Monday, January 24, 2022

Comments by M.W.

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  • I experienced psychosis recently. Poverty from Table 1 explains my childhood, as does emotional neglect. It was just my mom raising 4 kids… I feel that my family is dysfunctional. I don’t have a major trauma, but I’m 27 still living with my mother in poverty, so maybe that works on my brain chemicals negatively. I say emotional neglect because I’m a loner with no social group outside of my house, and that started in childhood. Because she was the only parent I really never was allowed much socialization with friends. I don’t have many. Even now the only time I get out to socialize is when I go to work. I’d be interested to see if there is correlation between size of friend group and risk of developing psychosis as well. I wonder if there are changes in the brain that arise because of social activity, or lack thereof. (Including family.)