’s to spend the time with their patients, to evaluate them. Do not reduce medicine to a 15 minute visit, to which the Dr. is often late for due to the fact that patients are run through like cattle in order to make a living.

    In conclusion, people have abused many substances since time began. The answer is not to create another huge crisis in the world by the elimination of psychiatry which is an absurd idea on its face. The answer is education, love and compassion and help. The place to find that, is somewhere in the middle of the road.