Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Thankyou ever so much for this brilliant piece of writing. Two years later – you still have people dropping in! It’s rather refreshing to hear someone telling the facts as it is rather than sugarcoating it. Being a graduate straight out of uni, I was browsing for any reflections and that’s how I came across this. I got a question for you which is something I have been quietly fretting for some time. I’m 22, and I am only going to start seeing clients in a couple of months time. I am very much dreading this for two reasons. Since I am quite young, I fear that people may terminate their sessions early and would not take me as seriously, because let’s face it – they don’t want to be seeing a therapist who is a ‘baby’ I can be on top of my research, be utterly welcoming but I feel like many clients may have a preconcieved notion as to how a therapist should ‘look’ like and since I dont fit this bill, they may not even give me a chance. My second main concern is that … what if I actually don’t know what to do? I can listen to them woleheartedly, support them, but what if I actually cant help them? I know I’m probably overthinking as what lies ahead of me right now are uncertainities as I am only start my internship. However, I have a great deal of passion for being a helping hand and if I can atleast touch the soul of one human being – I would consider that to be a great reward but I feel the fear of failure is hindering me in embracing these challenges. Do you have any words of wisom for a budding psychologist?

    Kind regards,