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  • I have stated my support for that school before, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Being zapped in the arm does not cause irreversible brain damage, or any irreversible harm at all. It certainly doesn’t cause tardive dyskinesia, dystonia, brain shrinkage and destroy a child’s sexual development. We are not dealing with this in place of love-therapy. These kids were (presumably still are) rescued from forced neuroleptic drugging, which is what will be forced upon them the moment this alternative doesn’t exist. I’ve said it before in rage; people supporting this need to stop else they be responsible for the next terrified child, waiting for his or her Risperdal to come back and make the roof of their mouth feel squeezed as their jaw is locked open … thinking to themselves while they suffer the most extreme anxiety and panic while at the same time seeming so lucid and relaxed to an observer, “anything but this… oh my God, ANYTHING but this! Oh my God, I’m dead. This has to be severe brain damage… I’ll never be the same… whoever I was is certainly gone now… goodbye…”

  • “I don’t know how to change a culture, but it has to start with seeing it clearly for what it is: ours is deeply and unapologetically emotionally and mentally abusive.”

    And that’s the hardest part to live with. If they at least own up to it, there is some sort of closure. Just let them go and move on… But everybody has to be something, feel important, live as if they are special. Humanity is “born of sin”, it’s amazing we’ve made it this far. And a tragic reality to that fact is that using and abusing people brings meaning to other people. People feel like they “matter”, so long as they are being attended to, regardless of how they are being treated.

    Banhammer in 5…4…3…2…

  • “and we do not develop properly or stay healthy without regular interaction and closeness with other people,”

    But yet again, what if such a person can’t help the fact he’s a belligerent asshole? Is it OK to make exceptions for that?

    I mean really, look at this belligerent asshole’s sport truck; 0-100 in 12 seconds. I mean, come on. He hasn’t worked a day in his life. Just suffers immensely from rejection and loneliness.

    “Where is the origin of culture located? Who is/are the keeper/s of culture? Institutions, while still powerful in this culture, are concrete and thus more easily targetable.”

    Everyone needs to take a look in the mirror, realize the bubble they are in, and break out. Unfortunately, humans judge and prioritize other humans based on their disposition.

  • “Our culture fully supports attention shaming and actively withholding attention from people who need it;”

    Right on! But what happens when that person is someone you don’t want to be associated with? Can you call it personal and rationalize it as an exception? What happens when the fattest loudmouth is dying because everyone hates him for being privileged?

  • “But look around. Is our society doing well? Even before the pandemic (can you remember such a time?), loneliness was on the rise, the economy couldn’t provide for everyone’s basic needs, and deaths of despair were reaching such high levels that the overall lifespan of Americans was decreasing to the point where some speculate that my generation, the Millennials, are by some estimates the last generation expected to live longer than their parents do.”

    This is the sad reality of identity politics. People should keep politics aside, completely, and focus on our human struggle. We’re all in this together. It doesn’t matter whose right or wrong, coddled or unjustly wronged, when you’re about to suffocate in your bubble because you forgot that people are imperfect and that’s why we need each other.

  • “Our culture has construed “maturity” on social media as shallow, air-brushed depictions of our lives. Honesty, sincerity, and raw emotions are seen as attention seeking, rude or otherwise an improper use of what we are all told is a tool for connection.”

    Tell this to Robert Whitaker in regards to snubbing me as a journalist subject.

  • He’d had been better off dead. He lives now only for the sake of his parents and to withhold their grief. His damaged domaminergic system will ensure that he can experience no joy as an adult without illicit drugs, and he may or may not even develop sexually and be capable of going on to have a love life. His life is now a cruel fate.

  • “by all accounts, we still don’t know all the ways these treatments act on the brain.”

    But we know enough that they cause brain damage and neurological disorders.

    “This situation has been a boon for psychiatry—a dying paradigm that seems to be in its final throes.”

    When the shit hits the fan, psychiatry stands there naked. I’ve been seeing it myself where I live. There is no psychiatry. And even as I was placed under medical arrest several months ago, there was no psychiatric-anything. A dose of ketamine, held overnight, gone. Psychiatry is on its death bed–except it’s about to be bolstered under Biden/

  • Yes, continuing disability review. I don’t see a psychiatrist, or am in psychiatric treatment; you could read this to understand why –

    Whenever my CDR comes up, I am thrown back into the system with consultative exams and have to maneuver my way out, risking being trapped in the system indefinitely in the process, hence why I am just letting my pittance of an income go by this time; which will mean my parents will look the other way on me, having already mourned my death by now. They put their own money into helping to afford me rent for my own place for the last year, as a means of distancing themselves from me emotionally and giving me a “chance” to get a job and become independent, which just wasn’t going to happen; or to find a partner, which should have happened but waddaya know.

