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  • “As real as the opioid epidemic.”

    Perhaps the epidemic of patients being cut off by doctors and having to turn to the streets, resulting in an explosion of fentanyl and herion-laced-with-fentanyl deaths. Back in the 2000’s when doctors were accused (rightly so) of handing opioids out like candy at a parade, annual deaths were in the 4,000-7000 range, reaching a high of around 9,000 in 2009, and even most of those were street drugs, or people mixing opioid pills with alcohol and/or benzos at high doses. There is a very real epidemic of people with chronic pain committing suicide because they are left untreated or undertreated, and an epidemic of desperate people — abandoned by their doctors — having to turn to the streets, where purity and potency is impossible to determine from dealer-to-dealer or even batch-to-batch, fueling the death statistics.

  • “I think the evidence for opiate-induced hyeralgesia is very weak. All the studies I read seemed really agenda-driven, and I’ve never met someone who actually experienced these issues, but I have not worked with many chronic pain patients, only a handful. If this exists, my bet would be it only shows up over 10 ME per day.”

    Meanwhile, millions of people are suffering because of being yanked off their opioids or reduced to inadequate doses, and an alarming number of them are either turning to street drugs or killing themselves.

    Meanwhile, it’s legal for any adult to drink and smoke themselves to death while creating misery for everyone around them and costing society countless amounts of money. Yet it’s opioids that we need a war against? They ought to just be deregulated and available for any adult to purchase online or at a pharmacy. It’s fentanyl and herion laced with fentanyl that’s killing the vast majority of people, and they’re only turning to it because of lack of better options. It’s no mere coincidence that the more healthcare providers and the government has cracked down on opioid prescriptions, the higher the death toll has risen. From 5,000-9,000 a year back in the 2000’s — when doctors are accused of handing them out like candy at a parade — to being around or approaching the 80-90k a year that alcohol reliably kills each year.

  • And of course at least most if not all of the interventions are inevitably going to be or involve psych drugs, brain damaging, sometimes life-destroying, and certainly capable of traumatizing psych drugs. (especially regarding psychiatric hospitalizations and custody battles over refusal to drug a child or a child’s insistence not to take them because of the harm they’re experiencing; oh wait, it’s just kids being silly because ‘kids don’t like medicine, pooey!’ )

    And if you think I’m exaggerating;
    Or more accurately, “must assaulting your child from the inside out, with damages they may never recover from, and damaging the most important organ in their body always involve a game of tag?”

  • “Now he will have to overcome the internal demons and the external pressures and conflicts that landed him in such a dreadful place.”

    And the trauma and brain damage, even if relatively “mild”, that will possibly torment him for the rest of his life.

    Money and people having to do stuff, especially when there’s less and less things that actually need to be getting done due to technology, is the root of this evil. I can’t think of any less important things to be done than the current mental health professions.

  • Your assessment is wrong based on many variables; some of them simple as a placebo effect, others tardive dyskinesia (not mentioned ttbomk) and the general state of being on drugs and how they affect or effect and ultimately affect the human psyche. I could write forever on this but I steadfast on the punisition that people should have a right to choose, so long as they have truly informed consent. And that includes everything, even opioids and psychedelics.

  • “and this preventive effort needs to be combined with efforts to identify and treat patients at high risk for developing numerous debilitating health problems, physical and psychological, related to adverse childhood experiences.”

    And what of the dilemma of psychiatric/”mental health” treatment being an ACE itself? Forced drugging, adverse drug reactions, being segregated and stigmatized and treated differently than other children, being bullied as a result and it being blamed on you, being sent to special schools, being drugged more and more as you naturally resist, developing permanent involuntary movement disorders, being taken away from your parents for refusing to keep drugging you, on and on it goes, eventually becoming a disabled adult on SSI, trapped under that same psychiatric system, hiding the best you can, trying to slip through the cracks while still receiving your monthly pittance.

    But I imagine that will never be considered an ACE. It would just be way too awkward, now wouldn’t it?

  • Well this pretty much explains my childhood and why I’m still a brain damaged disabled miserable bum, counting the months (23) to my next CDR for SSI where I’m re-abused and traumatized all over again in order to get a tiny pittance that for a whole year isn’t what a medicaid funded psychiatrist gets in just a few weeks (literally – 9,000 a year compared to 160-220k a year), yet I’m supposed to be in “treatment” all these years, racking up millions of dollars in medicaid costs throughout my life, so the people that ruined me in the first place can live upper class lives while I’m shamed for occasionally buying some decent food like digornio pizza with my bridge card.

  • They’ve been saying and doing this stuff for 30 years. Even back when I was a kid, it would pop up at least every year; it’s just like protesting, and serves the same purpose. They get together and act like they’re going to accomplish something, bring attention to what they think is wrong, then disperse while patting themselves on the back, and the process repeats itself ad infinitum while child druggers march on.

  • “Why can’t they just let him be? He is no danger to himself or to anyone else. “

    It’s their job, and they get paid a lot of money to do it.

    “have become somewhat cynical and skeptical, partly due to my experiences talking with various psychiatrists over the years regarding my son’s dis-ease. Yet, in spite of my son’s treatment, I do want to acknowledge that there are psychiatrists and psychologists around the world who are not so closed-minded and who are doing work that is beneficial. “

    Have you had this experience with a psychiatrist, and if so, are you sure they weren’t just humoring you since they obviously weren’t involved in your sons treatment (else they’d stop it if they truly cared)? Or do you mean in the sense of writing books critical of psychiatry, or otherwise being critical of the profession?

    I’ve observed that many of the worst psychiatrists I’d ever been harmed by would turn around and tell other people, including and especially my parents, things that demonstrated them being completely two-faced. And of course David Healey has been criticized for just that; attacking “anti-depressants” in the guise of patient safety while advocating for and profiting from electroshock.

    E.G.: Suffering from dyskinesia and intermittent dystonia following a days long dystonic reaction, being told that it’s just a “side effect” and even that I’ll “get used to it” and being left on the drug that caused it, then hearing that psychiatrist tell my horrified parents visiting me at the hospital something along the lines of “oh yes, so terrible, 1 in 6000 it’s so rare, we’re doing everything we can, it should be over soon. Oh no it’s not permanent, it’s an allergic reaction, we took him off that ‘medication’ and put him on another and it’s gotten better, soon it will go away and we’ll get his meds sorted out, like finding the right keys to the locks.”

    And all the meanwhile I was still on the very drug that caused the dystonic reaction (risperdal) and was just doped up on benadryl and cogentin for as long as I was there.

  • Well of course, those drugs permanently damage the dopaminergic system in the brain. Not even having to adhere to the biochemical-is-all view, the dopaminergic system is certainly important to happiness and joy and especially euphoria. It’s been known for generations, both in society and in science, that most (and to some degree I’m sure it’s all) cocaine users lose their abilities to experience joy in at least the first several years they come off the drug and especially in the first few months. And, of course, ADHD drugs are just pharmaceutical cocaine.

    And many of these ADHD kids will spend their lives abusing drugs that get normal people high, just so they can experience the normal feeling of natural joy, or something similar at least.

    The drugging of children will go down in history as the greatest human atrocity, and for far more many reasons than this too.

