Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Agreed. I also am very inspired about the POD model of care.
    I am a Retired Family Physician from Canada who happened to experience a Psychotic Episode in 2012, fairly late in my life. I felt it was more of a Spiritual Emergency. There was no room for my views within the Traditional Biomedical Model of care that I received. Each of 3 involuntary hospitalizations have earned a Story that I share on my Blog. A dark chapter in my life but full of growth and learning. As you can imagine, I have thought a lot about the Mental Healthcare System.

    Just last month I wrote in my style about the wonderful POD model. As a Doctor, as a Patient, also a Medium, this Model is an Epic Upgrade. Compassionate and Heart Open. Valuing a positive therapeutic alliance. Without this, it cannot really be called care but control and authority.

    Thank you for writing!