Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • Thanks so much to Iden, Earl, and Sera for this blog.
    What the three of you so eloquently wrote, unfortunately, describes this so-called “movement” to a T.
    I am a white, educated, middle-class woman who sees the defensiveness and cover-ups by other white people about this issue ALL THE TIME.
    I am SO ashamed and angry at white people — especially these days, when it is becoming clearer and clearer that we are becoming less of the majority of people in this country and this is causing many white people to act even worse — i.e more racist, defensive, and ignorant — than ever before. If you are wondering about examples of this reaction, take a look at at many of the comments above by defensive white people who clearly are feeling very threatened by this conversation (and their position in the world).
    It is really all I wanted to say — I could go on and on, but you three have already written so well on the topic it feels unnecessary.
    So, thank you, Iden, Earl, and Sera. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Thank you, Sera, for writing this blog and for so respectfully repsonding to those who have commented. Thank you also to Oldhead, who has also gone out of his way to respond thoughtfully and generously throughout this “discussion.”
    Likewise, kudos to a few others, including Rai and aVoiceRaised above, who have so eloquently shared their voices here in a nuanced and nonjudgmental way.
    Like Sera, I am a white, educated, middle-class, cis-gender woman who is part of the US psychiatric survivor “movement.” I have benefited in countless ways from my connections with other survivors in the movement and am grateful for those experiences and relationships. That being said, I have also experienced the blatant sexism and power-over privilege of white male “leaders” in this “movement,” and have learned from many other women that my experiences are not at all atypical, and that there is a long history of powerful men in this “movement” silencing women in all the ways that Sera referenced in her blog.
    I am also aware of many of these women being afraid to speak out publicly for fear of retributions from these powerful men that have happened in the past. (Retributions including being “blacklisted” by funders, lies being spread that the woman was “to blame,” etc.) Yeah, I am a bit scared, too, which is why I chose a pseudonym to write this comment.
    This is a critical discussion to have for all the reasons that Sera stated in her blog and that I can attest are *real*. The work that is so needed to be done cannot be done without the endemic problems of power and privilege within the movement being addressed and rectified.
    Dear men, please help us to make these changes instead of “telling us” that they aren’t “real” or otherwise undermining our voice. We need your trust, as well as your support, to make the “movement” a respectful and safe place for all.