  • Well the powers that be already know without a doubt that neuroleptic so called “anti-psychotic” drugs cause permanent brain damage, and as Whitaker and others (Lars Martensson, Elliot Valenstein) have documented, psychiatry has known this since the very beginning, at least in the upper echelons.

    Yet millions of children are forced to take them anyway. Many millions of more throughout time, even back in my generation – early and mid 1990’s. Damaging children’s brains just isn’t a big deal to psychiatry, the FDA, the law and the police and courts that enforce it – the same people that, in most states at least, would arrest and charge a parent for harming a child in some physical, non-permanent way such as a bruise. But brain damage has just become a fact of life, along with all its consequences; permanent involuntary movement disorders, sensation disorders, cognitive problems, emotional problems, behavioral problems, and I’m sure there’s many more.

    But apparently not a big deal because a “doctor” said they were sick and that is that.

  • And of course since they’re bound to make up nonsense about it being rare and rarely permanent, “Shouldn’t psychiatry be held responsible for when this does happen? Most people who suffer this wind up on SSI and stay trapped in the mental health system the rest of their life while living in poverty, where they’re often coerced or forced to continue taking the same type of drugs. Why isn’t this considered medical malpractice, or even a human rights violation? Would you do this to your own child if you have one?”

    And of course, pry into just how little (routinely nothing) they look for evidence of child abuse, or how the parents and/or the environment may be impossible for any child to grow up healthy in.

    Then again, PBS’s “the medicated child” showed a kid develop TD, and the parents with the female child on thorazine that went on to become celebrities. The father wrote a book where he admitted to abusing her, even shaking her as a baby, and from the “my kid has bipolar disorder” crowd, HE GOT SYMPATHY!

    Where is the investigation into that? Psychiatry; letting bad people off the hook by silencing (even destroying) their victims. It’s what their profession truly does, and why it was even created. Asylums were the first prisons, to lock up “the fools” at most often their families request to avoid embarrassment for them not conforming to social and cultural norms.

    It’s wasn’t even long ago, 1950’s and 60’s and even into the 70’s, that a husband could commit his wife to the “mental hospital” for trying to divorce him; parent’s could have their gay or transgender teen locked up, electroshocked, destroyed even, ultimately hidden from sight. I’ve come across many anecdotes online suggesting that the latter still happens, just with some smoke and mirrors to suggest they’re doing it for other reasons. They don’t, or at least rarely, treat the patient for their own good, as the patient sees and feels and ultimately prefers it. If they did, I’m sure many people would prefer humane and empathetic treatments, which are virtually nonexistent and far from the standard, especially if you’re not rich. Most prescriptions written for psych drugs for demanding pill poppers are written by general docs/family docs anyway. By the time you get to psychiatry, it’s a matter of control, not of improvement and quality of life. If it were, they certainly wouldn’t use drugs that cause brain damage, certainly without admitting it and giving everyone a choice without coercion. That’s the discussion our society ought to be having; can brain damage ethically be considered medicine, and if so, when? And what’s the difference between that and bashing someone’s head to zonk them out? Does calling it medicine really change the reality of the damage that’s being done to people, that if it were called anything else, would we even be having this discussion or would it already be illegal due to the bill of rights?

    All in the name of medicine, by people who are legally recognized as doctors, but with more authority than police officers and since mental health courts are kangaroo courts, more authority than even the courts.

  • Doesn’t appear to be any mention of drugging. As much as people are going to have bleeding hearts for this story, I’d personally say this person got off easy, and I’d love to trade places with them if I could anyway. Considering I’m still suffering the effects of the neuroleptics drugs I was forced on when I was 13 over 20 years ago at Hawthorne center in northville/livonia, I would had taken corporal punishment with a smile in comparison. Oh and I would love to hear the journalist hit them with this one too; “Aren’t there other ways to correct children’s behavior that doesn’t cause permanent brain damage? Psychiatry admits that these disorders weren’t made up and aren’t new and have been around since recorded history, is this the first time in history that child rearing has involved causing permanent brain damage using medical treatments?”

    The worst assault, battery and torture is done physiologically within. The rest is just life, as brutal as it can be, and people have evolved to overcome it; you cant overcome brain damage induced movement disorders anymore than you can overcome cerebral palsy. Maybe find some happiness here and there anyway, but your “life”, in a normal-persons sense; occupation, love-life, etc, is over.

    Even psychiatry tacitly admits this is numerous ways; denying tardive dyskinesia’s existence for 20 years, almost no research at all into the “disorder”, rejecting the fact the drugs even cause brain damage (to which they do far beyond that which produces TD), and admitting in textbooks and training manuals that the only way to treat TD is “prophylactically” and yet go on to prescribe, coerce and even force the drugs on just about everyone, including millions of childrens, oh but of course they’re still in denial of the new ones causing it or having unsubstantiated beliefs like the number is “1 in 6,000″ or that so many movement disorders and symptoms of neurological damage by neuroleptics/”antipsychotics” isn’t TD because it doesn’t mirror an exact description of just one variant of it, and of course they never diagnose it either.

    I really wish a journalist would do a “hit-piece” on this, especially in regards to children and forced drugging. See an old video of little jimmy or sarah doing O.K., but then one day blahblahblah wouldn’t go to school or started having temper tantrums, then all the sudden they’re rocking back and forth grunting, turning their head, pulling their shoulders up, twisting and contorting in ways most people didn’t think was possible. Then stick a camera in a psychiatrists face and ask how this is an appropriate children’s medication for “behavioral healthcare/medicine.” – something that shouldn’t even exist, the term itself sounds borne of human rights violations. Oh and I would love to hear the journalist pull this question out “Psychiatry claims these disorders weren’t made up and have been around at least since recorded history, are there any other ways to correct behavior or otherwise rear children without using medicine to cause permanent brain damage?” Oh and this one “Psychiatry’s biggest claim of the last 50 or so years are that mental illnesses are brain illnesses, that brain health is essential to mental health and wellbeing, wouldn’t drug-induced brain damage contradict the goals of psychiatry?”

  • It should be mentioned, acknowledged by everyone in this discussion, that drugging children and trapping them in the psych system is an ACE itself; a life-shattering and truly traumatic one as well in my experience, which I’m sure is not unique. Especially when the child is practically (if not literally) kicking and screaming to be off the drugs, but gets forcibly drugged anyway. And of course these drugs are almost always being used to try to sweep other physical or sexual abuse under the rug, especially when they are used for behavioral control, which is very common. In some ways, that can be considered worse than rape. The “side effects”, the feeling of being harmed that last for days, weeks, months on end to which there is no escape, not even when you’re alone and in the safest physical space you could be in. A torment with no respite, not even for a moment, until at least the child becomes an adult and discovers alcohol and/or herion, such as I did and then that’s a relief followed by a suffering that’s at least a good distraction. The permanent brain damage — it never goes away, especially if you develop an involuntary movement disorder, or vision focusing problems, dystonia, etc. Psychiatric drugs can and often do harm children in ways that they literally can not possibly recover from, not with all the therapy in the world. At least with psychological harms there is hope. But the brain damage caused by psychiatric drugs, particularly neuroleptics, produces permanent damage to the most important organ in the body, and I’m sure the total count of in what ways this has adversely affected children for the rest of their lives will never be fully assessed, it’s undoubtedly a countless number of ways. Yet it’s rampant and I’ve almost never heard anyone writing articles like this address it, let along explain the atrocity of it.

