Thursday, August 18, 2022

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  • Leah, the story of your mother sounds like the story of my life. Since I was 19 years old I’ve been dragged in and out of institutions and been on various medications with and without compliance. I have a four year old son, whom I raise alone because his mother has fallen into a cycle of harm and addiction. I would like to point out to everyone on this blog and to the bloggette, that there are multiple class action lawsuits against the companies and sub-companies responsible for producing and selling Abilify. I am a member of the current class action in Canada, your friendly neighbour to the north. I am often bothered by the sheer power of this systematic-corporatoracy that grips the people of the globe. Through exploitation of the vulnerable and a warped social view on the causation of such happenings in a vast expansionism that preys on the ignorance of our reality, the people are lost. If the people do not believe this class structure which is fuelled by capitalistic gain and is the product of our selves, how can we prevent the inevitable demise of the individual. “The virtue of the oppressed” (Bertrand Russel) has proven to be a flaw in a digitized society well before it became digital. Now, as we see the corporate cartel El Pharma sweeping the globe with patented vaccinations, remember that same group has been greatly effected in the last few years regarding the opioid lawsuits. Furthermore, if I may add, the idea of disaster capitalism. Whether SAR-coV2 was a lab leak or not, there exists opportunity to profit, and they will make those profits at the cost of many. America was effected the most. Do not allow them to stifle our dissent. Never.