    We never got along living together. They put up with me due to guilt and grief, and in that environment, I was just drinking myself to death. It all came down to my father finally being able to retire and access his savings. Then I moved in here, sobered up, and got rejected by about a thousand people on dating apps and personal ads. Possibly due to the fact I have a shit bag (ostomy), or am just a freak in general. Maybe I’m creepy. I don’t know. Being 37 and having no libido doesn’t help.

  • I’m 37 having never had any friends. No intimacy, partners, anything, either. A life of isolation after being destroyed by psychiatry as a kid. What’s worse, is that I’ve had my own place now for over a year, a miracle for sure, but yet I’ve been putting out ads for a companion/roomate/partner for months and it’s just been tormenting me as it’s continually leading absolutely nowhere…

    Meanwhile, I’m living on borrowed time because my next CDR comes up this may, and after how re-traumatizing the last one was, and how it nearly killed me AND my parents, I’m not even going to open the envelope when the preliminary papers arrive.

    Without a “miracle”, I’ll be gone soon. And I don’t care anymore. This species should have never been.

  • ” Specifically, 62% of children with ADHD diagnoses are prescribed medication for it. Yet, more than half of children prescribed medication for ADHD experience adverse side effects.

    Side effects, though sometimes minor, may result in discontinuation for some children prescribed. ”

    More realistically, they go on to develop the common sense negative effects of amphetamines and become irritable, hostile, volatile, restless, obsessive, etc. and go on to receive new diagnoses such as “bipolar disorder” or “oppositional defiance disorder” or “mood dysregulation disorder” and are ordered to take neuroleptics. This is unless things have changed since I last knew what was happening in the trenches of child psychiatry. Unfortunately, it is medical, and involving children, so privacy curtains are erected as shields to keep society from “violating” the “privacy rights” of children and families.

    With what is known about psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, absolute transparency should be mandatory.

  • “Why does asking for emotional support need to be attached to the police?”

    Hold on tight, we have a pseudo-socialist government now. First things first; passing the legislation that Biden as VP wrote on his way out that trump then discarded; the one that would add people on disability for mental illness to a federal registry to be denied firearm sales.

    States are re-opening or opening “mental hospitals”, the atrocity is coming.

    AOT is growing and law enforcement is all in; Biden said he wants a “psychiatrist in every cop car!”

    It was bound to happen. The idea that lead to deinstitutionalization was that these were ordinary people with problems that deserved equal rights. Now they are genetically flawed and inferior brain disorders mucking up society.

    Be ready for hell.

  • Psychiatrists, especially ones called upon by the state, just absolutely love “patients” that are asserting their rights, especially “hostile” ones that are committing heresy. The standard routine is to take a fistfull of benadryl so you’re all sick and drowsy and cognitively impaired, blame it on the “side effects” of the “medication” you get from your GP, then they’ll likely refer you to the community mental health services, which you throw in the trash when it’s over. Talk about how your life and daily activities revolve around avoiding triggers, coping with side effects, etc.

    I do believe there is an MIA blogger, Eric Coates, who got sent to a state mental hospital and then put in AOT for essentially doing what you suggest; although in his case went to a psych unit voluntarily in distress, blamed prior treatments, wanted “treatment” without drugs, suddenly was perceived as “hostile” and then off he went. Not even being a blogger here and a former professional publisher (or was it published author?) could help him. In fact in one of his court hearings, his former professional life was mocked as being a grandiose delusion.

    Oh, and then of course there was the “candle incident” … smh … something the psychiatrist pulled out of thin air and then moved on, influencing the court into thinking there was some sort of “incident” when there wasn’t. He was even admonished for having a high level of intellect, being told he was too smart for his own good when it came to being a psych patient.

    The only way I can avoid a potential fate like this, is to find a source of income and get off disability before the CDR comes up.


    “The added stigma, is hard to bare.”

    And perhaps worst of all, people quit taking the neuroleptics! *gasp*

    People need to be empowered to know that their -I imagine- power tripping doctor is right in doubling down for the 50th time and punching home the order that more drugs is the solution.

    Oh and what a bombshell! Don’t forget to use #tdawareness when you share this and related articles/content! In fact if MIA hasn’t, they need to go back and re-tweet the announcement of these articles with that hashtag.

  • “Although Dr. Lieblich’s critique of psychiatry is precise, hard-hitting, and uncompromising, he closes his essay by pointing out that psychiatry has the potential to emancipate itself from its present indefensible position and to become a compassionate, listening profession.”