  • And this is exactly what people were saying in the 1990’s. Except it was actually much more controversial and more damning for psychiatry, yet here we are.

    1990: “The numbers of children being prescribed dangerous amphetamines for a controversial diagnosis continues to soar, blah blah blah blah blah.”

    2018: “Lancet Psychiatry, highlighted the ‘urgent need to refine evidence-based guidelines for stimulant prescribing’. However, despite this ballooning use of stimulants, Sibley goes on to suggest that those with ‘legitimate’ ADHD ‘fail to receive treatment’ due to ‘stigma’ and problems with ‘stimulant acceptability'”

  • This is what I don’t like about discussions. Would we be discussing the end of our lives if people had guns to our faces? This is going on. The children bare the most of this deceit and opportunity to make a difference. We need to free them from the group homes, and the parents that enslave them, often into their 20’s and 30’s, and eventually into death. I narrowly avoided it. I want more people like me to buck the system. We’d be good at it. Kids that are forced to take psychiatric drugs, especially neuroleptic drugs, especially after they’ve begun developing permanent movement disorders/dystonia, in forced settings as usual, some of which die — all of which will die prematurely — are going to be looked back at in the future (if the truth gets known) as being this generations victims of human atrocity, like Jews in the holocaust.

  • More and more and more people will just turn to alcohol, so perfectly legal and cheap anywhere you go.

    The DEA cracking down on opiods is exactly why there’s been a huge increase in the amount of herion (most of it laced with deadly fentanyl) on the streets, and it’s just that which is driving the death tolls, not prescriptions for norco or oxycontin, and yes that gateway drug “1 in 4″ become addicts” is a myth and has been refuted by researchers. And nevermind that the DEA’s job is to fight Richard Nixon’s war on drugs, not to get involved in people’s healthcare, no wonder they don’t seem the slightest bit disturbed by this massive increase of herion+fentanyl on the streets, it just ensures their survival as tax payer funded professionals for another generation.

    I’m as anti-psych drug as I think a person can get while still remaining reasonable, but benzos should be left alone. They’ve saved my life at least a few times. There are many people that at some point during the year will reach a breaking point that could lead immediately to suicide or impulsively violent behavior, and without that xanax or klonopin or whatever benzo to reach for to knock them down a bit for awhile, they and whoever their victims would be (including, especially those that love them) are doomed.

    Lest they make it to the liquor store and down a bottle of bourbon in time, but of course everyone knows that alcohol is good for you and has never messed people’s lives up or caused society any trouble let alone killed anyone.

  • “Second, we will implement a method where comments can be “liked.” This will give you, as community members, the chance to self-select the responses that you feel add value to the discussion. In addition, you will be able to view comments sorted by the oldest, newest, or highest rated.”

    I’m not sure if I’m the first to say it, but this is a very bad idea. It’s going to lead to mob-rule. Wherein the clique of users on this site that comment the most can essentially take over the comment section by liking each others and outnumbering the dissenters. Most people, on any site, select “highest rated” for anything anywhere even if to just get an idea of what the “community” is like. Before this is implemented I think it should at least be given much more thought.

    Perhaps a better, and perhaps revolutionary system would be to just categorize comments along the lines of those who liked the article, those who didn’t, putting comments in sections of “approval”, “disapproval”, “correction / addition”, whatever.

    This way instead of the dissenters to whatever the popular view is at the time and place getting buried into oblivion, they just appear in their own section, and people would curiously browse them separately.

  • In the United States they work hand-in-hand with child protective services or whatever they are called in certain area’s and just have the children taken away from the parents over medical neglect allegations. It happened to me as a child more than once and that was in the 1990’s. It’s gotten much worse since then. It’s a slam-dunk if the school’s are involved and they can play the truancy card — “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” > but he can’t go to school because they wont let him unless he’s on “meds” > parents refuse to force kid to take “meds” > child taken away from parents and drugged in foster care.

    External and internal trauma + brain damage = super slam dunk for psychiatry. Another child psychiatrist with yet another notch in their belt, patting themselves on the back for keeping yet another genetic defect from disrupting the normies by giving that useless eater the whooping of a lifetime, and from the inside out at that. Big, big man. Or powerful, powerful woman. And with 160k a year salary, too. Almost entirely tax-payer funded, of course. Don’t mention that though if you’re a patient or parent of a child with “mental illness”, I mean if you thought pointing that out to a police officer was bad, be prepared to meet them along with an ambulance if you insult a psychiatrist that way. Someone threatened to kill themselves or someone else? Your word against theirs.

  • “If they won’t even chase people accused of felonies logic dictates that chances are 99.999% certain no one is going to bother looking for or doing anything about someone that ditched on a forced drugging order.”

    But you’re neglecting to acknowledge that criminals have rights and their due process is actually real and probably no less than a million lawyers and the Supreme Court’s fight for their rights all the time. The mentally ill are in a class well below fleeing felons.

  • This is a 20 year old discussion. People have already made up their minds and at best you’re asking history to repeat itself. If you have a problem with it then move on to legislation because diagnosing and drugging children is in fact child abuse.

  • “Being held down kicking and screaming to be injected with a benzodiazepine.”

    Just think: that’s nothing compared to neuroleptics. I had numerous forced injections of neuroleptics as a child, and developed dystonia. Terrifying, torturous experiences that left me terrified even months (and even to this day when dealing with doctors, especially psychiatrists or even any part of the mental health system) after the symptoms of that brain damage wore off. Although symptoms of the brain damage from all my childhood drugging is still present and ruining my life, just be glad you didn’t get to be a psych kid 5-15 years later. Benzos in children in the 90’s? NO WAY! That’s a DRUG! They use that on the STREET! You would have gotten Haldol, an “anti-psychotic” “medication” that’s “oh so wonderfully helpful” and to this date people are considered delusional by the medical professionals if they disagree that neuroleptics are just the chemical lobotomies that they are.

    And yeah, all off this is happening to millions of children of this generation and the one before it. And don’t forget that ALL children are forced to take these drugs, since none of them are given a choice and will be coerced and even punished if they don’t. Now imagine all the “side effects”/damage and especially the permanent ones and how a child must internalize that given those circumstances. I gave up hope a long time ago that anything will change. Had MILITARY POWER not have defeated Nazi Germany, the whole world would just be glossing over and/or rationalizing or denying stuff like the holocaust and eugenics. It’s the way people work. As long as something is approved by the authorities in our society, it will continue to be and anyone against it is a wackjob.

  • “If Engineer and others who want to get rid of Trump continue using typically hypocritical and irrelevant liberal arguments based on playing with the vote count, manipulating the Electoral College, etc.”

    You’re not the same guy but you’re having problems with paragraphs too.


    “They will guarantee themselves a long season of marching around and shouting their protests at the sky, and an endless reservoir of things to be outraged about.”

  • Paragraphs, please.

    “Actually, if we are a country “divided” it is 50% who voted, and 50% who did not.”

    It’s the electorate. The electoral college could still this over but they wont. Something like this happened in the Bush-Gore election.

    “And, I am sorry, civics teachers, the one who chooses not to vote has ever right to complain,”

    Absolutely agree.

