Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • Sam plover – thank you greatly for your comments! That are your comments that I can relate most as “psychosis” survivor and “schizophrenic”. Participating in Open Dialogue 4 days introductory training last 2 days it was interesting to watch how most of participants with special education diplomas (soc.workers, psychologists, psychiatrists) were not able to understand “basic human” relationship with those “other” they were trying to help. I must say I was the only one “other” among them. It was ok for me as I have already walked all that injustice that author beautifully described in his article. And during those 4 days I have realised how lucky I am not being the part of the system! I was risking my own wellbeing going to that training but having some knowledge of OD and being passionate for OD to come to my country I decided to go. And must say I had won a victory over myself in learning hard and being challengingly active. And even adressing the issue of perticipants’ trying to avoid sensitive issues as choosing conversations/reflections “about weather” instead. But all experience has left me hopeful that OD has start in my country. I realise that no model is “perfect” but to my humble knowledge and personal experience the OD approach is the best to challenge status quo.

  • In podbulletin of peer supported OD they disscuss lower rates pay for the users involved. I would argue that it is dishonest. Peers pay their emotional wellbeing working in that model. But maybe team work will help to overcome their tiredness. But again – peers are to be not equal from the start. That means teamwork will not help. That’s what i think from my personal experience. Finnish model is based on morality first thing.

  • Dear Sera,
    we met last year in Hilerod. Thanks God for your insight. About Alices first response. She says: It is short film bla bla designed to be shown in classrooms? Achieving some awards? Though it is flaw? Forgive them God as they don’t know what they are doing? Yes, I know – God will forgive. Me not. BigPharma targets children all over the world not only in US. You gave me insight into peer support problems. Here in Lithuania there are no peer support.
    Alice do not hear you, Sera. I don’t know what her aim is here on MIA. I am not wasting my time on her words any more. Better i’ll study all your writings here on MIA. I will learn a lot.
    Those people with high profile diplomas – they are able to speak a lot and use meaningful words. But they say so little! And it takes time to realize that.
    Thank you, Sera. Karl did good job when inviting you to Hillerod. Best wishes, Sera