Thursday, May 13, 2021

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  • fact is according to the dept of justice gun violence rates are half what they were in 1999 (3.6 per 100k homicides currently compared to almost 8 in 1999) and less than what they were in 1973. Its sensationalistic media selling ad space of sensational but limited events.

    Sandyhook and the oregon shootings were both caused by young males with aspbergers living at home with a divorced mother who overcompensated by bonding over guns.

  • Adma Lanza- diagnosed with asperbergers, lived with divorced mother who bonded with him firing assault rifles, allowed him to play violent video games. Killed 26 including young children execution style.
    Oregon shooter- diagnosed with aspergers. Lived with Divorced mother who bonded with him over guns, bragging online, according to cnn, that she kept loaded assault rifles and pistols in her home. Killed 10 wounded many others execution style.

    Do we see a pattern?

    The odds of a person with aspbergers living with a divorced mother are now more predictive of leading to a massacre than gun ownership or any other factor. about 500,000 people or so have aspbergers, 400k would be males according to the research. Anyones guess how many of those are being raised by single mothers who love guns. But if it was exceedingly high, even 200k of them, then we now have a 1 per 100k persons rate of a young male with AS living with his mother massacring innocents.