Monday, September 20, 2021

Comments by MarthaSB

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  • No, no, no! We must not let this happen. I just escaped from an emotionally abusive family member who thought it was her duty to make me take my pills. I am now free having left that situation. Having someone making me take my pills only made me want to not take them even more. I almost died taking Seroquel and Lithium and Depakote did a number on me as in my brain took a vacation. They made the abuse so much easier to inflict. I am taking no medications at the moment. To think that taking a pill that would tattle on us and show that we are being good boys and girls is a possibility in the making is terrifying. I want to have some responsibility in my treatment. So, what happens if they see we didn’t take the pill? Do they come to take us away? No, no, no!