    This is how I see it. No they can not. They are not counselors. If they want to be counselors, then they went to school for the wrong thing. Psychiatry should be abolished, upon being seen for what it is; a form of social control, that while it may have helped bring us out of the dark ages and into the “age of reason”, is no longer “needed”, and that if it is going to continue, must be seen for what it is and treated accordingly.

  • I’ve lived it, being on disability. I have my next CDR (continuing disability review; E.G. “Why aren’t you in treatment? You need to be in treatment. You have to go see these psychiatrists for your consultative exams,” etc.) coming up next spring, where it’s going to become an issue yet again. The last time almost killed me, and I wound up in jail at one point as a result of the binge drinking and emotional turmoil. Just another day in the world of psychiatry.

    Imagine someone who were receiving disability for being blind or partially paralyzed, etc, being treated this way.

  • I want to point out, that while I completely agree with you, I know many people will read this sort of thing and scoff, thinking this is all just a metaphor for banning drugs. Really though, I think this is how it should be with ALL drugs. Including currently illegal ones, such as cocaine, etc. and like you said, whether the doctor agrees with the decision or not. They should not be authorities; they should be collaborators.

  • I used to say/point this out a lot. We have homeless people on the streets who can honestly say the tax payers have “invested” millions of dollars on them, and yet there they are. I remember reading an article that described a psychiatrist “panicking” because a revolving door homeless patient had not shown up as usual… Oh no, there goes my cash cow!

  • Oh really? They used to do studies on how to “set that boy straight!”? You know what’s really sad? I know people (really…) who would think along the lines of; “Nowadays, just throw that man a condom! libtards, etc,etc.”

    We may be headed for a civil war, and if so, really only one side is armed, and the police are their friends. Am I the only one who thinks about that?

  • “TD is regularly presented as a disorder of involuntary movements,” I remember for years that NAMI referred to it as a “muscular side effect” in the 2000’s and early 2010’s, maybe they still do for all I know. Haven’t checked. Outrageous.

    Oh yes, when the medicine causes the muscles to become agitated. grrr. Nothing to do with the brain, no brain damage here. And of course the emphasis that the “side effect” affects “muscles”.

  • “This is the latest chapter in a long-running story of medical harm on a grand scale, to which psychiatry—and our society—”

    I feel that should read “And our government”. Really, society can’t turn a blind eye to something that is not being presented to them. Our “government”, as an “entity”, knows full well what is going on and chooses to not make this an issue.

  • It needs to be legally mandated that when these drugs are prescribed, that patients are informed that they work by damaging the brain and inhibiting normal brain functions. ESPECIALLY in regards to child psychiatry/drugging. AND that this damage is permanent, in myriad complexities; you will never be the same.

    Just as this class of drugs was once called, a “chemical lobotomy”

  • I remember a thing called life learning. It was a long time ago, but it made sense to me. The formal method of learning is definitely not for everyone, and societies should never force it upon any child; i think this is a human rights issue. Society, government, communities, whatever, do not have the right to “breed” and “groom” people to their liking. Think; manufacturing people for A) Purpose 1 or B) Purpose 2.

  • I remember thinking something similar to this about fidget spinners. People were arguing that fidget spinners were distracting the “normal” students from doing their schoolwork; uhhh… irony? So should we put them on Ritalin? Fidget spinners for “ADHD” kids and drugs for the “normals”?

  • “Things having to do with children sometimes grab the public conscience when nothing else will,”

    And sadly, that’s what we’re waiting for. A famous persons kid to get effed up with TD or something, or “better” yet, make group and foster homes transparent and get reporters with cameras in there.

  • Not necessarily. If you had all this information and knew what was going on inside there, it *IS* a serious concern that should involve the police. For instance, could they just go in and check to see if any of the kids are being drugged with these drugs that cause permanent brain damage?

    If records piled up, they might matter.

    This is where we’re at now; we have all this information, but if we don’t use it, then nothings going to change.

    Just imagine getting the interest of a popular youtuber or celebrity.

  • A tragic, battered person, so scared he tries his hardest to seem scary, in a unnecessaryly tense situation due to his partners idiocy, but still… I and any other common person would had just walked up to him in his underwear and helped him up off the floor. But wow, thinking about it, I managed to find some sympathy for him. His stupid partner had created the most ridiculous of … nah I just can’t on this guy, he looks like a real sociopath.

  • “No one, no matter what they are wearing or what they themselves have done, “deserves” abuse.”

    I agree. However, there is this officer named Philip Brailsford. If you look him up, I think you would agree that he doesn’t deserve abuse. He deserves much worse ^_^

    But wow, thinking about it, I managed to find some sympathy for him. His stupid partner had created the most ridiculous of … nah I just can’t on this guy, he looks like a total sociopath. He even swooped in to game the system with 30k a year medical leave payments until the day he dies by claiming that killing that poor man on his hands and knees sobbing and crawling gave him PTSD.

