Friday, September 25, 2020

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  • Hi Sascha,
    A series of interconnected threads led me to this blog post, starting from a link to The Icarus Project. What a wild and wonderful journey of an afternoon at the beach.

    You talked about your interest in what a successful movement could look like. I believe that a successful movement like the one you’re talking about has to have a few factors to make it solid.

    I’d love to stay connected and learn more about your work, and see if I can help. Each time I connect and create a tiny interpersonal thread it helps me weave a network of healing that spreads out wider and wider. Thanks for doing watcha do.

    Here are the factors I think are essential:

    – COMMUNITY (sangha) . it seems obvious to me after years of continuing healing that we just can’t do it alone
    Community can take many shapes including literal groups or workshops that exist in person, like your workshop at Esalen, or online, like in forums. I think for a popular movement we’d need both, not one over the other.

    It seems to me that part of creating a successful movement of human potential is having some disciplined practice that helps us connect to ourselves and something bigger. If we recognize that these practices are boxes,and they can create either freedom or death, we can be mindful of if they are serving us. Any spiritual practice, when taken on with discipline, can serve as an awesome container for supporting immense healing and freedom. If that container, or box, becomes dogmatic, or constraining, then it doesn’t lead to more freedom it just leads to choking and death.

    I think that a real transformative movement won’t be made of a single group, it will be a collective of many driven by the respect and recognition that it takes all kinds to make the world change. Some basic acceptance of the differences amongst all of our practices, ideas, theories, as well as the similarities, are bound to be deeply transformative. Have you read, Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken

    Thanks Again,