    This is one of the great things of living in nation that hopefully cherishes freedom. Thank you.”

    once again, you are welcome.

  • MIA staff ignore the report I hit the wrong link again.

    “A plausible theory I’ve heard is that the Republican establishment could help set him up to be impeached”

    Yes they absolutely could. That’s my whole point. He needs to tow the party line, but he’s not exactly what you think he is.

    Thinking about this another way; we have a president-elect who is a sexually deviant, racist, made fun of a great man with “disability”, said the most outrageous shit ever.

    My only fear is a hope (unfulfilled) damn I left that out I’m really glad MIA brought back the edit feature. I hope my theory about him is true; that’s he just trolled you all and manipulated the voters.

  • Trump’s demeanor changed very quickly as president-elect. Trump is not what he appears to be. Mike Pence is exactly what he appears to be, and is probably the most terrifying person in the world right now. If Trump gets impeached or dies, Pence is the last guy we want with control over weapons of mass destruction.

    Trump just played everyone. He’s smarter than you think. Beg for a Trump Vs Pence presidency. Nobody should want Mike Pence as president.

  • I lived with a visible TD as a teenager, over time it has become a teeth and jaw clenching thing. Nobody I meet knows I have it unless I have to talk to them. I’m 33 now and sometimes it goes away. Antihistamines like benadryl make it worse, way worse, but drugs like alcohol make it way better. Funny that.

    Children have no power. Everything you know about the effects of these drugs is on adults. Nobody ever bothered to find and know the effects of these drugs on children.

  • “To murder is human. To mass murder needs a regulatory apparatus.”

    The nazi’s were just following orders. Atrocities occur because people feel weak on their own. When it’s all said and done, only a small percentage of us refused the orders.

  • I’ve detoxed in several ER’s and rehab centers, not one of them used Niacin. It’s because I’m so skeptical about doctors and medicine that I learned so much about this topic in the first place (alcohol withdrawals and the do’s and don’ts of managing them)

    It’s also common knowledge that Niacin in high doses causes liver damage. It’s even been in the news over the years and with discussions about legally restricting it as a dietary supplement because of it.

  • It’s actually central nervous system excitation that makes alcohol withdrawals dangerous and produces the symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome that can lead to delirium tremens. Nutrition has absolutely nothing to do with it (“wet brain” is another issue and thiamine is used to treat it). It’s because alcohol is a powerful CNS depressant, and of course the brain makes compensatory adaptations to changes in its normal functioning (decrease CNS, brain works to increase it; this is how tolerance develops in the first place)

    But I’m really only replying because I think your recommendation of niacin is dangerous. Niacin in high doses is very toxic to the liver and a chronic alcohol user likely already has fatty liver and increased liver enzymes (impaired liver function)

    The only tried-and-true treatment for alcohol withdrawal are substituting the CNS depressant effects of alcohol with a drug (benzos or barbituates) that also depresses the CNS and then tapering them off of that.

  • Somewhere a child is suffering “EPS”, dystonia,the inner muscles s of their mouth lock up, and their chest. They can struggle to swallow, struggle to breath. The nurses will call it “EPS”, a side effect of the “medication” and float their way one through their job disregarding you because you had the benadryl and cogentin. People need to stop talking and start acting. Power is power. Words have no power. No child should suffer what I went through.

  • Wow, there are a lot of comments here, all preaching to the choir, at least as far as I got through them.

    Nothing is going to change. It doesn’t matter whose right or who isn’t. Power is power. It exists independent of what is right. That’s how we got here in the first place.

  • I hate to always be such a downer, but psychiatry and it’s drug pushing is by far more powerful than ever. Tim Murphy’s bill even passed the senate with only one dissenting vote. It wont be long before family doctors / general practitioners are forced to screen their patients for depression. Schools are already doing such screenings for children and in many area’s forcing parents to comply with both the screening and the treatments that follow, with the power of child protective services at their disposal. This is on the verge of becoming a federal mandate.

    Meanwhile, psych drug prescribing is continuing to climb steadily, every year being more than the last.

    It’s depressing to think about, but this side of the fence is losing horribly.

  • “They just keep make it worse for themselves by opening their mouths / uncapping their pens.”

    Not at all, because their article is being read by mostly psychiatrists and some other mental health professionals, who take everything they say on face value, a tiny percent of which would ever actually come here and read Whitaker’s.

  • “I want to get out of this medieval torture chamber in one piece. I do not want to come out with brain damage, neurological disease such as tardive dyskinesia, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular problems, shortened life expectancy or severe psychological trauma, with nothing but a monthly disability check and government subsidized housing as “compensation” for my sufferings in this brutal system.”

    This is my life, although my brain damaging, life destroying experience with psychiatry was during childhood (with a handful of encounters as a guy having to spend his entire adult life on SSI/disability)

    “Let me make myself clear: I want to see psychiatrists punished for the criminal frauds and quacks that they are, perhaps before an international tribunal.”

    I’ve been saying this for years, but I refer to it as them being charged with crimes against humanity in nuremberg-esque trials.

  • Pretty sure I read about them knowing this decades and decades ago. Was in Elliot Valensteins Book Blaming the Brain as well as Whitaker’s Mad in America. Yes, let’s just keep blowing money of running the same sort of research studies over and over and over to come up with the same results because after-all, some people demand six-figures in paychecks.

  • I live under a rock, not literally of course. I wasn’t able to catch the airing but I would like a summary of it. I scanned the posts here the best I could and didn’t find anything that caught my eye. To be honest though I might have missed it as I glance through the articles on the front page. I’m looking for Robert Whitaker. I’m almost totally blind at the moment, I can only read through the corner of my eye, it’s a long story that’s NOYB. I’ve been here for an hour and cant find anything relevant to this. That’s not to say it’s not here, but in my current state I can not find it. Where is Whitaker’s take on this? I would read that how ever hard I had to struggle to do so.

  • It’s important to sum things up. I’ll do just that; psychiatry and the “mental healthy” professions rely on money and prestige, the latter of which produces for the the former.

    Whitaker has now, and often times before, proposed a question that is still unanswered;

    “How can we yank power from a medical discipline that resides within such a dissonant state, and yet has such an impact on our lives?”

    Stop ruminating. Stop “acting”, stop protesting and stop arguing. Start thinking.

  • “that studied the connection between benzodiazepines and mortality.”
    Actually, that should say the connection between ABUSING BENZODIAZAPINES WITH ILLICIT DRUGS AND MORTALITY. There has been a lot hate and attack toward benzos in the media these last several months and it has been growing for years, but has it really gotten to the point where a long-term high-tolerance herion addict is injecting enough herion to knock a horse out for surgery, then takes half a bottle of xanax and dies… and we’ll blame the xanax? Attack the doctors who prescribe it? Seek legislation to restrict them and make a million legitimate patients have to fight tooth and nail to get them? Then the tragic irony is that then anxiety patients are just put on neuroleptics like seroquel/abilify/latuda/risperdal, etc or so called “anti-depressants”, which not only don’t work but often make symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks worse and are way, way more, astronomically more dangerous and harmful (and even permanently so, and completely on their own) than the benzodiazapines.