  • I hate politics, but… biden and harris… “Come on, man! These kids need their medication! Medicated kids are just as smart and talented as non-medicated kids! Who are the parents to know better than a doctor! This is a social health issue, (Meanwhile, kamala harris locked up an entire generation of would-had-been-fathers-over weed.)”

    We’re back to politicians just following orders.

    I voted for Joe Rogan, he hates that job, He’s the one who should have it.

  • I’m really afraid of what I may find. An investigator should look into how many “young” under 40 Americans are living in group homes. That would be a start. When I was at hawthorn state mental hospital in michigan at age 13, I narrowly avoided being sent to a group home. If that had happened, I wouldn’t be here.

    And then there’s the stain of abuse. I know at times I tried to accept what happened to me as a blunder at worst and move on with my life. And then of course there’s the abusive parents who stuck their kids in the psychiatric system in the first place, and are keeping them there.

    I imagine that the only way things will change is if a small number of powerful and important people decide to do something about this. As an observer, I’m not all that enthusiastic about grassroots and protesting, etc. It just doesn’t work. A million peasants demanding justice is just a million peasants demanding justice. They can be ignored, or humored; no consequence for the people in power. Just look at what happened to Justina Pelletier.

  • At the school level, I see it as frustration and stubbornness. As for psychiatry, well, I’ll go by what I remember about the ones I had as a kid. Dr Ucer, or whatever it’s spelled, was a fat hairy sadist. He literally made me cry in front of my parents and then laughed, he was the prick who used child protective services against my father. You know what, I can’t do this. It’s giving me hateful, violent thoughts.

  • This is incredible, possibly the best summation of this problem;

    “The increasing prevalence of bipolar diagnoses may also be caused by the mania-inducing effects of stimulant drugs (used for ADHD treatment), which could account for the overlap of children with ADHD and mood disorder diagnoses. Antidepressants can also cause mania, which may lead to further prescriptions of mood stabilizers or antipsychotics.”

    Kid gets strung out on ritalin > winds up on neuroleptics > now he’s a zombie > here comes anti-depressants – oops now he’s gone manic or become irritable or obsessive > more neuroleptics

    Especially in regards to my own case, I can sum up child psychiatry this way;

    Fuck a child up on amphetamines, turn him and his parents life into a disaster; now claim he’s ill and it’s only your profession that can properly treat him. What a way to get paid. Cozy up with the schools and child protective services, department of health and human services and social services, and turn it into an atrocity. This happened to me. Unless they found another way to do it (I’m sure they’ve found numerous ways by now) then this is still going on.

  • Most laws, important ones even, get passed either without the people’s knowledge or without popular support. We would need legislators that had an interest in doing so, specifically because it’s supported by precedent — laws against child abuse — and is doing great social and economic harm. Realistically, we would need powerful people looking for a scapegoat, and throwing child psychiatry and pharma in front of them. We need lobbyists connecting social problems in this country to psychiatric drugging, such as they used to in the 90’s and 2000’s when media actually reported on mass shooters psychiatric drug use. ‘

    This is what TAC has been doing to pass AOT laws. Whenever there is a “crazy” killing, they pop out of the shadows and go on about how passing this law will get everyone off their back, whether they fund AOT programs or not. It worked for 20 some years.

  • “Now we can say with confidence that ADHD is a genetic disease and that the brains of children with this condition develop differently to those of other children.”

    This is telling all it’s own. Even if this were true, what makes it a “disease”? Being different? So then, to a white supremacist, it’s bonified for them to claim that other races are just “diseased” humans. That argument wouldn’t be any less scientific than this.

  • “And because I’m the “crazy” one, I’ve never been allowed to grow up. My parents give me some autonomy, but they’ve been told over and over again that I’m too sick to have a normal life. Which means I’m treated as a perpetual adolescent. I have have some autonomy over my life, but I wasn’t taught the skills of adulthood because I’ve been held back by these “mental disorders.”

    It creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m really bad at being an adult because I haven’t had the chance to get better at it. ”

    I can relate, except that it’s not so much my parents, but my own survival instinct; wanting to stay out off jail, or not getting put back in a mental hospital. The life-long lack of a social life, let alone a love or life partner, just makes it all the worse; leading to many years of binge drinking and compulsive drug use. It’s practically a “miracle” I’m still alive. And yet a month ago I went off the road at 70MPH or so and hit a tree, bounced, flew threw the windshield (probably) when the airbag just happened to be defective, and good thing because the car just erupted into flames immediately. Now I’m recovering from a broken back, ribs and ankle.

