Sunday, September 26, 2021

Comments by Watson

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  • I echo the appreciation for MIA for spotlighting the Cochrane report. It is studies like this — rare as they are — that gives me hope that psychologists in academia will return to studying non-pharmacological ways to help children and that clinicians in practice will recommend behavioral interventions. Although this report calls for more systematic study of behavioral interventions, there is already ample evidence that they work. Just check out the work and reviews by William (Bill) Pelham, for example.

  • Brian Kean, Editor of the journal of Ethical and Human Psychology and Psychiatry, is interested in receiving articles for consideration. He is always interested in high quality articles that might have a slim chance of being published in other journals due to a message that goes against prevailing mental health concepts. Please feel free to spread the word to colleagues about publishing opportunities with EHPP. And, thank you for your comments on this article.