Thursday, May 13, 2021

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  • Actually of those 32000 gun deaths 21000 were suicides. So to suggest those 21000 individuals would not have committed suicide if they did not have guns is very flawed. Also, there are 255 million cars in the U.S. owned by about 200 million drives and 300 million guns owned by about 150 million people. You do not need a license to drive. It is just illegal to do so. Also, there is no constitutional mandate making it legal to own and drive a vehicle but there is for gun ownership. There are definitely more deaths related to cars than firearms once suicides are backed out yet there are more guns out there than cars. Because more people use cars in their everyday life it has become an “acceptable” though unfortunate loss of life situation yet considered discusting when a firearm is involved. I consider that to be hypocritical. The real fact is that the loss of life is always unacceptable but it is never the fault of the car or the gun.