    Now watch me have my long awaited heart attack, stroke, liver failure or deadly seizure one of these days.

    At least I have a doctor who cooperates with me. Gives me as much norco as he can, testosterone cypionate recently and presumably for the rest of my life, and klonopin that I really need to get off of, but take tiny .5mg doses a day except for “emergencies”.

  • I don’t buy this. I looked into Valbezanine a few years back, and it didn’t look too special at all and it seemed that the drug company itself was hinting that it had no long-term therapeutic effect, something that makes sense considering what we know about compensatory adaptations. Worst all off, it encourages doctors to be more reckless in prescribing TD inducing drugs.

  • And I have to state the obvious; this is just preaching to the choir. Until we upend important people’s lives over this issue, nothing is going to change. Everyone is either a worthless peasant, too busy, benefitting, or just plain don’t give a shit. Since I’m not a tax payer or a voter, there isn’t really anything I can do within the system. So nag nag nag the people who can… it just doesn’t work. Their rationalizations for using these drugs on kids are pretty much washed up at this point, but until there is a law stopping them from doing it, they are never going to stop.

  • I think it’s clear in the history of psychiatry that this sort of Freudian type stuff was an offshoot and is not in anyway what psychiatry ever was, is, does, or is doing. These were people that made up their own philosophies and “treatment” to sell to the upper class, which then wound up in literature and comics and movies. But it’s not psychiatry. If you want to help people with talk therapies, psychosocial, logical dilemmas, etc, then it’s called something else. It’s counseling. And the people who do it are called counselors. It’s not psychiatry. If not for that Frasier nonsense that kept in the media for generations, I would like to think society would have had a different attitude about psychiatry, especially when they started integrating into the school system and drugging children.

  • I would love for someone who had been on this drug for several years to take this article to their GP and just compound the fact they have a serious brain damage, ask about stem cells, demand imaging, etc. Lay down the fact that this is serious and must be treated as a priority health problem. It’s what everybody should be doing. Take it all the way up the ladder; file a complaint with your health care provider that your doctor is refusing to treat you for drug induced brain damage if he’s not referring you to neurologists for scans and trying even the most expensive of state-of-the-art treatments for people with traumatic brain injury. THE BRAIN IS BYFAR THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN IN THE BODY! Any damage to it must be considered serious, and anything that damages the brain should not be considered “behavioral health” medicine!

    I guarantee you that if a very important person stumbled upon taking this or any other neuroleptic drug, got the brain damage and all the negative effects we know about these drugs “side effects”, which are essentially the same as a combination of huntingsons disease and parkinsons disease albeit arguably worse, it would be a serious matter. The mic would drop like a bomb. Shame on psychiatry. The profession itself is an assault on humanity and needs to be abolished. They don’t help people. They help people get rid of people or make them more manageable if there is ever a problem in the social fabric of family and society. It’s a crime against humanity.

  • “So there you have it. What could the poor misfortunate psychiatrists do? Poor lambs, they had to just – you know – ” put a kid on ritalin and get him strung out then follow up with neuroleptics, and when the parents suddenly realize “holy shit, we’re drugging our kid!” get child protective services involved and the schools involved as well.

    Oh wait, this article isn’t about child psychiatry. Does child psychiatry even exist?

  • This is a powerful and accurate description of what these units and this process is like. And if you’ve just read this article, now think; what’s stopping them from committing something as horrible as a holocaust? would anyone even look twice at the WWII holocaust today, if it were not being promoted for decades as nazi germany being the center of WWII, instead of the atomic bombings of civilian cities.

    This is humanity. All across the world people are either engaging in it, or looking away. When was the last time you just saw people engaged with love and affection, who weren’t seemingly horny?

    Just imagine not being able to look away from the human atrocity; imagine it having to be the very lens in which you viewed the world. Now imagine being called “crazy” because of it.

    And don’t forget to take a look at this before you leave, and remember the fact that your taxes pay for virtually all of this;

  • “He, too, had his hand resting on his gun.”

    How can people be so oblivious. “They’re going to help you!”, really? Let me dress up like a bully and carry a deadly weapon along with my thuggish friends while we all look out for each other while chasing people down for money, then ask you if you’d ever call me for help.

  • When it comes to opiates/opioids, I just think there’s no way someone could be convinced that they are not addicting. Any person taking them gets the jones’ for them during the day, especially with oxycontin — which wasn’t as long-acting as they claimed — between doses. But I’m sure I’m wrong in some cases. I know I once saved my father from accidentally taking a “anti-depressant” that was prescribed to him for pain related to rheumatoid arthritis. Probably out of a subconscious desire to take a leap of faith out of desperation, he hadn’t even looked up what the drug was. Considering what we went through with my childhood, it really hit him hard when he found out, to the point that I wish I could go back in time and put some thought into how I notified him. Since I’ve always been my own doctor as far as I’m concerned, working with people I will always treat as nothing better than collaborators, I can only imagine what it feels like to simply just trust another person like that.

