Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Comments by MG

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  • “Ground swell of public opinion” seems to be a great goal to start the new Movement toward the changes that are wanted. Each person has his particular contributions to make and no one person or even group can do it all as stated before. There needs to be a planning group and a media group etc. to address the education of those who are needed to make this a successful enterprise. The public needs the information that will show them that what they already know is not the whole truth and that disinformation has been more of the norm than not.

    Fred, I think that you are very accurate in your belief that you have the right to treat yourself however you see fit with whatever means you choose to use. I believe everyone should have this opportunity and that there should be education to that end – education as to all the alternative methods available and a group to research and help present them without prejudice or interference from any side.

    Orthomolecular is spot on for many conditions and it can and should be augmented by so many old and new methods of treatment which each person feels is right for his own body, mind and soul – not what someone else tells him is needed. I just want options. I want to know that no one is standing in the way of my finding them or fighting to have them suppressed. That’s the part that has to be handled by those who enjoy talking to legislators. There should be a place for everyone to find his capacity to work toward his own good and the good of the whole, in my opinion.

    Working toward the good of one and all precludes sitting in judgment of this or that psychiatrist or this or that group and squawking loudly to those who are on the same side who are singing in the same choir, so to speak.

    Why not put our collective intelligence to finding the best, most workable, having-a-good-outcome solution that will create more good will and healing than all the rhetoric, drugs and Congressional legislation combined?

  • I have read all of the above and concur with most of what has been said. As far as I can see – we need something new that is very inclusive of alternatives to what we have and to what has been promoted already as “Alternative”.

    In dealing with school, medical, court and finally prison systems I can say my education has been personal and extensive, if albeit, from the periphery of a concerned and involved parent. I have watched our son’s decline over 25 years. It is sad. I know alternatives work because we use them at great expense and without any support from Medicaid.

    I know that those such as the Breggins and Moshers of the movement are good folk but don’t have all the answers. None of us does. Do we have the right to judge those who don’t see our point of view? I think it best to stand for what we believe – as in ANTI-PSYCHIATRY with all its alternative modalities and let each of us choose what we like and what we think will work. It’s simple – create an arena where we all work together to get the final outcome – psychiatry out of our lives – disbanded and unfunded by government.

    I am completely anti-psychiatry now. I am completely open to creating and finding answers – some I’ve tried and many I haven’t. I’m still searching and researching. Education for all of us and especially those who don’t know this field, is essential. Education and a forum to express our ideas, create our new pockets of safe places for our loved ones and ourselves to heal are essential. I have had encounters with many professionals and I have learned from most – even those who I would consider “the enemy”. I applaud this discussion and the inception and coming-to-fruition of the Alternatives to Alternatives Movement.

    I am the mother of a psychiatric survivor whom my family and friends love dearly. One of the most precious things to have happened to us during the withdrawal period (which is being extended who-knows-how-long) is that our daughter’s friends have taken our son under their wing, giving him and us a much needed break after 4 and a half years of being out of a forensic state hospital. Respite for everybody without psychiatric intervention or police intervention or all those already-known assists is a paramount need for those of us caring for our adult children. He is happy to be with regular working folk his own age,who have banded together to make his life and ours happier, more productive, safe and peaceful. What a blessing. I have not seen this kind of compassion/understanding in general or specifically with the schools, social workers, doctors and teams that we dealt with over the years. These young people could teach the professionals much more than a thing or two.

    As long as I am able I am willing to support your efforts in building a new Alternative to Alternatives Movement.