    We’re almost there… “Hey doctor, I’ve having constant anxiety attacks, it’s screwing with my neurological system, I get massive chest pains, shaking fits, I cant feel myself breathing and then I panic because I think I’m dying! I feel this pressure just building in my skull and sinuses sometimes, and it literally makes me have to scream without control and I tore a chunk of my hair out the other day. My throat is tight when I swallow and muscles in my upper abs keep involuntary clenching and…”

    Doctor: “Stop, just stop right there. Well, in the past I’d give you some ativan or klonopin or something. It works 100% of the time as it’s just a simple central nervous system depressant. But, those drugs are supposedly dangerous now, so I’ll prescribe you some risperdal/seroquel/abilify,etc instead. Ironically, these can cause those symptoms in 12 to 30% of the people who take them and cause serious adverse reactions that could even drive you to impulsive suicide. There’s no evidence or otherwise any good reason to think they might help, but they’re all that we “ethically” have now because they’re not controlled substances. Oh and they can cause permanent brain damage, including permanent involuntary movement disorders and life-threatening metabolic disorders, as well as the development of compulsive behaviors and addictions, apathy, malaise, etc. Oh and the life expectancies of people who take them are 25 years less than that of the general population. But I cant give you the xanax anymore. Those drugs are dangerous! They might kill you if you abuse them with alcohol and/or opiates!”

    In a country where anyone over the age of 21 can go to any grocery store, department store or corner store in the country and buy all the alcohol and tobacco they can afford and drink and smoke themselves to death if they want, JUST FOR FUN, there is absolutely no good reason that doctors should be gatekeepers to anything. If aliens with advanced intelligence came down to Earth, this is one of the many ridiculous and illogical things about our species that they’d be shaking their heads at.

  • Yeah, it’s become a mind field that might be all for the better if not for a lack of real mental health services, in place of typical “mental health” business-as-usual. I just got back from my final appointment with this GP. He “progressed” some no longer trying to refer me to psychiatric treatment by giving me an ultimatum; that he would only continue prescribing me xanax if I agreed to take other “medication” that would “help me more.” He was right in his statements that the body adjusts to xanax very quickly and that continued “treatment” with it would result in the need for periodic dosage increases and an eventual “horrendous withdrawal syndrome”, so for his accuracy in that I’ll give him credit. It’s just too bad that some of the more “enlightened” doctors still have a generation to go before they finally have it all sorts out. For crying out loud, he recommended wellbutrin and abilify; wont even go into the experience I had on wellbutrin as a late teen and the horrific “anxiety” it induces, a neurological episode that made me thought I was having a constant seizure while somehow swallowing my own stomach every second. But to even be on 10mg of xanax a day would be astronomically “safer” than a neuroleptic like abilify. I plan on tapering off of xanax with the final RX he gave me, “the final” being his words. I see no point in trying to find a new GP since this is all in my medical reports and I’m surely been documented as a “doctor shopper by now”… I only wish that there were real help for me. I never would have went back on benzos if there were and now that I wouldn’t “need” them if I had access to real treatment.

  • I sent the original article to my current GP’s office a couple of weeks ago after “my doctor”s physician’s assistant tried to refer me to psychiatric treatment. This was after I already told this new GP how I had felt about him referring me to psychiatric treatment based on the combination of the facts I have a psychiatric history in my medical record and was asking for a prescription for xanax. I’m not sure if anyone read it or not, but I think it’s currently by and far the greatest article to use in that situation and I’m glad it’s at least available.

  • “Morphine calms and induces sleep.”

    Not necessarily. Many people experience agitation and anxiety from opiates. My father is one of those people and I am when it comes to certain ones, especially oxycontin. Much of if not virtually all of the people mixing opiates with benzos are doing it for this reason, since the two drugs do not have desirable effects that go good together (opiates can create a sense of euphoria and dream-like dissociation, benzos make you lethargic and create a sense of dysphoria and boredom)

  • “I have no answer but I know that I have seen so many people suffer off any medication or without any treatment who could not identify that they had any problems and the 180 turn around when they finally are treated.”

    But there is a serious confounding factor not being taken into account in virtually every situation like this and it’s that a long line of research — which has been in some way unintentionally replicated or supported by other studies many times over — suggesting that this is usually due to brain alterations caused by the drugs, either iatrogenic damages to the brain and/or a drug withdrawal syndrome. Even mainstream psychiatry’s most beloved and accepted research shows that over the long-term, the symptomatology of “chronic disorders” typically change in both form and severity — something that has for generations been arbitrarily blamed on “the underlying illness” being degenerative, but which scientific research has shown would be much better explained by the effects of psychiatric drugs on the brain.

    Even in times when this is not the case (really, especially in times when this is not the case), there is a robust and growing amount of research showing that non-drug therapies are at least as effective in helping these people. Even aside from the brain damage evidence, considering the serious and irrefutable harms caused by these drugs such as permanent involuntary movement disorders and life-threatening metabolic disorders, I would not consider it to be of good moral or ethical integrity to support these drugs when 1) there’s a long line of scientific research to suggest the drugs are responsible, at least to a significant degree and 2) relatively benign and helpful treatments are not being given the respect they deserve, thus are almost never available and even when used are typically done in a back-handed way by biased people who hope and expect the treatment to fail in support of their own favored business-as-usual.

  • Yeah, that’s actually a very good strategy. One of the major disagreements I always had with the MFI folk, is that if the law is on their side but the victims aren’t willing to break the law to exact justice, then what exactly might even possibly stop the atrocious victimization’s from occurring? Protests. That’s right; “blow up” the phones by trying to call them 500 times a day, try to get 10-20 people to stand outside the hospital holding signs then try to get a journalist to “cover” it because supposedly then a THOUSAND people might show up! Ridiculous. Protesting has never accomplished anything. It’s not but annoyance, and if anything that only fuels your oppositions disdain for you even more. A recklessly dangerous thing to do when the health and well-being of the person you’re protesting for is in the control of the haughty professionals you’re protesting.

    Let a forced drugger know how seriously you feel about it, how there’s zero chance that you’ll “let it go” at ANY length of time and how “functional” you’ll be in “such matters” and unless you’re a ward of the state he can have shipped off to a group home 100 miles into the middle of nowhere, your odds of escaping that needle have just gone up astronomically. If one person who made that stand got the needle and followed through with natural justice, the odds that anyone would escape the needle from then on would go up astronomically.

    Like it for not, violence and “terrorism” work. If not, then tell me why the media wont show a picture of mohammad.

  • “One wonders what happens in the minds of these professionals when they read articles showing how psychiatric drugs cause permanent damage and even death – when they read what happened to Luise. Do they feel guilt? Shame? Panic? Fear? Love and blessings to you Dorrit – and Luise.”

    They don’t read it. It’s routine in psychiatry to ignore stuff like this, or to shrug it off as nonsense otherwise. As Whitaker has documented in his books on psychiatry and its history, there was no point throughout time where the profession wasn’t being hammered by complaints of grave harm and even torture being done by them to their patients, combined with no absence of studies revealing that these atrocities for their patients were real. The result? They ignored it and re-wrote their own history and are still busy patting each other on the backs and reassuring each other that their PR campaigns will continue to give them credence with the public and make their victims powerless for yet another generation.

  • I would strongly disagree. Seroquel is a neuroleptic just like any other, and the one and only time I took it (after naively being convinced it wasn’t a neuroleptic back in the late 90’s when I didn’t have the sort of access to information I do now), it made me dystonic and gave me sleep payalysis. I was certain it was a neuroleptic not even an hour after I took it, and I would turn out to be right.

