Thursday, June 24, 2021

Comments by AlexS

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  • You’re right – it’s not more than a spell. It’s up to you to break it. Humanity is doomed to become reasonable or go to hell of whatever mindless robots kind. There is a logic and there are arguments. If they don’t work, draw your own conclusions, judgements and consequences. Reasonable humanity by the way means egalitarian humainty and that should also be a hint to the nature of problems that we face.

  • “Strong” Ego shows by itself the existencialistic (mis)conception. We should value ourselves around “reason” instead of “strenght”. So the main cause of psychosis as I can tell by my own experience is about language and how it is used in order to achieve any goals. But in the end it’s also upon us, because the other side is our relation to fear and death. The whole process ist what we make ist and it can be a way to spiritual enlightening that may make us stronger and much more reasonable than these idiots. So think positive, because that’s the only logical way. 😉