Monday, March 1, 2021

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  • Paris Williams ( Michael Cornwall and Amos Meacham)

    Thanks for sending us your Madness and the Family…” I am assuming that Michael and Amos
    have also read it, though I know they both are extremely tight for spare time.

    What follows is a quick reply.

    1) May I share your paper with your colleagues outside of the ISPS and families that might find the information and opinion helpful? I find that you offer more than issues relating to psychosis, but general review of different approaches to familial dysfunction (mine for one).
    Concise and flows easily.

    2) A suggestion for some future efforts from you is next. It is gratifying that you mention the toxic nature of poverty and responsibility of people with greater power. However, for me, I would like to read more on that issue. What follows next comes from a valued member of the ISPS – Ann-Louise Silver. Dr. Silver gave an online seminar about Chestnut Lodge with a concentration on Freida Fromm-Reichmann.
    Curiously, at the beginning a fellow member of ISPS asked if there were questions. If we had some, we should write him and then he would give them to Ann-Louise. My question was whether Chestnut Lodge offered scholarships. When the moderator read off the questions, he did not read mine.
    However, at the end, Ann-Louise asked for more questions. So, I spoke mine. She replied that all the patients at Chestnut Lodge were pains in the buttocks of wealthy families.

    So, I am curious, Michael Cornwall, were there scholarships for I-Ward? If so, do you recall the details?

    Also, Amos Meacham, I have been deeply involved with several families in Vermont since the early 1980s. Several of those individuals are wonderful people that could have used Soteria and now they are struggling with a lifetime of intermittent hospitalization and medication. Further, knowing how I am a Permissive-Democrat parent (to use Paris Williams) and my wife can be a jack-boot Authoritarian parent, it is a miracle that our teenage son has not fallen into a Double-Bind. However, if he does, I assume that whatever subsidy comes to Vermont people to live at Soteria
    would not be available to him since he is out of state and not even a U.S. citizen.

    In short, we need to speak out how there is abundance of psychiatrists that will meet poor folk for 15 minute quickies to refill medication. There is also a fair amount mediocre group therapy for those that would be rejected from Chestnut Lodge, etc. For more than a half century, I have been a support person who is frequently admitted to psychiatric units. Recently he was months in a unit, in the center of Washington, DC, does not even have a room for ping-pong or any sort of patient lounge with a small library. The only activity outside of his shared room was hanging out at the Nursing station. Any optimism in your paper, Paris Williams, is reserved for those with a good deal of surplus wealth. Any positive aspiration for the future is tepid melodrama unless we carefully look at what is available to those with minimal income.

    3) Lastly, I really appreciate pagination.

    4) Your effort is appreciated and I look forward to sharing it with others!

    -David Lee