  • I’ve glanced at headlines and articles referring to the use of neuroleptics in parkinsons patients before and have never really been able to comprehend it. My brain just locks, it freezes. I’m struggling, to grasp the absurdity in using a drug that blocks/reduces dopamine in the brain in people whose disease causes its symptoms and suffering by doing the same thing.

    I still cant grasp it. Neither have I ever been able to grasp the reality of how doctors use neuroleptic drugs in patients on mechanical ventilators and who have fevers or for whatever reason are “delirious”…

    It just cant really be happening. Could any doctor, let alone thousands of doctors, really be that stupid and dangerously psychotic? And if so, why would it be allowed?

  • Morphine is worthless. When I was in the hospital with an ulcerative colitis flareup they kept giving me shot after shot after shot after shot of morphine and it didn’t do a damn thing. It dropped a 7 out of 10 pain down to about a 6.8 out of 10. It got to the point that if they were to continue having to use morphine, they’d have to put me in “twilight”, which adds a benzo and puts you on breathing support. I said no and demanded they give me something else. 1mg dilaudid every 4 hours from then on and I was practically floating through space and time.

  • The so called “atypical antipsychotics” / second generation neuroleptics would be by and far the biggest culprit. And as for whether or not it is… I think the answer is… DUH!

    How can people be so blind. About a decade ago there was a lot in the news about childhood obesity and especially children getting type II diabetes for like the first time in human history and then everyone was quick to blame fast food and soft drinks and then that was that. Never mind that at least a million children had been put on second generation neuroleptics at that time, and obesity and diabetes are common long-term “side effects” of them.

    This was a huge issue all over the news on and off for like a year or two, and NOT ONCE was it ever mentioned that there had been this drastic, astronomically high increase in the numbers of children being forced to take psych drugs and that weight gain and diabetes were among their most common “side effects”.

  • “people who will ALSO SUFFER when yanked off of their benzos or forced into similar rapid tapers when a doctor becomes aware of their addiction history.”

    And then can go to any corner store, grocery store or department store in the country and buy as much alcohol as they can afford, which is many, many times worse. Doctors who act like gatekeepers to drugs need to get their heads checked and/or come off their high horse.

  • I was hospitalized several times in the years between about 91-92 to 97 before beidermans risperdal and “bipolar boom” had really eve taken off, before things were even nearly as bad as they’ve been in this millennium. My longest hospital stay was 4 and a half months in a state mental hospital at the age of 13. All of these hospitalizations were a result of coercion by the state amid custody battle over the fact that the schools insisted I be drugged (and later that I had to go to school, even after my parents arranged for me to be professionally home schooled) but soon after I began complaining about the drugs, my parents realized they were screwing me up and started to fight back.

    The state hospital was by and far the worst when it came to drugging (Hawthorn center in Northville / Livonia, still open and going) as EVERY child was put on haldol as a matter of course. I was on it within the first 20 minutes that I got there, at the time having had no outbursts or seen any sort of medical professional at all. While billing the tax payers what had to be at least several hundred dollars a day, the 4 and a half months I spent there were just a matter of putting me in a routine and keeping me drugged. Waking me up every morning, sending me to “class” (a sort of school simulation where you didn’t have to actually do any school work, just sit there while some guy pretended to be a teacher), three meals a day, an hour of quiet time (everyone in their rooms) some recreation time and then bedtime.

    They did nothing to try to help me with anything at all. They collected all that tax money just to keep me drugged while keeping me away from my family. At the time I did have serious social, psychological and emotional problems from the hell psychiatry and the schools had put me through up to that point, but they couldn’t have cared less about that. Not to mention all the drug-induced problems I had up to and beyond that point.

  • “Bob, does this not indicate you are agreeing that using literal drugs for metaphorical “diseases” and calling them “medications” is sometimes acceptable, and it’s just a matter of figuring out the optimal way of doing so?”

    I’m pretty sure he’s made it clear for a very long time that he’s done his best to separate his personal opinions from that of his interpretation of the scientific literature. If he were a guy just running around screaming his opinions through a bull-horn, nobody but his own would listen to him.

  • Can we please all keep in mind that these drugs are being used in countless numbers of CHILDREN, almost entirely for purposes of behavioral control. And what I mean by that, is that even if you believe in the whole “childhood bipolar/brain illness” fraud, much of child psychiatry’s use of these brain damaging drugs is ADMITTEDLY TO CONTROL BEHAVIOR. In their own words, “to reduce irritability in children with autism (or honestly any disorder)”, to break and prevent temper tantrums or “meltdowns”, and I kid you not, EVEN AS SLEEP AIDS!

  • It is actually very common, routine actually, that psychiatric drugs are used purely for behavioral purposes in jails and prisons. This case is just one example that I remember the news media had actually reported that fact, and even most of the articles you’ll find on it leave that fact out;

    “Eventually, the officers lift Brown over their shoulders and carry him into another room, where his face is covered with a “spit mask,” according to CNN.

    Officers inject him with two shots of lorazepam, a sedative, according to KFOX. Brown begs for water, telling officers, “I’ve got problems.” They eventually give him a small cup half-filled with water. After the officers take Brown back to his cell, his breathing worsens. He can be seen on the floor, unresponsive.”

  • “Back when I was in high school, it was unheard of for a police officer to come to school,”

    But probably not unheard of for a teacher to grab a student and beat the living snot out of them. Or for dangerous and/or “crazy” students to wind up at the work farm, boot camp, “insane asylum”, illegally drafted underage to WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Times have changed indeed.

    I cant verify for sure if any of it is 100% true, but both my father and grandfather have attested to it.

  • And for the sake of fun, I thought maybe a visual presentation of my point might be worth yet another comment post.

    In this scene, “lord baelish” — a backhanded man with a lot of “dirt” of a lot of people — is trying to coerce Cersei shortly after she had come to power by implying that he his aware of her secretive incestuous love affair with her brother;

    The time stamp should begin the video at 1:43.

  • “Well one thing is for sure, in the decade or so that psychiatry quickly rose to prosperity, they had little if any credibility with the public. They did it through gaming the system;”

    I want to add that my experiences with psychiatry as a child were a perfect example of what I mean. In all my years of being tormented and permanently damaged by them in that time, I don’t recall ever coming across another kid who wasn’t in a situation like mine or very similar. Psychiatrists hooked up with the schools, teachers began reporting “problem child’s”, parents were referred to psychiatrists, child protective services were on-board to get involved if they didn’t cooperate.

    Take away psychiatry’s partnership with the government school system and their coercive powers through CPS and B.S. like “child abuse by medical neglect”, and I bet there would had been very few children in the 1980’s and early 90’s whose parents would have ever taken them to a drug pushing psychiatrists, or consented to putting them on those drugs.

    In the new millennium, propaganda forces have changed things quite a bit. There is definitely much more public approval for psychiatry today and many more parents not only willing but who are the agents-in-control forcing the torment of forced drugging on their children. But it all began with gaming the system. Psychiatry never bothered wasting its time trying to raise “public awareness” for their propaganda until after they had already established their power.

