Thursday, May 13, 2021

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  • “This often takes the form of, “Person X did Y, and the fact that they did Y proves that they are mentally ill, because Y (almost any action or expression) is a mental illness.”

    Very well stated, Doctor; and I’m so encouraged by your sentiments. One important aspect to also note is the fact that correlation doesn’t prove causation. I think this is the first “rule of thumb” to consider during the introductory stages of Psychology 101. So many people in society as a whole make the false assumption of labeling people in society which (in my opinion) is found later in many instances to be the culprit for a vast majority of wrongful incarcerations.
    But in defense of the justice system… society often puts pressure on these agencies to perform when in a situation where justice is DEMANDED. In other words, with the increasing gun violence that is escalating on college campuses and universities today, society doesn’t simply seek out justice… justice is DEMANDED which puts unnecessary pressure on law enforcement to comply.
    Another very important aspect of this article that I feel also happens to highlight problematic situations is the concern with domestic violence, violent behaviors and substance/alcohol abuse. I believe that temperament is of the utmost importance when attempting to assess or categorize behaviors. Temperament is so highly overlooked in today’s society… it’s as if the population as a whole wants to either ignore it, justify it… or just sweep it under the proverbial rug. But if you’ll note, a wealth of violence and or psychotic behavior is in fact inflicted upon society as the hands of “mad men/women” living within the supposed “safe haven” of our population. More people are killed out of RAGE than out of psychotic behavior alone. Road rage for one is a growing menace in our population today as well as violent behavior in the work force. There are so many “triggers” with behavior today, that a person can’t simply be deemed with the blanket term of being “psychotic” without life long — long term psychological assessment. Our government is so emphatically insistent on labeling individuals that they fail to consider one fatal point… and that is — psychological profiles are not always correct!