Thursday, May 13, 2021

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  • While I support the 2nd amendment, your comparison between car related deaths and gun related deaths is flawed. There are tens of millions more drivers than gun owners. Moreover, people are using cars more often than they use their guns. If everyone were using their guns as often as they were driving, you would definitely see an increase in gun related injuries and deaths. You ask how much attention is given to driving. Well, for one, you need to be licensed and you can lose that privilege. Two, we have Highway patrols and city police that are constantly regulating drivers through tickets and arrests. We also have DUI checkpoints and increased police presence during holidays. This has reduced DUI related deaths dramatically. So yes, a lot of money is spent regulating driving.

    In regards to smoking – I guess you don’t remember all of the lawsuits in regards to smoking. Furthermore, we have school programs that specifically target smoking and drug use. Lastly, your insurance increases if you are a smoker, so you end up paying more. Because of anti-smoking programs, smoking has gone down – in 1965 43% of Americans were smokers, in 2013, it’s down to 17%.

    Lastly, your argument isn’t an argument. Pointing other issues out as more important does not actually argue against the claim that guns should be more regulated like driving and smoking. In fact, your statements make it seem that guns should be regulated more like driving and smoking! Read up on the fallacy of relative privation.