  • Well one thing is for sure, in the decade or so that psychiatry quickly rose to prosperity, they had little if any credibility with the public. They did it through gaming the system; having allies like Big Pharma, and the best lawyers money could buy.

    I’m saying the way to reverse this, is to do exactly what they did for themselves, except against them. Game the legal system is such a way as to find any and every loophole there is that could crush them one by one and piece by piece, and fight THAT battle, because the public doesn’t have any real power in this, only authority does.

  • When I was growing up as a kid, it was right around the time the shift in the U.S. was occurring, where the unions were being dismantled and outsourcing began and competition between the U.S. and the rest of the world in our economy took off.

    My grandfather retired at the age of 50 owning a home with acres of land and having enough money in the bank to live well up to the age of 92 without ever needing any government or charity assistance. He worked at A.C. Delco making spark plugs. One of my uncle’s retired on work-related disability from General Motors in the 1980’s when he was about 40. Was merely a janitor, yet owned/owns a home, an RV, a boat and can still afford to buy new vehicles every year.

    Times have surely changed.

  • “The first challenge is raising public awareness– ”

    I feel I have to come back to this. In terms of getting the right lawyers to take interest in finding the right avenues for seeking justice, exactly what is public awareness going to do?

    Is there a belief that if enough people know about it, AND agree with us, that judges and politicians will just start taking matters into their own hands, regardless of the law and how the government works? Really, places like MFI have been protesting for decades, and not only haven’t accomplished a single thing, but have made many things worse (like turning Chris Busche’s 2-3 week psych unit incarceration into an 18 month state hospital one by “advocating” for him) and regardless of their activities one way or another, psychiatry and big pharma soared to new heights as if all the protests and “public awareness” weren’t even as much as a fly in the room.

    Besides that, even if you do manage to get the public’s awareness, it wont be for long. Even the most horrific mass shootings like Adam Lanza’s are mostly forgotten by everybody in just a few weeks. People are busy living their lives. They’re not going to be able to help us. They’re certainly not going to form a mob to go and arrest people like Joseph Beiderman.

  • “The first challenge is raising public awareness”

    I would disagree, sounds like a sister form of protesting, which has already been done extensively for generations and has never accomplished anything.

    Besides, the best public awareness would be thousands of journalists across the country having to cover a story as profound as high-level psychiatry experts being charged with crimes related to their scientific research the fraudulent disinformation it produced and the subsequent harms that millions of people — including children — had suffered and even been irreparable harmed from.

  • You comment reminds me of this, I think one of the best things ever written;

    ” From a public health perspective, at the risk of being provocative, if the goal of such legislation is really to reduce the incidence of aberrant public behavior, what we need instead is a law that prohibits the consumption of alcohol; if the goal is really to reduce healthcare costs, what we need instead is a law to force diabetics to comply with recommended treatment; if the goal is really to decrease the risk of gun-related deaths, what we need instead is a law to keep firearms out of the hands of males. Obviously few people would ever consider legislating these violations of people’s rights even though these changes would make a significant impact on these important public health problems. I would put it to you that the reason we are even considering violating the rights of individuals having psychiatric disabilities is because they constitute a small, highly stigmatized, and vulnerable group who will generate little push-back.”

  • This is what should be happening with all the psychiatrists in academia who are accepting money from drug companies while running studies and publishing results that do not hold up to scrutiny. Really, if they were just so incompetent that peer review and independent researchers could keep finding so many flaws in their studies, then why would they keep getting paid so much and be considered experts? The proof of corruption should be easy to prove to any reasonable jury. I’ve said this many of times, that this is where the efforts of all “anti-psychiatry” “movements” should be. It’s time to stop arguing with them and start going after them. We need to find a way to maneuver the legal system to bring justice to the Joseph Beiderman’s, Stan Kutcher’s and Charles Nemeroff’s.

  • “my adult medical records contain a history of psychiatric bullshit, including a coerced and an involuntary commitment.”

    *Although I think it went without saying, I think maybe I should add that this often leads to me being treated like someone whose “slipped through the cracks”, and once they suspect that, it typically leads to an attitude toward me that I find not only enraging but is the only reason I suffer so immensely from untreated ulcerative colitis and now gastritis 90% of the time. I’m at the point now where I wont even go to the hospital, even if I’m sure I’m dying.

  • It certainly goes far beyond a presidents speech. The mental health “industry” has been pushing for universal screening of children and adults for a generation, and has been greatly empowered in recent years by the conservatives who scapegoat the “mentally ill” whenever gun control becomes an issue.

    Here was something recently in the news about the push for screening;

    Many states and health plans already have requirements for screening, or at least that’s what I have been told by the last two GP’s I went too. “We cant accept you as a patient until you fill out this questionnaire (with questions ranging from “have you ever had kidney stones” to “do you often feel anxious around others” to “does anyone in your family have a history of [insert diseases]” to “have you ever had thoughts of harming or killing yourself?”)

    Of course, not much else to do except just lie on all the mental health questions. To make matters worse though, my adult medical records contain a history of psychiatric bullshit, including a coerced and an involuntary commitment.

  • “Perhaps we’re witnessing the death-throes of a profession. Locked irrevocably to a bio-bio-bio ideology; buffeted on all sides by critics, including some from within; and with no defense to the conceptual and practical criticisms, they tilt at the flimsy windmills of college banter in their futile drive to establish their medical bona fides.”

    I only wish this were true. Here in the U.S. at least, psychiatry is getting bigger and more powerful all the time. I cant go to any general practitioner/family doc without being asked about my mental health and being referred to mental health services. Even after I made it explicitly clear with my current doctor how I feel about that, it occurred again in a following appointment by his physicians assistant while I was waiting for my papers to leave. After I made it explicitly clear with the P.A. how I felt about that, he went off like a fanboy about how wrong I was and how invalid my experiences were to the point that I just walked out the door and got my prescriptions from the nurses at the desk on my way out.

  • Psychiatry and the re-emergence of ECT is just a sign of how big of a desperate failure they really are. For about three decades they lied to the public and pushed pills that were no better than placebo, causing atrocious levels of harm with no real benefit and leaving the truly depressed to just suffer in agony as they couldn’t respond to the placebo effect, and then of course there’s all THE MONEY that psychiatry made in that time.

    But not in the last 10 years or so, since the work of Irvin Kirsch, the medical community and a growing percentage of society have come to have negative views toward “anti-depressants”, and millions of people have been harmed or at least let down by these drugs.

    But the fact that psychiatry, in its desperation, has to reach FOR ECT as its new “treatment” to try to polish in the public’s mind and for its future, just shows how despicable and horrendous that profession really is.

  • “It was only a month after he had sought help with his addiction to Xanax, a sedative used to treat anxiety, at a $60,000-a-month residential facility run by Caron Treatment Centers in an upscale oceanside neighborhood in Delray Beach. ”

    And he got the treatment-as-usual, the very same that is doled out to people on SSI and medicaid. Yet all you ever hear from the “mental health” professionals, organizations and advocacy groups is that “services” are grossly under-funded, that they need more money, as if not throwing another trillion dollars at it to begin with was the problem all along.

    Gee, I wonder where all that money goes, since unlike things like food and energy costs, services like these do not rely on natural or otherwise objective resources.

