Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Comments by Seonaid

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  • You have my total respect Dr Gordon. And that of many others be assured! It takes a great deal of courage to stand up against the opinon of colleagues and members of your own profession. You have chosen the side of truth, and the side of patients who feel or know they have been damaged [albeit unwittingly] by that profession. It is so frustrating for patients to be scorned and ridiculed by psychiatry, for daring to point an accusing finger at the treatments which have caused that damage. I hope many feel vindicated by your stance. I do. Thank you.
    Wishing you continued strength.

  • Dear Dorrit
    Thank you so much for telling your daughter’s story yet again. And I hope you continue to tell it – over and over and over till the corrupt, power-hungry profession responsible for taking her life, can find no hiding place.
    So much research is now coming out showing up all the shortcomings and clay feet of diagnoses of lifelong conditions, and lifelong damaging treatment for these ‘conditions’, forced upon unwilling patients. One wonders what happens in the minds of these professionals when they read articles showing how psychiatric drugs cause permanent damage and even death – when they read what happened to Luise. Do they feel guilt? Shame? Panic? Fear?
    Love and blessings to you Dorrit – and Luise.