    Desperation can certainly lead to recklessness, and blame for those who take advantage of it. People can certainly be tricked, too.

    I’m not trying to be right or wrong though. Just about everything that comes from me is a knee-jerk rant.

  • Humility is exactly what they need. And it’s got me thinking about what was quoted in that Vice interview regarding another article, about how people who seek to find a middle ground aren’t being as reasonable as they think, as their were two sides to the argument regarding slavery in the U.S. as well, but that didn’t mean that the right thing to do was somewhere in between.

    Realistically, we can’t build a new and better “mental healthcare”/social support system if we’ve got psychiatry hanging around, always claiming to be the experts they claim to be, and as a result, demanding to sit atop the hierarchy of it all. And let’s not forget, they’ve been draining nearly every drop of resources that’s been spent on “caring” for the “mentally ill” since their inception, along with the funding for an entire industry of “research” and the meaningless careers it supports.

    And I don’t think it’s nearly as radical as it seems. I personally believe that psychiatry had much to do with bringing humanity out of the dark ages, but at the same time, that was then and this is now. They really, ultimately crossed the line when they started kidnapping or otherwise diagnosing and drugging kids.

  • smh I just can’t ever not be peeved by the fact we’re all still calling them antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc. PSYCHIATRY ITSELF should be so embarrassed at this point as to rush to renaming them correctly; dopamine antagonists, etc. I use the correct terms with nurses when I’ve wound up in the hospital over the years due to gastrointestinal issues and hernias and other issues including a recent car crash. I go out of my way to re-educate them on this even when the drugs are never mentioned or being used. I’ll just say; “You do know that reglan and compazine are neuroleptics, right? And that both are dopamine antagonists, like reserpine?” I swear to God. I’ve had to spend my life on disability for fucks sake, what excuse do these people have. They actually go to school to get a degree that culturally verifies that they have learned this shit. Meanwhile, when and where was it said that medical errors were the third leading cause of death in the united states? Did that ever turn out to be true? I imagine it’s #1 for sure, and that’s not counting adverse reactions, infections from surgeries, “side effects” from drugs, etc. I’m never more concerned for my health and safety than when I’m at a hospital. Be on alert for doctor dipshit and nurse know-nothing.

  • Continued:

    — Months later, after bouts of outbursts coinciding with side effects and generally being unwell, the mother decides she’s had enough of this, and begins to suspect that her daughter is only being harmed and that she must get back to the start at least and try something else —

    Mother: “I appreciate all your efforts, but this just isn’t working for us, for her… it’s just the medicat-”
    Psychiatrist: “Stop right there, you do know that a child cannot treat herself for a disease like this?”
    Mother: “Well that’s just the thing… I’m not so sure she has this ‘disease’ you speak of. And I was wonderi-”
    Psychiatrist: “This is nonsense. I can’t work without total cooperation. You need to assure me that you are going to be totally cooperative or else we’ll have to remove you from the treatment team, and that may mean removing the patient from you.”
    Mother: “Excuse me?!?! *GASP* that is it, we’re leaving…”
    Psychiatry: “Time to call the department of human services, child protective services, community mental health center, behavioral medicine unit, etc”
    Psychiatrist: “*picks up phone and makes some calls.”

    — Hours later, police with an ambulance arrive at the mothers house —
    Officer: “We have a petition from the court signed by a county judge that says your daughter needs to go to the hospital.”

    — Fast Forward two months later —

    – Mother, child and psychiatrist are all back in the same treatment room –
    Psychiatrist: “Well, I’m glad that’s over. You’ve come to your senses and realized the consequences of untreated serious mental illness. I’m glad the department of children and families have decided that after attending some didactic groups, you’re competent enough now to care for your sick daughter.”
    Mother: “I…i… ok.”
    Psychiatrist: “Now let’s see here, it appears we have some extrapyramidal symptoms, I’ll just go ahead and prescribe some good o’l cogentin for that… and maybe experiment with some anti-parkinson drugs. Meanwhile…”

    — as doctor continues talking and scribbling away, the nightmare is unfolding… —

  • If they were adults willingly taking it, and knew it was an opioid, then they do have only themselves to blame. But now we need justice for psychiatric drugs, which have NOT been voluntarily taken drugs for many, and have ruined many people’s lives, including since childhood. They, unlike opioids, were also not famously known to have such harms, so it was only the victims who could really tell, while society had somewhat of reasonable skepticism. But not really in children. There is a lot of social justice in demand right now in a country on the verge of civil war, but it looks like nobody is going to get it. Captalism taken advantage of by cheaters and unfair business, too many morons making up the masses, etc.

