Sunday, December 4, 2022

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  • Seriously?

    Every time someone speaks out they are shut down, here in MIA and other places also by self-serving heads of ‘peer run organizations’ who are not ready to rock the boat because of their $110k plus salaries vs the $12-15 peer specialist who is struggling just to make ends meet who has the guts to speak out.

    These are actual responses to pedophiles, rapists, racists…

    “Oh, we need to remember the good things they’ve accomplished”

    “Oh they were young when they behaved inappropriately and made jokes in a comedy show, we need to support them as they go about apologizing and making things right, as we add them as a spokesperson for our organization”

    How about this (amended to not show the name so no one will accuse me of slandering):

    “A 62-year-old former state mental health official who asked boys to dress in diapers inside his home was sentenced Thursday to 60 days in jail.
    (his) attorney said (he) suffered from mental illness caused by childhood trauma and never physically abused a child.
    In September, ….., who was accused of victimizing children ages 12 and 13, pleaded guilty in ….. to a single count of endangering the welfare of a child. He had been facing 29 counts.
    ….. who was a supervisor for the state Office of Mental Health earning $132,054, was arrested in 2018 after he was accused of convincing two boys – ages 12 and 13 – to take off their pants, change into diapers and “stay in the diaper until the child left his home,” court documents said.”

    Yes, I speak from a pissed off space, why would I not be angry? It’s all fine and dandy to use a platform you are comfortable with because the same people will read it and not much will change, as we’ve seen time and time again…

    First thing I tell a parent when their child tells them they are being abused.

    Believe them.

    When the ‘movement’ is filled with mostly people worried about keeping their paycheck, and people are not believed, what would you recommend?

    I would start by responding to those who’ve spoken on your mia article, follow up on your words…