Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Comments by Wilhelmina

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  • Thank you for this very beautiful and reassuring story. New to the website, yours is the first full, and long, post I have read. A fine introduction to a new way of veiwing mental ‘illness’. Though none of it is new to me, I have been relatively alone up until now. I am marked by how a label of mental illness not only serves to separate us from the rest of society, but as you so beautifully and clearly explain, separates us from ourselves and everything that makes being human worth being human. If there were one thing that these labels do that is dangerous, it is precisely dividing the human psyche into the acceptable and unacceptable, giving power to that false belief that an ‘other’ inhabits the mind and must be controlled, stifled or even killed. And yet it is in befriending this other that we discover that it is no other than ourselves in our myriad complexity and beauty, reaching out to understand the world we encounter. And you put that perfectly in this post. Thank you for sharing.