    “The system has failed, we pump out close to 400 billion a year in psychiatric care in the U.S. and we’ve still failed miserably, it cant be our fault we must just need another 400 billion a year, we’re grossly under-funded!”

  • I think that what are referred to as and diagnosed as “anxiety” and “panic attacks” are too diverse for anyone to even bother trying to find a single go-to treatment for it. For some, anxiety is that feeling you get when you have to wait in line to use the bathroom. For others, it feels like you’re literally having a heart attack while having a bad-acid-trip-esque neurological episode where you head is the size of a hot air balloon and your limbs keep shrinking, your teeth go numb and your tongue feels like it’s twice the size of your mouth. Consequences can range from losing sleep and pacing around too much to desperation drug and/or alcohol consumption and suicide.

    When it comes to anxiety and benzos, I think the patients should be in charge, not the doctors or DEA or anyone else. Especially as long as they can go to any corner store, grocery store or department store in the country and get something many times worse (alcohol).

  • Overdose death from benzodiazapines is caused by excessive central nervous system depressing that cause symptoms beginning with respiratory depression and if CNS is severe enough then sudden cardiac arrest.

    What is not being pointed out about this obvious anti-benzo campaign, is that this is the exact mechanism by which overdose results from too much alcohol, and that benzos themselves are almost never the sole cause of a drug overdose death. I follow drug deaths and damages very closely and I think it shows a strong anti-benzo bias that these authors aren’t pointing out that virtually everyone in those deaths statistics were also either taking opiates (which themselves are even safer than benzos) or combining the benzos with alcohol.

    As is the case with opiates, the big issue is mixing the drugs in dangerous combinations. Not to run campaigns against individual drugs themselves that threaten to leave pain patients writhing in agony and anxiety and panic patients jumping into oncoming traffic.

  • Yeah I read a lot of those back when this as first going on. Don’t have the stress tolerance to do it again. But you might be amazed by how many people defer to authorities, no matter what, and how many people consider doctors themselves to be authorities. Most people are afraid of chaos and of death and will try to comfort themselves with their faith in “protectors” from it, until that comfort is broken by either suffering the consequences of doing so or a realization of the harm and suffering they are causing.

  • If Joesph Beiderman and Kayoko Kifuji (psychiatrist who killed Rebecca Riley) didn’t get in trouble then there is no real hope to be found in the “justice” system.

    Beiderman is responsible for the massive increase in the use of neuroleptic drugs in children over the last 20 some years, and all the brain damage and permanent neurological problems that ensue from it. He was caught in undeniable guilt as official documents from both him and drug companies had him admitting to fabricating results, cooking data, promising them positive results for studies he hadn’t published yet, all while accepting AT LEAST 1.6 million dollars from them to do so.

    Got away with it, completely. They all do. They always do.

  • Possibly the most uplifting comment I’ve read on MIA. If more people were willing to actually take these matters more seriously, to see them for what they really were, people would do more than just complain to professional and politicians or whine about it on the internet.

    We have children suffering permanent neurological movement disorders from being forced to take drugs for simple behavioral problems, and nobody is doing anything real about it at all, but thousands upon thousands of people are doing “something” that has no hope of accomplishing anything and then using it as their own emotional band-aid to move on with their life while Little Johnny continues spasming out in the corner from all that rispderdal/neuroleptic brain damage and now “destined” to a life of being a pharmaceutical cash cow and a “bum” on disability.

  • “Before we can have good research, there needs to be an admittance that these drugs can damage GABA receptors and cause symptoms which look like pathological states but are actually an injury.”

    This is true of all psychiatric drugs regarding just about everything. Although I barely consider benzodiazapines to be “psychiatric” drugs, the fact that neuroleptic “antipsychotic” drugs cause brain shrinkage (and what are probably a myriad of other brain damages too) is especially concerning when patients who take these drugs are regularly getting worse and becoming disabled over time while doctors continue blaming it on their “underlying illness”

  • Update from the future: man who previously fought and won against forced electroshock now so heavily damaged from the subsequent high-dosage neuroleptic drug induced brain damage that his full body dyskinesia and dystonia has made it virtually impossible for him to function; to dress himself, to shower, to eat, etc. Now that he requires “living assistance” in a group home / “nursing home for the mentally ill”, his dose of neuroleptics have consequently and understandably increased.

  • “But this idea is even more pernicious because of the lethality of buprenorphine and the fact we are already in the midst of a prescription opioid epidemic.”

    A concern that exists only because of the media. I challenge anybody to look at the statistics and compare opiates (taken alone, and especially non-synthetic) fatality rates to that of psychiatric drugs and to that of alcohol and tobacco. I did it once years ago and concluded that opiates have never deserved the negativity that surrounds them because of the government, the media, and consequently, society.

    The facts:
    1) Opium is a 100% natural chemical that we’ve evolved around so extensively over the millennia that we’re actually born with opiate receptors in our brains.
    2) Few people have ever died from ingesting natural opiates themselves, at any amount.
    3) Virtually all deaths are attributable to interactions with drugs that themselves kill astronomically more people completely on their own.
    4) Liver failure from the acetaminophen (Tylenol) in Vicodin/Norco is responsible for a majority of all deaths attributable to that drug even when drug interactions are included — and the DEA has even admitted on record that it forced drug companies to add the drug to hydrocodone tablets to identify and punish drug abusers.
    5) Unlike alcohol and benzodiazapine withdrawals, opiate withdrawals are virtually harmless, albeit unpleasant.

    Despite all of these facts, opiates have become the evil scourge of our generation, much as LSD and Cannabis were of the previous generation. Yet in all this time you can go to any corner store, grocery store or department store in the country and buy all the alcohol and tobacco you want and nobody can legally stop you from drinking and smoking yourself to death even though those two substances kill over a half a million people a year in the United States. And that’s not including all the people that are killed or otherwise adversely affected by the mind and behavior altering effects of alcohol such as car crashes, domestic assault, murderous rage (and murder), property damage, etc.

    A more reasonable society would ban alcohol and tobacco and if human nature demands mind and behavior altering substances, then legalize opiates and certain psychedelics. Of course, our species does not consists of reasonable societies.

  • Also, I think you missed my point. If 100 psychiatrists chipped in a fraction of their salaries to a fee or donation to, say, the APA, that could easily come out to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would take thousands of MIA donations to reach that. If only counting the victims of psychiatry, easily beyond tens of thousands. My point is to highlight the stark contrast between how privileged and affluent the psychiatrists are relative to the people who’ve been harmed by them and want justice. It’s demoralizing to consider that for every psychiatrist permanently damaging a child’s brain, it may take 1,000+ victims before anything might be done about it. And that’s assuming the victims aren’t brainwashed into blaming the damage on their illness, and that they’re functional and/or safe and supported enough as adults to even raise their voice at all.

  • Well therein lies the problem. Most people who would want to support MIA are probably disabled victims of psychiatry and living on SSI. If not for bumming off my parents on SSI, I’d either be a ward of the state in a group home or living in a tent somewhere.

  • “We have set a goal of raising $250,000 to fund our operations in 2016. ”

    I can imagine a psychiatrist just pointing and laughing at that. Put this into the perspective of what the typical psychiatrist makes in a year, how many of them there are and of course the do-nothing, no-skills-required, lazy drug prescribing that they do to “earn” it. Just think of the huge economical contrast between them and their victims.