  • Continued:

    Psychiatrist: “Now let’s see, after talking to your unsuspecting or involuntarily or abusive mother, you’re grandiose; you dream of being a princess, a pop star, etc. You talk too much. You wake up during the night sometimes and won’t go back to sleep. At least one of your teachers has sent home a complaint about how your behavior. With that said, let’s start with ADHD.”
    Child: “What’s ADHD?”
    Psychiatrist: “It’s a scary disease that’s caused by broken wires in your brain, chemical imbalances actually. But don’t worry, if you take some medicine, it’ll get better and you won’t be sick anymore.”
    Child: “Okay Doctor, thank you!”

    -psychiatrist reads paper on his desk written by his pre-appointment therapist-
    “Parent and child complains of myriad side effects; irritability, aggression, social maladjustment…”
    Psychiatry: “The usual… just as the literature would conclude; about two thirds of children of ADHD have an underlying disorder as well, with a third being bipolar.”
    Psychiatrist: “OK Child, this appointment is going to be much quicker because we’ve reached the med-check phase of treatment. I’m just going to ask you a checklist of questions, OK?”
    Child: “Yes sir”
    Psychiatrist: “Are you hearing voices?”
    Child “I’unno, maybe…”
    Psychiatrist: “Do you ever have thoughts of maybe hurting yourself or someone or even something else?”
    Child: “Well, I tore my teddy bear apart last week…”
    Psychiatrist: “Hmm, this is literally text book.”
    Child: “huh?”
    Psychiatrist: “Sadly, it appears now that you may have bipolar disorder. In many cases when a child is treated for ADHD, it undercovers the underlying bipolar disorder, which otherwise normally hides until a child has grown, making it much more difficult to treat! Thankfully we’ve caught yours early!”
    Child: “Yay! So I’m going to be OK?”
    Psychiatry: “Well, I wouldn’t say that… but we’ll try to keep you stable.”
    Psychiatrist: “You just need more medication. I’m going to add just risperdal and tegretol and see how your disease responds.”
    Child: “No! I hate medication! I felt fine before I started taking this medicine, I’ve been feeling weird and sick ever since…”
    Psychiatrist: “That’s nonsense, you’re beginning to lack insight into your illness, which is bad. If it gets too bad, you’ll need to go to the hospital. Do you want to have to go to the hospital?”
    Child: “uhhh… for how long?”
    Psychiatrist: “Maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe months. It’s important that you understand that you have a serious disease and need to keep taking all your medication, no matter what.”
    Child: “*cries*”
    Psychiatrist: “*Scribbles on paper: histrionic, emotionally impaired. Affective symptoms, increase dose of risperdal or maybe add some seroquel…*”

  • Child: “Is there something wrong with me?”
    Psychiatrist: “Yes. You have an illness.”
    Child: “Oh no, why do I have an illness?”
    Psychiatry: “Because I need a job, I was born and went through school expecting 6-figures a year, god damn it,”
    Child: “But what is my illness”
    Psychiatrist: “It’s whatever I observe to be wrong with you.”
    Child: “What’s that?”
    Psychiatrist: “Well let’s get started…”

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg. Taking the known horrors of psychiatry and pushing it on children, has to be the greatest atrocity of humankind.

    I’m astonished that at least there was a time when the police would look into such things. For the past 30 years, child psychiatry has been destroying children with brain damaging drugs and ruining their lives and pushing them toward miserable futures without any acknowledgment, let alone action, on behalf of the government and society. None that has actually approached it with the understanding of what is really going on. Psychiatric child drugging is child abuse, and it most often is used to cover up other abuses, but yet is an abuse on its own with permanent consequences.

  • It is already mainstream. You live in a world where people have erected walls of bullshit all around them. This is just one of them. 9 out of 10 people know, drugs don’t treat mental illness. People just get used to living lies and lives of lies and lies around their lives and lives that are a lie.

    The important question is: are you NORMAL? Do you trust AUTHORITY? Are you willing to let your life be destroyed by tearing down the walls of bullshit around you? E.G. always speak the truth, say what you mean, etc. even if it gets you fired, “disowned” by family, whatever?

  • You need to see it. It’s there. It’s still going on. And I somehow caught a European documentary of child drugging at Biederman’s co. and now you need to see it.

