Monday, July 4, 2022

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  • This is the truth for me: No one is going to be there to help you! A lot of people don’t understand that but their circumstances are different from me. I have a great supporters. That being said even my supporters can’t help me when I’m sick.

    Some are usually afraid and probably with good reason. A lot of people can’t understand that either. I can’t stay home and I can’t go to family or to be with friends. The only thing I can do is go to a hospital. I would go to a peer respite, but there is not one near me. Thankfully I don’t get sick that often these days.

    An organization that is recovery oriented with staff trained in this philosophy is with certainty the better option. It can make a world of difference. Organizations like the Recovery Innovations comes to mind.

    ~ Pat

  • Interesting , thanks for the article. The best explanation of schizophrenia and all mental health diagnoses are ladled by the father of holistic medicine. That’s what I subscribe to and what I prescribe to others for sure! It pretty much emphasizes in depth what others say about schizophrenia having multiple causes both environmental and biological.

    Although I enjoy reading this website, I believe only a little of what I read. It’s just like far right media (or far left) who brings in a women who shares far right views to talk about feminism or an immigrant with the same views to talk about immigration. This website does essentially the same thing with it’s paid authors who share the same views.


  • Carina, People come to learn from your faculty about a new narrative so that they can feel it belongs to them? So that you can formulate a far left agenda?

    I just wanted you to know I’m paying attention to you and your faculty. You are just one aspect of the PIVOT POINT of mental health care. I can strike the foundational rod of MIA and my voice will echo because I am the narrative as much as you are!

    ~ Pat Hayes

  • The single best event of my life was beginning an extensive massage therapy regimen. My doctor recommended a fancy spa near my neighborhood, but I decided a different one was the right choice for me. They didn’t accept my insurance, but that didn’t bother me. I only needed to go once a week, but I have to admit I went three times a week, because that’s where my woman resided. I spent WAY too much money, but it was worth every penny. I definitely would have spent more. Now I don’t bother reading mental health articles anymore that lead to sleepless nights trying to decipher if this applies to me.

  • A study from John Hopkins University says men live longer than the men that point out a women’s weight.

    I mention that, because 21 years into my mental health challenges and I don’t understand it. Most studies mean zilch to me. I’ve had to figure nearly all of it out on my own with literally no answers. I didn’t have a history of trauma before psychosis arrived in my life. It has been quite a journey both good and bad.

  • These are the articles I like to read. It looks like you have gathered all the information in the mental health movement and described achievable goals. That is an extremely challenging with so much information and I agree with these goals.

    I liked # 3 on your list of mental health movement tasks the best, because it’s focus on a worldwide mindset to focus on human work. The Edgar Cayce Institute which I’m proud to follow says that global connectedness will become more important in decades to come.

    This article also aligns with a topic important to me which natural community supports and alternatives to care. I think this story I’m going to share relates to the point of alternatives to care paradigm. My Personal Recovery went in a new, uncharted direction when I learned about the local recovery movement here and they strengthened my mindset. Discovering how swimming, lifting weights, and journaling give my life more meaning.

    I think your tasks would be fantastic.

    ~ Pat Hayes

  • I would prefer to read articles like this from madinamerica authors. Articles that form a strategy for having better services that promote enjoyable activities, arts, advocacy, natural community support groups. Natural supports were the best tool for my Personal Recovery.

    I usually don’t enjoy articles that talk about how it’s ok and normal to feel depressed or anxious. I like the articles on schizophrenia as I’m proud that I experience symptoms of psychosis, but I think they are too long and are overthought.

    Services that helped me find natural community supports and the arts as this article discusses where more important to my Personal Recovery.

    ~ Pat Hayes

  • David Werner says in his (one of my favorites) song counting the ways “I’m finding it hard to banish the lonely man I’ve become.” I was pretty damn lonely for 20 years and I got accustomed to it.

    2) In home setting you can also see dysfunction which can be good and bad.

  • Kindness is an inner quality that leads to a very fine mental health professional. Burnout can happen to all mental health professionals and paperwork demands can make it hard to cope. Enjoyed the article and I can learn from your experience.

    – Pat