Thursday, July 29, 2021

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  • Hi David I’m looking for inspiration to continue i dont want to go back to meds i’ve been off medication for 7 months after months of weaning off i was on prozac 80mg plus 150mg aurorix per day for 20 years its the toughest fight of my life, depersonalization, negative intrusive thoughts, anxiety depression its all evolving along with headaches body pains tensions flu like symptoms its hell on earth it can hoodwink you into believing and feeling anything but good i was little like you meds basically it stop working for me

  • Hi ajewinisrael
    I’m in the same boat as your husband going through a crazy unbearable time
    Ii tapered off to quickly since i’ve been on various ssri for 19 years, the times are testing anxiety, fear, crazy thinking mood changes but i have got to be resilient and be for ever hopeful, i started getting withdrawals straight away the progressively got worst then went back on the 4 mg paroxetine after 5 weeks just a little improvement.

    I’m looking to commence 5 htp amino acid and try to switch over to since its a low does of medication

    I don’t have all the resources and experienced professions to guide me where i am.

    I was wondering if you could give me some insight