Monday, May 23, 2022

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  • I’ve been familiar with Ruby Wax’s work for decades and she is first and foremost a celebrity and entertainer. Rather like Carrie Fisher she has totally bought into the mainstream psychiatric model of chemical-imbalance induced mental illness and the need for a chemical response. She has gone from opinionated comedy to opinionated chemistry and has found that this new persona really works for her. Sadly her blind belief in her own position is extremely unhelpful to those looking for another path, and to those who understand that the subject is far more complex and that those dealing with any so-called “mental illness” have far more control of their lives than psychiatry and drug companies would have us believe. This pseudo-science model, which we can study in prestigious universities, is very attractive to many people – it makes them feel secure and knowledgeable; in reality it’s dangerous and dis-empowering.

  • Dear Richard,
    Thank you for caring so much and doing what you could for your clients. What you are talking about is the main reason I am in private practice and not taking insurance, nor do I diagnose or label. I subscribe to psychiatrist William Glasser’s (the creator Choice Theory and Reality Therapy) mode of thinking which he has written about in numerous books, one of which is entitled “Warning: Psychiatry can be Dangerous to your Mental Health.” In a world where insurance companies and big pharma call the shots there is little wiggle room for those not wanting to subscribe to the current model.

  • Thank you so much for this. My son also suffered a psychotic break (partially drug related) and, like you, saw it primarily as a spiritual experience – as did I, though it was frightening for all of us at the time. Unlike you he was able to access mental health services overseas where there is often a more enlightened view and received positive care and support in the community afterwards. There is still much to be done but being able to have this discussion is the first step.