Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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  • I was prescribed Seroquel RX & Seroquel (one is time release, can’t say which) for about 18 months (but you won’t find it on any of my charts now, wonder why…). Anytime I complained about the adverse effects I was experiencing (extreme drowsiness, worsened depression, increased weight gain, night terrors, dizziness, & feeling zombie-like, the Psych doctor would DOUBLE my dose (first suggesting that I keep at it because “it takes a minimum 2 weeks to tell if it’s REALLY working,” and if I was reluctant to do so, he resigned to write me a new prescription with an increased dose). This happened several times until my family, friends, co-workers started to complain about the dosage and encouraged me to stand up for myself. The result was a shiny new prescription for Depakote to go along with my Seroquel. He’d mess with the levels every single time I went to see him until I began to seek appointments less and less, finally just growing tired of being tired all the time. I didn’t taper, I just didn’t take them. The nightmares were really bad at first (but then, when are they ever stuff dreams are made of anyway). Since being prescribed, my heart rate has increased, my blood pressure is always very high. I was prescribed Propronol for an off brand use (to decrease stress related to “fight or flight” response or else make me useless in an emergency) which is intended to be a blood pressure medicine (though it did not improve either) & most recently clonidine (also for blood pressure, off-label use in liquid form to treat children with ADHD). Clonidine made me sleepy, less reactive; almost like I’m in a fog. Stopped that. I DO NOT RECCOMEND STARTING/STOPPING ANY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION WITHOUT DISCUSSING WITH A DR (ANY EFFING DR) AND/OR YOUR ADVANCED HEALTHCARE DIRECTIVE AGENT. I AM NOT BRAGGING GLOATING OR RECCOMENDING, I AM JUST SHARING MY EXPERIENCE. And for anyone who would say I’m an unreliable source of information because I’m a psychiatric patient; YOU’VE GOT ONE THING RIGHT! I AM VERY MENTALLY ILL 🙂 I SAVE EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER RELATED TO MY TREATMENT, I’ve always been that way. Now, I’m gloating.