Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Comments by ConcernedCitizen

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  • Dave,
    It is commendable that you are making an attempt to curb this runaway train. I applaud your efforts and back you wholeheartedly for pushing against the pharmaceutical and special interest coffers that have brought this travesty into our lives. Being someone on the inside of the profession, you are able to approach it from the standpoint of ethics and the Hippocratic oath. You are of the fraternity, I am handcuffed and at me they scoff.
    In the short term, your approach will at least save many children from the devastating effects of labeling and drugging.
    In the grand scope of things, I do not remotely favor or agree with the medical approach to mental health but it has gained ground and popularity at this time in history. Thus I can only speak out and confront it head on.
    The drugging of children with psychotropic drugs is the greater of two evils and has no place in the realm of MENTAL HEALTH. Drugs have never, nor will they ever, truly help. They have no curative properties, they only mask, suppress and exacerbate.
    In my book, even one child subjected to this kind of treatment is nothing other than adult bulling and abuse. Unfortunately, millions upon millions of children are being subjected to psychotropic drugging on a daily basis. Powerful drugs that have short term and lasting side effects on the order of walking into their school or place of employment and taking innocent lives along with their own drug induced suicide. That is the end product of drugging the unformed minds of children. That is not MENTAL HEALTH. That is mental degradation to the extreme.
    There are many answers to the problems of mental health. Unfortunately the answers do not come from the pharmaceutical industry or the current medical models taught in our universities. The answers lie in the humanities, in social structures promoting proper parenting and non-institutional learning, in nutrition and physical education.
    Mental health has absolutely nothing to do with the mighty dollar but yet psychotropic drugging alone is a hundred billion dollar industry. This is greed backed by a massive campaign to sell their snake oil to an uninformed and manipulated public. We either buy it or we don’t. We at QuickTurtle Books® do not. We believe the rights of children are the rights of men and must be protected at all cost. Thank you and please support the efforts.