Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Serea,

    Thanks for the extra detail. Context really sheds light on everything, doesn’t it. I am saddened to hear the that they proved so unresponsive. It’s not hard to introduce a balanced account; as a teacher I needed to balance the serotonin deficit hypothesis (an official component of the AP and IB Curriculum) with challenges to it. Prepared curriculum always makes it easier and I am surprised that they proved so averse to prepared alternative perspectives. Keep up the good fight.


  • The Big Thinkers on Mental Health selection could reflect MHC’s economic position as much as its ideology. The videos were originally produced by BigThink and MHC may have received usage rights a premium discount (as a non-profit). I doubt that the producer would admit to this logic. You could ask MHC would it be willing to include alternative video material if it were provided to it or licensed at a reasonable price. The producers could be decent folk who feel defensive under such criticism. Make them feel like you want to help and new perspectives could be readily included.