    Child drugging marches on. Now imagine nurse Ratchet smiling and then a cutaway to a kid rocking back and forth and grunting and drooling then back to nurse Ratchet smiling again except this time she sticks her nose up as if superior beyond comprehension.

    Then imagine a narrator voice say’s :

    “Whatever has happened to the child, whether right or wrong, only the most intelligent of specialists will know and understand if it was the right thing to do.”

    Now just imagine if MIA or anyone had a documentary that had children writhing in agony from dystonia and parents crying and so on and so forth regarding the experience of child psychiatry. That is nowhere to be found. As always, the winners are winning. Because protesting and trying to maintain a publishing career, etc, are the best ways to combat this atrocity. /sarcasm

  • “For that amount of money, we could pay the mid-career salaries of an extra 365,000 teachers or 827,000 teachers’ aides”

    And where would we find them? Where are all these bright and talented and passionate people? It’s the same problem with our healthcare system. Good luck finding a doctor who actually gives a damn whether or not you’re still alive in a year.

  • — Biederman’s pupils, supposedly some of the best psychiatrists in the world!

    Biederman should had been locked up many years ago. Instead of ranting for an hour I’ll pull back and just say this; he was caught promising jansen and jansen positive results for a study of risperdal in children if only they’d give him the money for the study (and then some, really) and yet this, among many other things he would be caught for, was totally fine. Federal prosecutors should had been locking him and other psychiatrists easily proven guilty of serious crimes up. Charles Nemeroff, Jeffrey Leiberman, and damn it, I can’t remember the name of the one who had dozens of “scientific articles” retracted because he didn’t even run the studies, yet got 50 million (I think…) tax dollars to run a study on veterans and PTSD. … I don’t remember names well.

    But Biederman’s is one I’ll never forget.

  • Man, this just keeps going on and on. 25, 18, 12, 9, 5 years ago, something in the news or popping up for its cycle about AD’s no better than placebo or shouldn’t be used or whatever. Meanwhile, round and round we go.

    Face it, the use of psychotropic drugs in the first place was a no-no, so there was all this bullshitting that made it possible.

    Now it’s torn down. So doctors need to just seriously start using common sense. Try opioids, shrooms, drugs that actually get people “high”, then when they need more or something better, give them that, and on and on. If drugs are the route they want to go, then just do it right, and with the safety of purity and dosage standards. Meanwhile, we could be living in a much more chill society, instead of one that’s on the verge of a civil war. And in the process, we’ll be doing away with these brain damaging neurotransmitter antagonists that the bullshitters used for their cover-up in place of real drugs that have more generalized effects on the brain and in most cases in which the brain evolved to respond to. Things will be sane.

  • People should still have the right to get hydrocodone (by itself, without the much more harmful acetaminophen/tylenol) and perhaps even herion. At the very least, opium. And the war on opioids is really just the DEA going for easy targets in its WAR because doctors are kept track of. This Nixon admin agency needs to be shut down imo.

    Meanwhile, back when doctors were actually prescribing opioids willy-nilly, the death statistics were around 5,000 to 9,000 a year, it wasn’t until the DEA began going after doctors and pharmacies that people started getting cut off from the safest way to get the pharmaceutical grade stuff.

    And then this of course creates demand on a black market. And it’s THERE, where both addicts and family members of severe pain sufferers, are having to deal with drug dealers and risk their life with unverified substances, and it’s here that the statistics show the rise to 60,000 or so deaths.

    Realistically, people can live their entire lives on higher and higher and higher dosages of opioids and be completely healthy and happy — my grandfather, a WW2 vet, did it (died at 92) — but only if the stuff they are using is pharma grade and dosed right so that they can ensure control over how much is in them. It’s that simple. Legalize and supervise = no more opioid deaths (save for “junkies” and the remarkably “dumb”)

    But no, that terrifies people. Because then everyone would feel compelled to do it. So no. Just no. No No No!

    But meanwhile, chronic pain patients have been suffering in a hidden holocaust the last several years. Many have died, either of suicide or stroke, heart attack or damages caused by OTC drugs and other desperate attempts to make their pain manageable. And as a society, are we really going to say that this was all for the best, because we’re “saving” drug addicts, who statistically and culturally it appears we not only couldn’t care less about, but criminalize and hate?

    *deep breaths* …


  • And to think, when I was a kid and young adult, I was naïve enough to think that if my observation and knowledge of the fact that these drugs caused brain damage ever became proven, then it would be “game over”.

    *sigh* … Even in children. “So what? Is that like, a bad thing or something?” Or “What if the damage, like, cures the disease or something?” and ultimately, “What do you know, you’re not a doctor!” – these people are. They ought to build statues of them at this point considering how acclaimed they are. I’ve noticed that even Whitaker is too afraid to write about them.