Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • Here’s my totally subjective non-scientific ancedotal inconsequential personal opinion of ECT: it is a tool of sadistic psychopaths. I had it when I was a teenager because I was depressed over my mother’s suicide after she was subjected to ECT for the crime of being in an unhappy marriage. I suddenly realized why she killed herself. For all my father’s failings I know he wasn’t capable of what he unwittingly paid to have done to her or me. Such unbridled cruelty can only be the domain of hired professionals.

    Imagine dragging around a dead person with you wherever you go. Someone you used to know and love so deeply and implicitly that there was no boundary between you, and you couldn’t even conceive of the possibility that this person could be killed but you might somehow remain alive. Like a dead siamese twin. You can’t bury it and you can’t bring it back to life. That’s what shock “therapy” can do for you. And then there’s the loss of emotional connections to friends and loved ones who you can’t even remember. You’re left all alone clinging to the edge of a blackness from which nothing ever returns. There is no adjective adequate to describe such inhumanity. But the worst of it is that they leave their victims physically alive, so as not to trouble themselves with the inconvenience of disposing of a body or dealing with the police. Seriously. Those few who are intelligent enough to see what they’re doing must be criminally insane.

    The real question here is what is wrong with the madmen who habitually commit this crime of sadistic cruelty, and what measures can be taken to protect the rest of us from them, given that they have stealthily insinuated themselves into the machinery of the state and have unquestioned power over the most voiceless and vulnerable people in society.

  • I keep telling survivors that they will never penetrate the gullibility and apathy of the general public using psychiatric issues alone. Psychiatry’s grip is too strong and there’s no reason for most people to ask questions.
    But the fact is there is another issue which is almost (not quite but almost) as outrageous and far more pervasive, which is medicine’s abuse of babies and new mothers. This is the wedge that could pry open people’s minds to the notion that medicine has systemic conflicts of interest and is guilty of wholesale ethical and moral lapses which have profoundly affected society. The implications are seismic, and the legal liability will be enough to shake the medical establishment to its foundations when the proper class-action case comes along. Here are some relevant links:
    The intact movement are natural allies.