Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • Three points Ken
    they may help you since you seem to have missed the point somewhere along the line

    1. As Dr. Breggin says often -it’s like the out of control drunk who thinks he’s the life of the party when he is the death of it- Thinking the drug is helping is not tantamount to the drug helping. People often “respond” to the idea of help coming or the hope of some change or control.

    2.As Whitaker touches on in MIA weren’t there people for whom the high velocity showers were “effective”? Didn’t some patients report to some success with spinning chairs? Or Lobotomies? Or blistering?

    3.Why ignore the original trial studies that placed the SSRIs at best on the level of placebo. Have you read nothing Ken?

    -As John Hoggett says “it is important to know who you are addressing” – you are addressing people in the year 2012 often in America. It’s a little like wanting people to parse their words about the evils of Fascism in say 1947.
    I ain’t having it
    -John S.