Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Psychotropic Medications for Foster Youth
    Celena Malarkey
    California State University Chico

    Concerns with giving our children psychotropic drugs has been a heavily covered topic in California in the past year or so, so much so that a few different bills were recently passed that will help monitor and lesson the amount of psychotropic drugs prescribed to foster youth. Senate Bills 238, 253, 319, and 484 were all recently passed. It is alarming to know that researchers have proof that a large amounts of children in Pennsylvania are given these medications, even though their diagnosis does not call for them. This article states, “researcher’s point out that the majority of youth prescribed antipsychotics only had a diagnosis of ADHD. A diagnosis for which antipsychotics are neither clinically recommended nor FDA approved”, if this is not alarming, then I would question professionals responsibilities to protect these children. (Karter, 2015). It is disturbing that professionals would prescribe such prescriptions knowing that there are alternative methods of treatment that have less side effects. Many of the children in the Foster Care system have already faced many adversities, why potentially harm this vulnerable population even more? My next thought is why are people talking about this in Pennsylvania, why aren’t laws already in place? Professionals who are overprescribing these medications should be held accountable!

    Celena Malarkey
    [email protected]