Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Comments by Rob

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  • I think this sums up the underlying problem nicely, “We accept that our goals in life should be the accumulation of wealth and material goods at the cost of nature and physical well-being. We drug ourselves into becoming “normal” when the problem may be that the norm is not normal at all”.
    That being said, as a soon to be nutritionist and health researcher, there are many who are speaking up about our failed orthodox medical model. When I refer to those speaking up, I mean numerous doctors, scientists, nutritionists, researchers, and ex-patients.
    Not to put a “new-age” spin on this, but our awareness to these issues is first and foremost. It matters (a lot), and websites like this are helping, as is the author of this article (Thank you both, or all).
    There is and continues to be more and more people (professionals included) within all disciplines trying to make a difference. Wholesale change as discussed above will happen, it is inevitable. Once one has “woken-up” it seems like too slow a process to real change, but that is how nature (in its literal sense) works. 10 years ago I would have had no idea what I am thinking and doing today, and would have thought I am today crazy 🙂