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  • Where can I find a list of the groups you talk about outside UK?
    I do not live in England but in Scandinavia.

    What you have started here will end up as important reaseacher on what works and what harms us.
    I have 40 years of experience with this, and so have many others here.

    We know what helps us and what messes us up.
    I accept that I am a bit different from more robust persons,but I hate to be stigmatized and experimented on therapy wise.

  • Hi Jacqui

    I also want to join in on this.
    But to tell about my experience of what therapy helped and what did not takes a long time.

    Sadly enough what had hust me the most is when my closest friends refused to belive me when I shared my diagnoses with them. They said:” I do not belive you!. Not you….this must be just a little bit….weak variety..” And so on.

    It is I,possible for them to take in that I do have a serious diagnoses and still are llikable, and relate to them like any other. Maybe even better due to my sensitivity.

    I have learned never to tell diagnoses to anyone. It harms me,weather it is friends or health worker. They get scared even if they felt comfortable and safe with me before I shares my diagnoses.

    Even new psychologists get scared! I have visited new psychologist and told my diagnoses in the first meeting,and saw the scared look in their face. So I dropped up. Who wants a psychologist that is scared of you? I have never harmed anyone in my liife.

  • Hi Chaya

    You are blessed to able to write something as lovely as this.
    If this had been a pen pal website your inbox would explode from all the incoming mail from all of us that want to be your your friend.

    I read a lot,every day but this is extraordinary.
    Thank you.
    (And if you ever need a pen pal,ask MIA for my e-mail address.)

  • Hi
    I live in Norway.
    I am not qulified to answer the questions about Alice’s possibilities here.
    Personally I have used psychiatrist and psychologist that I can use nearly for free due to the welfare state health system. But I have also used therapist that came here from America,UK . That worked outside this system. But this was in the eighthies with PrimalScream ….And other alternative forms of therapy was available in Oslo.

    And if I have money to pay I can use the psychiatrists and psychologist that have private praxis . But for me it would be very expensive to use

    But for lots of persons here the cost is not an issue. And our Universities have to turn down 25-50 students each week that ask for help. We lack professionals in this field.
    It is fight to find a person that has knowledge about what bothers me,and like me. I would never ever let anyone” mess with my head” unless I trusted he or she did not harm me in any way.

    And for that reason I have lived through my crises alone since 1987

  • Hi
    Can I respond after all this time?
    I have a question.
    Your advice is good,BUT most of us need to pay our bills,answer mail even when in deep crises.

    What is your solution ?
    Not all us can dropr everything and go to a sanctuary even if we already have time to so,because we live on disabiliy pension.

    Not everybody have friends or family to pay bill and open mail.

    Often the chaos economically and legally after periods of withdrawal create more problems than before the crises. It adds up. On crises after an other…..economically and otherwise.

    In Europe historically persons went on travel “to Italien” when in distress. It may have been good idea.

  • No not at all.
    The fact is that I can not belIve what I hear here. And how can this go on and on.

    And all this also cost society a lot of money. Maybe they think they save money by giving patients medicines and not therapy. But what happens after that. Can they go back to school,work,their families and take care of themselves and others after this “treatment “.

    For us looking at this from the outside it is like reading news from the a thirld world country. Like when we read about the horror stories from Congo. Or worse in fact. As we already know persons diagnosed with schizofrenia has higher rates of recovery in other parts of the world .also in the South as we say here.

    I feel so sorry for you.
    And I am glad nobody with a masters degree had the right to give me my diagnoses,because they would not be qualified to understand me.

    It sounds like Americans treat persons in emotional distress worse than all their beloved pets.
    You begin to sound more like Russia.

  • Hi Alice

    I know little about the situation in the US.
    But I read this website and here is some questions:

    What happens in your Universities? After all they educate your psychologists and psychiatrists .
    In Norway psychologist can not prescribe drugs or medicines .

    On this websites so many writes about psychiatrists . Few mention psychologists .

    Are you not free to visit a psychologist when you feel need for help?

    Personally I have tried both,and stayed with the one that understood what was going on with me. He is a psychiatrist and he never,never asked me to take medicines.

    Instead he told me to call him day or night when in deep crises. This offer also when he was on vacation.
    I never called him during the night or when he was on vacation. The fact that he told me I could was enough to make me feel secure enough to go through the changes I need to.

    But back to my first question. What happens in your universities?
    You have some of the best in the worlds,or am I wrong?

  • Hi Richard
    Excuse my typos!
    What I tried to write was that must RESPECT
    and never push persons on the barricades or those like Alice that has a healthy knowledge about how far she can go personally.

    We,living outside the The US look at your health care system with horror. No offense,but this is the truth. We simply can not belIve what we see,read and hear.And you all have our deepest sympathy.
    A society as large as the US is hard to change partly because of it’s size. It is so much easier to change things in smaller countries like mine with 6 million inhabitants only.
    Human nature is the same but our circumstances differ.

    I wish Alice the best of luck and hope she will not burn out.
    If she comes here I will be on her list as a patient. Lots of persons here can have an English speaking therapist.
    I like this woman.

    Smiles from Licinia

  • Hi Richard

    Respect Alice’s personal borders.
    We go on the barricades when we can. Never push or demand that another person go further than she can cope with.

    We have a deep tragedy in Norway this week. A young brilliant Muslim woman from Syria ended a mental hospital in Sweden in total collaps and suicide attempt.

    She has been alone on the barricades for lesbian Muslims, transgender persons,immigrants,Syrians. She is brilliant,received lots of prizes

    Now she write to us from the mental hospital and tells us they she gives up,and withdraws her public voice.

    And she also fled from Norway to Sweden in hope of a new start.

    Those that go on the barricades must be respelled and never pushed. To do so is to use and exploit an other human being.

    But I see you point of course.

  • Hi Alice
    Why not come to us? We need you!

    Scandinavia is not a bad place to live and work .
    Many of the terrible ethical dilemmas you struggle with does not exist in warfare stats.
    We have our problems of course,but my guess is that is easier to work here as a psychiatrist or psychologist.

    I am serious.
    You are welcome and needed.

  • Hi
    When I took my first degree it the university in 1972 the textbooks described schizophrenia exactly the same was!
    Lifelong, and untreatable.
    And look at “open dialog” today.

    The experts simply lack knowledge.

    Unfortunately it is health workers and journalist that keep the myths alive in my country.

    I like website,and learn a lot but I wish also could open up for some debate about these problems.

    It can be hard to cure cancer patients as well,but do we call cancer patients bad because they have not yet found good cures. We do not.

    It makes me sad.
    No emotional health problems have more “honor” than others. They are only different way to express pain.

    And did Masha Linehan have to lie about her diagnoses.
    “Something is rotten inthe state of America,”. Even more so than here in Scandinavia.

  • Hi
    May I ask why a personalty disorder is a stigma?

    In Scandinavia we can treatment and disability pension .
    And why do we seldom read about personality disorders on this site.

    Somehow I feel it is stigmatized here as well.

    I read how one person after an other tell us they do not have any illness. Well I can tell you with personalty disorders you can get terribly terribly sick and it smashes your life to pieces even after years in therapy .

    Why the stigma? It is nothing else than ignorance,lack of knowledge and evil.

    Sorry for the hard word,but it is my honest feelings about this.

    Reading this website I also wonder what is wrong with healthcare ,attitudes and knowledge in the American society.
    And by the way, a diagnoses is not an insult . The problem is the lack of knowledge.
    Sincerely Licinia