Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • There are quite a few things that are the most important information to know but you will never be told the by mental health profession even if it’s obvious you need to be told. Here are some of them.

    It is very very important to realize what your parent’s weaknesses and dysfunctions are and how they affected you and might affect you in the future. They are supposed to be role models for a healthy life and happiness. When you grow up of birth in a less than ideal environment it can hard-wire you a certain way and can clash to the healthy person you were really destined to be.

    Dysfunctions and shortcomings are easily handed down from generation to generation. It’s up to each individual to be conscious of their unique past, going back two generations or more, and realize why the people in your life are the way they are. You must be the generation to spot where the problems are and break the cycles.

    Everyone needs to ask themselves did I grow up in an environment where we recognize problems? Defining a problem well is more than half the battle. People can live stupidly ill until their grave because they do not have full awareness of the roots of their troubles. Once you have the awareness it takes time for the awareness to take full effect on feeling better. Get in the habit of looking at the larger picture.

    Everyone needs to ask themselves if they grew up in an environment where there was healthy communication with a good vocabulary of emotions? About 80% of families are dysfunctional and you are far from abnormal if you came out with problems.

    If you do not have good role models you need to figure things out for yourself. Let your heart be your guide. Peel off the next layer to see the larger picture of the situation.

    Self-love is made up of caring for yourself, confidence in your good heart, the ability to laugh, caring for others, a desire and effort to improve yourself and things around you. The goal in life is to unblock the obstacles to your true heart. The most important thing you can do.

    Sorry but we have no effective mental health profession. They have no desire or ability to help anyone with anything. I’ve been immersed in the system and I can give you the inside story. If you care to know I can tell you. Or you can be part of the farce that is not working. Just by luck they did not kill me.

    I’m here to help and not harm unlike the system. If you want to save lives use the above as handouts in hospitals, Dr and therapist offices and schools. Or harm and kill by withholding like the system does every day.

    It’s common to know something and still not know its full relevance. I believe this is the case of the ineffective mental health care profession.

    When the Virginia Tech massacre occurred everyone was aware that the shooter had been in the mental health care system. But no one questioned why he did not receive help for his boatload full problems and why he did not see the system as a place to receive assistance. Everyone just assumed we had a useless mental health care system and has zero expectations for it.

    We were told the shooter at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut had a history of mental illness. But no one questions just what occurred or did not occur with his treatment. Apparently the public and the media accepts we have a useless, broken mental health care system that is not even worth discussing. I don’t believe it should be the case.

    We do not have a mental health care system with a reputation for helping. The 14,000 murders and 30,000 suicides each year is one example. Another example is the fact that the average person can likely name 4 people they personally know that had seen a therapist for very good period of time but are still walking around with the same issues. 2 out of 3 suicide victims never had any mental health care contact. The reason likely being is that our entire culture does not see the system as a place for help. It didn’t help the 1 out of 3 that gave them a try.

    I had a lot of personal experience with the mental health system. I have been down the road and I’m doing the only responsible thing by saying, “The bridge is out!” I have to honestly say it appears they do not have the intent or ability to help anybody with just about anything. I could easily fill three pages with just a brief mention of all the absurdities I have encountered.

    I’ve seen interviews with ‘professionals’ where they just drop the word ‘help’ or ‘treatment’ but the interviewer never asks what the suppose to be. As if it’s quantum physics and totally beyond us. I’ve seen quantum physics explained clearly in a 30 min show. Ask 30 therapist what their job is and 25 will have to think about it, you will get 27 different answers. Ask their customers if that’s what they are getting and 29 will say no. A therapist will never tell you what they do and don’t do unless you ask. If you do ask you’ll be shocked by the uselessness. They will not live up what they say they do. They are so use to saying nothing they forgot how to speak. They get additional brain damage.

    I’d tell them real problems and they would chuckle. Not near seeing themselves as someone to be helpful. That happened about 90+ times with over 30 therapist. If I see a new therapist there is an 80% chance I’m thinking where is the cameras this has to be joke. They are straight off of Saturday Night Live. And they get $200 per hr. And the school shootings and murder-suicides just go on and on. The average person has no place for assistance.

    It’s drilled into therapist’s and doctor’s subconscious to not provide or to harm. If they disagree it’s because it’s in their subconscious. Their actions say it all. Change it so they only get paid for results and watch how fast it changes.